The Softer Side of a Pink and Silver Wedding


Bride in white dress with silver accents posing with nine bridesmaids in soft-pink dressesPhoto: Bella Las Vegas / Elyse Alexandria

The whimsy of pink and the glam of silver makes for one incredible combination. When it comes to your wedding day, there’s no such thing as going overboard. 

But if you prefer a subtler approach, we’ve got your back.

Starting from the top, we’ll walk you through the details for the pink and silver wedding of your dreams. Break out your wedding planning binder and get ready for inspiration to strike!

The Perfect Shade of Pink for Your Wedding

Bride wearing white and silver dress next to groom wearing black pants and white jacket posing with eight bridesmaids in various shades of pink Photo: Bella Austin / Penelope L’amore

The pink spectrum ranges from hot pink to pinks so pale they’re mistaken for shades of white. You have your choice of what pink you want to design your wedding around. You may even want to incorporate a gradient of tones instead of just one.

So, which pink wedding color is perfect for you?

Well, if you’re trying to stay on the softer end of the spectrum, you’ll want to look at muted shades of pink first. These include pale pink, blush pink, and dusty rose — among others.

Even rose gold looks stunning paired with silver!

That doesn’t mean you can’t use darker or louder pinks for your wedding. Keep it on the soft side by using fewer pink elements that will pop without overwhelming the senses.

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Use Silver Details to Highlight Pink Wedding Invitations

Pale pink wedding invitations with bluish silver fonts and accents splayed out on a pink background with some wedding rings and engagement rings next to themPhoto: Britney Tarno 

Wedding invitations are one of the most customizable details of your special day. Everything from the paper to the font to the envelope is completely up to you!

A wash of pink watercolors can add a gentle stain to white paper. Use silver foil lettering to make your names stand out from the rest of the invitation and silver border or gilded edges as a simple frame.

But it’s not all about the invitation itself. You’ll need a few finishing touches, as well!

Wrap your wedding invitations in a pink satin ribbon with a silver brooch pinned to the center. Turn up the fancy factor with a soft-pink, laser-cut jacket around your invitation, and secure it with a silver ribbon.

If you want to give your guests a touch of silver from start to finish, consider writing their name and address on the outside of the envelope in silver ink.

Whatever you do with your wedding invitations, they’re sure to be unforgettable!

Dress Your Best in Pink and Silver

Bride in white dress posing with nine bridesmaids wearing silverish dresses. All are holding bouquets with pink flowers.Site: Bella Greenville / Olivia Griffin

You probably already know this, but wedding dresses totally come in pink!

Blush wedding dresses are incredibly popular, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding the style that’s perfect for you.

Not a fan of pink wedding dresses? 

No problem!

You’re probably planning to carry a bouquet with pink flowers in it, which means you don’t need to have pink anywhere on your dress. Some subtle rose-gold jewelry or pink shoes are nice ways to incorporate the color.

And, of course, pink wedding makeup is a bridal staple that you can’t overlook!

Silver is a little easier to weave into your wedding look because it blends nicely with any wedding dress. Wear a gown with silver detailing on the skirt or bodice so you sparkle as you walk down the aisle.

Accessories are an amazing place to sprinkle in silver, since bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and even shoes of all kinds come in silver more often than not.

Bring Your Wedding Party Into the Mix

Now, let’s have a word about your wedding party.

Your bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girl, and ring bearer all need wedding attire that matches your color scheme. Luckily, with these colors, it’s not difficult.

There are soft shades of pink aplenty for your bridesmaid dresses. Whether you’re hoping for pale pink, blush, petal, or dusty rose, you will likely find a dress you love that comes in all four!

It’ll be easy to put all your girls in the same dress or vary the styles and shades of pink for a beautiful mix-and-match look at the end of the aisle.

As for the silver side of things, there are pink dresses with silver detailing, silver accessories to accent their pink dresses, and full-on silver dresses that look like a metallic dream.

When it comes to your groomsmen, silver cufflinks and tie clips look stylish on any suit. A pink boutonniere will help them match the bridesmaids’ bouquets. Put them in pink bow ties, silver suits with a pink shirt or vest, or a nice pale-pink dress shirt with silver suspenders and tie.

Whatever look you choose, your wedding party is sure to look absolutely on point!

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Soften Pink Bouquets With White Flowers

Seven bridesmaids wearing pink dresses and standing in a line holding pink and white bouquetsPhoto: Bella Nashville / Ashton Brooke

Soft-pink flowers are an excellent choice for your wedding bouquets to go along with your pink and silver wedding.

Flowers with a lot of depth and layers add a lush touch to any bouquet and make them feel sweet and soft. Take a look at pink peonies, ranunculus, dahlias, and roses to see if any of them pique your interest.

Fill the gaps with white flowers to tone down the pink. Think hydrangeas, lily of the valley, gardenias, and daisies!

Bring it all together with a silver ribbon tied around the stems. Or, use a pink ribbon with a silver pin in the center to add a little bit of glam to your bouquet. 

Turn Heads With Stunning Pink and Silver Wedding Decor

Wedding venue in white room with white tables, pink flowers on the table, and green, yellow, pink, and purple flowers hanging from the ceiling Site: Stephanie Nachtrab 

You’ve decked out yourself and your best friends for the big day. Now, it’s time to think about how you’re going to tackle the venue so it fits your idea of a soft, elegant wedding.

While it’s impossible for us to cover all the wedding decorations you could put up on your special day, we do have some inspiration to get your brain in gear. 

For example, the chairs at your ceremony and wedding reception are a great place to incorporate your color palette. Silver-backed chairs create a stunning visual paired with pink flower arrangements lining the aisle.

If you’re having plain chairs at your wedding tables, consider covering them in pink fabric and tying a thick silver ribbon around the back, topping it off with a bow.

Sheer fabrics in pale pinks keep things soft and dreamy throughout your wedding. Use them:

• As a makeshift arch at the end of the aisles
• As tablecloths
• To cover the walls at your reception

    … or anywhere else you can lay them down.

    And of course, pink flowers in pretty vases with silver rims or trimmed with a silver bow are a wedding decor must. Pink flower petals sprinkled about the venue, too!

    Put your focus more on the type of decor you want, rather than the colors. Chances are, whatever you want to put in your ceremony or have at your reception will come in the colors you need!

    Add Pink and Silver to Your Table Settings 

    Bird's eye shot of wedding table with green plate, silver cutlery, pink napkin, and flowersPhoto: Jen Rodriguez

    Wedding tablescapes are an entire section of wedding decor all on their own. There are so many pieces involved, which gives you a ton of freedom when it comes to putting your wedding colors on the table.

    Pink tablecloths are a good place to start but may also be too much pink for some brides. White tablecloths with pink table runners are a great alternative!

    The table settings include your plates, silverware, glasses, and napkins that you can buy in full sets or mix and match to your taste. For instance, plates rimmed in silver alongside normal silverware and pink cloth napkins secured with silver napkin rings.

    Plates and glasses can also be rimmed in rose gold or other shades of pink. And though it may seem obvious to get silver silverware (it’s right there in the name), you can get that in rose gold as well!

    Table numbers and place cards are a staple of the traditional wedding table as well.

    Silver foiled names and numbers, silver framed table numbers done in pink, and pretty pink paper will take your tables up to eleven.

    Create Glamorous Centerpieces to Match Your Color Theme

    Centerpieces — where to even start?

    Settling on the perfect wedding centerpiece for your reception tables is a lot like picking out your decor. It’s better to figure out what kind of centerpiece you want and then find it in the right colors than relying on color alone.

    That being said, pink and silver aren’t difficult to find in most centerpiece styles.

    Pink flower arrangements are an easy start. Dress them up with silver vases or clear vases with silver beads at the bottom.

    If you prefer to feature silver in your centerpieces to even out the pink on your tables, there are plenty of options. Birdcages, lanterns, and terrariums all come in silver and give you the ability to add something pink inside.

    Silver candelabras and candlesticks are also easy to locate and make the perfect holder for pink candles.

    Your best bet for creative centerpieces in pink and silver is to talk to your florist or find a floral artist on Etsy. People are usually more than happy to create anything you need for your special day.

    And if you have the perfect piece in the wrong color, DIY your centerpieces with a little time and a can of pink or silver spray paint!

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    Serve Your Guests a Pink and Silver Wedding Cake They’ll Never Forget 

    One-tier wedding cake with silver frosting, a pink flower on top, and pink flowers and gold leaf on the sidePhoto: The Everyday Vogue 

    You can’t end the night without dessert, and we can’t end this article without giving you a few ideas for your wedding cake.

    While it may not be your cup of tea, an all-pink wedding cake definitely makes an impact, especially if you top it with silver detailing such as edible jewels, silver luster dust, silver ribbons, or a silver cake topper.

    Those same details in either pink or silver would look just as fabulous on a white wedding cake.

    And you can’t deny that pink buttercream flowers are a classic addition to any wedding cake.

    There are some truly breathtaking things you can do with a wedding cake these days. From a geode cake lined in silver and holding pink crystals to a drip cake that features metallic drips, any trend you love will fit perfectly with your pink and silver wedding. 

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    In Conclusion

    There’s so much you can do with this stellar combo, so the earlier the wedding planning starts, the better.

    Whether you stick to the softer side of pink and silver or go all-out with hot pinks and metallics, we’re confident that your special day will turn out to be everything you hoped for and more.

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