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The Ultimate Bridesmaid Packing List to Help You Get Ready

Bride in white dress posing with seven bridesmaids in pink dresses.Photo: Bella Bridesmaids Indianapolis / Jessica Head Strickland

Getting excited to walk down the aisle for your bestie, sister, or soon-to-be sister-in-law? As a bridesmaid, you have the honor of celebrating with her before and on the big day in the most special way!

And when the big day finally arrives, preparation is key.

Spoiler alert: that means packing, and we’re not just talking about your bridesmaid dress!

Here’s our complete bridesmaid packing list with 59 must-pack items for pre-wedding primping, walking down the aisle, and dancing the night away!

Attire and Accessories

Bride wearing white dress posing with eight bridesmaids in orange dressesPhoto: Bella Bridesmaids Charlotte / Samantha Clarke

Couples go to great lengths to plan the perfect, stress-free wedding, and your main duty as a bridesmaid is to show up (on time) and look the part!

Here are the essential garments you’ll need for the wedding day:

1. Bridesmaid dress: Of course, this is the most important item! Pack your dress pressed or steamed, on a sturdy hanger, and in a protective garment bag.

2. Robe or button-front shirt: Pack a robe or a button-down shirt to wear while getting your hair and makeup done. The last thing you want to do is ruin the work of your glam team by pulling a shirt over your head!

3. Flip-flops or slippers: Bring comfy shoes to wear when you’re getting ready in the bridal suite. You’ll be in heels most of the day, so this is your chance to rest your feet.

4. Shoes for ceremony and reception entrance: If you’re wearing a floor-length dress, pack the shoes you tried on the dress with when you had it hemmed.

5. Jewelry and hair accessories: Be sure to pack bride-approved jewelry and accessories. If she gave you a necklace, earrings, or a bracelet to wear, make sure you pack it!

6. Bra and undergarments: Like your shoes, pack the bra and undergarments you wore at your dress fitting.

7. Clutch bag: You’ll need a place to stash your cell phone and lipstick during the reception. So definitely bring a small clutch bag you can carry after the ceremony.

8. Dancing shoes: If you can’t dance in heels, pack a pair of comfy shoes so you can party at the reception.

9. Change of clothes: Heading to an after-party when the reception ends? Pack a change of clothes to wear home or wear out so you can change out of your bridesmaid dress.

    In the lead-up to the big day, you’ll also want to ensure your dress fits perfectly. Learn more in our guide to bridesmaid dress alterations!

    Toiletries and Beauty Products

    Bride in white dress posing with seven bridesmaids in light blue dresses and a flower girl in a white dress.Photo: Bella Bridesmaids Dallas Kristen Kilpatrick

    The small makeup bag you carry in your tote bag to the gym isn’t going to cut it on the day of the wedding.

    You’ll want to have all of these things on hand:

    Dental Essentials

    Even if you’re not spending the night, you’ll want to freshen up before the ceremony starts with these dental essentials:

    10. Toothbrush
    11. Toothpaste
    12. Mouthwash
    13. Floss

      Hair Essentials

      Whether you hire a glam squad or plan to DIY your own hair and makeup, it’s always best to have your favorite hair products on hand, like:

      14. Flat iron/curling iron
      15. Hairbrush or comb
      16. Hairspray/styling products
      17. Bobby pins
      18. Hair ties, elastics, or clips


        Even if a professional makeup artist does your look, you’ll still need some of your own essentials for touch-ups:

        19. Lipstick/gloss
        20. Concealer
        21. Mascara

          Planning to do your makeup yourself or help another bridesmaid do hers?

          Be sure to pack:

          22. Eye pencil/brow sharpener
          23. Cotton swabs
          24. Beauty sponges
          25. Makeup remover wipes

            Grooming Essentials

            These aren’t just items that should be on your wedding day packing list.

            These are must-haves that you should always have within easy reach:

            26. Razor
            27. Tweezers
            28. Nail file
            29. Deodorant

              Overnight Must-Haves

              If you’re planning to spend the night before or after the wedding at a hotel or as a guest in someone else’s home, you’ll need your:

              30. Pajamas
              31. Eyeglasses
              32. Contact lens case and saline solution
              33. Face cleanser
              34. Moisturizer
              35. Serums/night creams

                Emergency Items

                Fashion and beauty emergencies happen, so it’s common for the maid of honor to pack a tote bag full of emergency supplies for the bride.

                Consider packing an emergency kit for yourself or to help a fellow bridesmaid in need:

                Emergency Kit

                36. Sewing kit
                37. Double-stick fashion tape
                38. Band-Aids
                39. Safety pins
                40. Stain remover stick
                41. Static spray
                42. Gum/breath mints
                43. Mini scissors
                44. Clear nail polish
                45. Eye drops
                46. Pain relievers (aspirin/ibuprofen)
                47. Lint roller or lint brush
                48. Tampons and pads (because Aunt Flo has a way of showing up when she’s not wanted!)

                  Non-Emergency Essentials

                  There are some things you can take with you anywhere you go and put to good use — no emergency required:

                  49. Snacks
                  50. Water bottles
                  51. Hand sanitizer

                    Tech Essentials

                    For an occasion as important as a wedding, you’ll definitely want to stay connected and capture some memories in your own special way with these:

                    52. Your phone
                    53. Phone charger (optional: portable charger)
                    54. An extension cord or a multi-device charging station

                      This last one is important, as there might not be enough outlets in the bridal suite for everyone to charge their phones simultaneously.

                      Wedding Day Essentials

                      Bride and bridesmaids posing in front of palm trees

                      Photo: Bella Bridesmaids Orange County / Bets Newman

                      When packing a tote bag or rolling bag for the big day, be sure to include the following:

                      55. Wedding gift: Don’t forget your wedding card! If you bought the happy couple a physical gift, be sure to ship it before to them before the big day so you don’t have to carry it.

                      56. Mini steamer: Garments almost always wrinkle in transit. A mini steamer is the perfect way to ensure you’ll look your best from head to toe.

                      57. A copy of your speech: Having your awesome bridesmaid speech in your phone’s notes app isn’t enough. Bring a paper copy of your speech in case something goes wrong with your phone.

                      58. Contact info of everyone in the wedding party: Before the big day, save the numbers of multiple wedding party members in your phone. You never know when you’ll have to locate someone quickly for an impromptu photo op.

                      59. Mini Umbrella: You never know when it’s going to rain. Pack a mini umbrella to protect your hair and makeup if it’s drizzling on your way to or from the ceremony or reception.

                        Destination Wedding? You’ll Need to Pack A LOT More!

                        Destination weddings usually involve multiple pre-wedding and post-wedding events. And you’ll need an outfit for all of them!

                        Depending on the climate and the type of events scheduled for the wedding weekend, be sure to bring:

                        Rehearsal dinner outfit (along with shoes, handbag, and accessories)
                        Pajamas for each night
                        Bras and underwear for each day
                        Athletic pants and sports bras if you intend to work out at the resort
                        Brunch outfit for the post-wedding brunch
                        Casual clothes and shoes for excursions and activities

                          Now that you know exactly what to pack, we have just one more tip in mind:

                          Don’t wait until the last minute!

                          Start prepping your travel bag and selecting your outfits ahead of time. That way, when it’s time to depart for the wedding, all you’ll have to do is grab your bags and go!

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