Watters collection

It all started 26 years ago with a few dresses handmade for friends and family. Turns out, there was a niche for well-designed special occasion dresses, and it caught on in a big way. By the late ’80s, Watters was a treasured name in the bridalwear industry. Vatana continues to be at the heart of the company and is passionately involved in setting the design tone. Her inspirations emanate from her Thai heritage, and the desire to reflect the spirit of the times. Vatana recognizes that design is where it starts, but not where it ends. And that’s why Watters continues to be appreciated for being a cut above for quality and responsiveness.

About Vatana Watters: Vatana Watters, president and founder of Watters, a Dallas, Texas based bridal designer offering innovative and luxurious styles for brides, bridesmaids, junior bridesmaids, mother of the wedding and flower girls around the world.

About Watters: It all started 28 years ago in Dallas, Texas with a few handmade dresses by Vatana Watters for friends and family. Turned out, Vatana had discovered a niche market for well-designed special occasion dresses. Vatana’s inspirations emanate from her heritage and desire to reflect the spirit of the times. She continues to be intimately and passionately involved in designing and overseeing the production of every style. Today, Watters offers innovative designs that grace the weddings of brides across the globe.

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