7 Different Bachelorette Itineraries From Wild to Chill

Bride and bridesmaids celebratingPhoto: Bella Bridesmaids Grand Rapids / Duane Bacchus

You’re the esteemed MOH in your bestie’s upcoming wedding. So you already know that one of your key maid or matron of honor duties is to throw your girl the best bachelorette party ever.

And with the tips and tricks we’re about to give you, it’ll be super easy to do!

The key to an amazing bachelorette party is that it goes according to plan, whatever that plan may be. 

One way to make that happen is to create an itinerary so everyone on the guest list knows the plan. That includes where to meet, what to bring, and what bachelorette party activities or events to prepare for.

This is the ultimate guide for the bride-to-be who wants a crazy weekend in Vegas, a low-key Sunday spa day, and all the brides in between!

Keep reading to discover seven different bachelorette party itineraries from wild to chill.

How to Create the Perfect Bachelorette Party Itinerary

Before sharing bachelorette party invitations on social media, you’ll need to actually plan the event. And that starts with talking to the bride to figure out what she wants to do.

Does she want one wild night out, hopping on and off a party bus to hit all the hottest bars and clubs in town?

Maybe she’d rather have a wild night in, playing drinking games with all her bridesmaids.

Some brides prefer the opposite, like a relaxing dinner out at a new restaurant. Or a Saturday brunch followed by mani-pedis. Or even an overnight wellness retreat with a yoga session and a sound bath.

Once you know what the bride’s ideal bach party looks like, ask the bridesmaids how much they can chip in so you can figure out the budget. Then plan suitable activities and events that align with that budget and the bride’s wishes.

After planning all the events, setting the locations, and booking the reservations, create an itinerary to share with all guests!

What Should a Bachelorette Party Itinerary Include? 

Honestly, it doesn’t matter how many or how few events you’re packing into the bachelorette night or weekend.

Every itinerary should include some key information: 

  • -Where and when to meet
  • -The time and location of each event
  • -The method of transportation to and from events

You should also tell guests the dress code, a theme for each event, and if it’ll be wild or chill!

If you’re planning an overnight trip or a weekend getaway, it’s a good idea to include a packing list as well. That’s especially true if specific items — such as swimsuits, snow boots, or workout gear — are necessary.

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Itinerary #1: A Wild Night Out

Bride and bridesmaids in bathrobes celebrating with champagnePhoto: Bella Bridesmaids Kansas City / Brigitte Patterson

There’s only one drawback to throwing a one-night party out on the town:

Your party time will be limited.

The less time you have to celebrate with the bride-to-be, the more important it is to be specific about timing, especially if you have reservations at a trendy bar. 

Here’s a sample itinerary template for a wild night out: 

  • 7:00 PM: Party bus departs [location]

  • 8:00 PM: Dinner reservations at [name and location of restaurant]

  • 10:00 PM: Cocktails at [name and location of bar]

  • 11:00 PM: Cocktails at [name and location of bar]

  • 12:00 PM: Dancing at [name and location of club]

  • 2:00 AM: Party bus departs

  • Dress code: Festive Attire

    Itinerary #2: A Chill Night Out

    For some brides, the best bachelorette bash revolves around sharing a nice dinner with friends and family. Afterward, they want nothing more than to return home to have cocktails or play some party games.

    Here’s how your chill night out schedule might look:

    • 7:00 PM: Meet at MOH’s house [location]

    • 8:00 PM: Ubers depart from MOH’s house

    • 9:00 PM: Dinner reservations at [name and location of restaurant]

    • 11:00 PM: Uber back to MOH’s house for cocktails and party games!

    • Dress code: Dressy casual

    Itinerary #3: A Chill Day Out

    Planning a low-key daytime celebration? 

    Here’s a sample itinerary for a midday bachelorette bash!

    • 10:00 AM: Brunch reservations at [name and location of restaurant]

    • 12:00 PM: Massages, manicures, and pedicures at [name and location of spa]

    • Dress Code: Casual

    Even with as few as two events scheduled, having an itinerary helps keep everyone on track. It’s also useful for guests who might have to work, travel a distance, or require childcare and may not be able to attend both portions of the party.

    Itinerary #4: A Wild Night In

    Oh, a wild night in can be so much fun! It’s also a perfect option for the bride who doesn’t want to wear a veil or sash around town… but is happy to drink from straws that look like male body parts from the comfort of home!

    • 7:00 PM: The festivities start at the maid of honor’s house! [location]

    • 8:00 PM: Cocktails, snacks, and ‘90s dance party

    • 10:00 PM: Magic Mike arrives (Shhh, it’s a surprise!)

    • 11:00 PM: Bachelorette party games and late-night snacks

    • Dress code: Casual, retro ‘90s theme

    Need some bachelorette party ideas for games? There are all sorts of printable games on Etsy. You’ll also find many fun, customizable bachelorette party favors you can give out as gifts or use to decorate the house! 

    Itinerary #5: A Chill Night In

    Bride in white bath robe with seven bridesmaids in blue bath robesPhoto: Bella Bridesmaids Kansas City / Emma York

    A chill night in may be just the vibe the bride is looking for. Consider turning it into a themed bachelorette party to make it a bit more special.

    For example, host a costume party where everyone dresses up as their favorite pop star. Or, consider a good old-fashioned slumber party where everyone is encouraged to wear their favorite comfy pajamas.

    Here’s what your itinerary for a chill night in might look like:

    • 7:00 PM: Meet at MOH’s house [location]

    • 8:00 PM: Dinner will be ordered in from [name of restaurant]

    • 9:00 PM: After-dinner cocktails, mocktails, and party games

    • Dress code: Pajamas or loungewear

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    Itinerary #6: A Wild Weekend Bachelorette Party

    If it’s a crazy, wild weekend trip the bride wants, Las Vegas isn’t your only option. To reduce travel time and distance, consider hosting the bachelorette party weekend in NYC or Miami if you’re on the east coast. If you’re down south, Nashville, New Orleans, and Charleston are great options.

    Also, are you creating a bachelorette weekend itinerary filled with events where cocktails will be flowing? If so, don’t forget to build downtime, free time, and healthier activities into the plan so that guests have options.


    • 3:00 PM: Check in at hotel or Airbnb [location]

    • 6:00 PM: Cocktails at hotel bar [location]

    • 8:00 PM: Dinner reservations at [name of restaurant]

    • 10:00 PM: After-dinner drinks and games back at MOH’s hotel room [room #]

    • Dinner dress code: Smart casual


    • 8:00 AM: Optional Yoga session [location]

    • 10:00 AM: Breakfast reservations at [name of restaurant]

    • 12:00 PM: Meet at [location] for shopping at [location} OR cabanas reserved at hotel pool

    • 3:00 PM: Free time

    • 5:00 PM: Pre-dinner cocktails at [name of bar]

    • 7:00 PM: Dinner reservations at [name of restaurant]

    • 10:00 PM: Girls night out at [name of club or lounge]

    • Daytime dress code: Casual
    • Evening dress code: Club attire


    • 10:00 AM: Brunch reservations at [name of restaurant]

    • 12:00 PM: Hotel check-out

    • Dress code: Casual

    Itinerary #7: A Chill Overnight Bachelorette Party

    Bride and bridesmaids holding flowers in the airPhoto: Bella Bridesmaids Houston / Abby Shadle

    Maybe it’s an apres-ski moment in Vail. Perhaps it’s sipping wine in Napa Valley. Or, it might be relaxing at the pool in Palm Springs or a wellness retreat in Sedona. 

    There are tons of bachelorette party destinations not centered on nightlife, drinking, partying, or getting a bit wild.

    Here’s a sample itinerary for a super chill overnight bachelorette party:


    • 10:00 AM: Sprinter van departs from [location]

    • 12:00 PM: Wine tasting and lunch reservations at [name of vineyard]

    • 3:00 PM: Check in at hotel or Airbnb [location]

    • 4:00 PM: Meditation session at [location]

    • 7:00 PM: Dinner reservations at [name of restaurant]

    • Lunch dress code: Casual, garden party theme

    • Dinner dress code: Dressy casual


    • 8:00 AM: Yoga session at [location]

    • 9:00 AM: Massage appointments at [location]

    • 11:00 AM: Hotel check-out

    • 12:00 AM: Brunch reservations at [name of restaurant]

    • 2:00 PM: Sprinter van departs to return home

    • Brunch dress code: Casual

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    Now you know how to plan a bachelorette party itinerary!

    Whether you take the bride out for a chill day at the local spa or pack your bags for a crazy weekend of partying, make your reservations, schedule your activities, and make a detailed itinerary. 

    With even a handful of invited guests, an itinerary will help keep everyone on track so you can throw a bachelorette party the bride will never forget!

    The countdown to the big day is officially ON! Stay on top of the latest wedding trends by following us on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

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