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33 Most Memorable Wedding Entrance Songs for the Happy Couple, the Bridal Party, and More

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As your wedding day approaches and all of your big decisions are finalized, it’s time to tackle our all-time favorite part of wedding planning:

Creating a playlist of music for the wedding day!

It’s pretty easy to come up with a list of high-energy songs that will get everybody on the dance floor at your wedding reception. (And if you can’t do it, your band or DJ will.)

But some couples find it slightly trickier to narrow down the songs to play during special moments of the big day …

You’ll want to choose a processional song for your walk down the aisle at your wedding ceremony, a great first dance song so you can turn and spin on the dance floor to show your love as a newlywed couple, plus a mother-son dance and a father-daughter dance (the ones that always make us cry happy tears!).

But there is one other big moment that requires a special song — a song that can set the tone for the entire wedding …

We’re talking about the moment when you make your grand entrance into your wedding reception.

Not sure which song to play when you’re introduced as a brand new couple?

Here are 31 of our favorite wedding entrance songs for the happy couple, the bridal party, the parents, and more! 

Reception Entrance Songs for the Happy Couple


Groom opening a bottle of champagne that's spraying everywhere. Bride and bridal part are standing next to him and cheering.Photo: Bella KC / Ashlyn Henry

No matter how spectacular your wedding ceremony site may be or how yummy the hors d’oeuvres are at your cocktail hour, most of your guests are going to be looking forward to two things:

Eating an incredible dinner and dancing the night away at your reception!

And you get that party started by choosing either a sweet song or a full-on dance jam.

Here are our favorite wedding entrance songs that will get everyone on their feet:

These songs are a perfect choice if you want your entrance to be sweet or romantic:

Prefer an older tune that everyone will know? Go for a vintage, throwback vibe with:

These are all great wedding songs, so the ones that you don’t choose for this special wedding moment are perfect for playing throughout the night!

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Reception Entrance Songs for the Wedding Party 

Think of your wedding party as an entire team of hype men — the moment your bridesmaids, groomsmen, and besties enter the reception is the moment when you officially get the party started!

If you have each couple or pair make their entrance by showing off some dance moves or doing some funny choreography, this moment of your wedding is sure to be a memorable one!

Here are our favorite entrance songs for the wedding party:

When picking a wedding party entrance song, the only rule is to choose a song you love. Whether that’s a brand new tune from BTS, an 80’s classic from Whitney Houston, or something silly like “Eye of the Tiger” or “I’m Too Sexy,” go for it!

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Reception Entrance Songs for the Parents

The parents of the newlyweds usually play a pretty big role in a wedding celebration, and most couples have them make a big entrance into the reception along with the wedding party.

Any of the entrance songs listed above would make great entrance songs for the parents of the bride or groom, but here are some classics that are always a hit! 

Reception Entrance Songs if Everyone Enters Together


Bride in white dress with six bridesmaids in dark green dresses, all standing outside under a Willow treePhoto: Bella Atlanta / Sara Ozim

Some couples choose one entrance song for their bridal party, one entrance song for their parents, and a different entrance song for themselves.

If you’re having a small wedding party and want everyone to enter to a different song, your DJ may have to cut each song off midway through.

If you’re having a huge wedding party, making individual announcements for every member might require you to choose more than one song (and cut into dinner time!).

To avoid both of these scenarios, some couples choose to have their wedding party enter the reception as a group.

Here are some classic tunes that are perfect if your entire wedding party makes their grand entrance at the same time:


Whether you love the rock vibe of Guns n’ Roses, the raps and rhymes of Ludacris, or the sweet pop melodies of Taylor Swift, your wedding reception entrance song can be any song from any artist in any genre.

The music you play at your wedding is a personal choice, and you and your beloved should always be the ones to make the final call on the songs that play during special moments of the big day.

Want to enter to a sweet love ballad? Want to show off some moves with a club jam that’s going to get everyone up and dancing? There’s no right or wrong choice!

Your wedding day is all about you, so just be sure to pick music that means something to you, no matter how classic or unconventional it may be.

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