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21 Recessional and Grand Departure Wedding Exit Songs

Bride and groom walking out of wedding venue with bridesmaids and groomsmen holding sparklers above their headsPhoto: Bella Allentown / Bartlett Pair Photography

Aside from the actual vows, the walk down the aisle is, for most people, THE moment of the wedding day.

But then there’s the first dance. Dancing with the parents. And the cake-cutting moment …

Okay, there are lots of special moments throughout a wedding celebration.

Yet, the one thing that all of those moments have in common is that they all require a great song playing in the background.

For most couples, choosing the perfect processional song and first dance song is fairly easy, as there are only so many songs that make sense for those moments.

But choosing the wedding exit song that you walk out to as a pair of newlyweds?

That can be a little bit trickier.

From your recessional walk back up the aisle to your grand departure at the end of your reception, here are 21 of our favorite wedding exit songs of all time!

How to Choose the Perfect Exit Song

Bridal party cheering for bride and groom as they leave the weddingPhoto: Bella JAX / Lindsey Morgan Photography

Maroon 5 … Bruno Mars … Frank Sinatra … Marvin Gaye …

With so many great love songs from so many amazing artists, picking your wedding songs doesn’t have to be difficult at all!

When it’s time to choose the perfect exit song, there’s only one rule:

Select a song from an artist you love, and choose one that demonstrates and represents your love to the fullest!

Whether that be our favorite Brit, Ed Sheeran, our beloved Taylor Swift, smooth-crooning Michael Bublé, or rocking-and-rolling Metallica, the songs you play during the most special moments of the day will show everyone exactly who you are as a couple.

Your exit song can be traditional or silly. It can be an upbeat Broadway show tune or a slow, jazzy instrumental.

You get where we’re going, right?

Your wedding exit song can be anything you want it to be!  

The only trick to picking the perfect wedding day exit song is to choose one that goes with the vibe you want for your wedding day.

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Wedding Ceremony Recessional Songs

Bride and groom walking out of wedding venue with bridal party throwing flower petals at themPhoto: Bella Houston / Courtney Leigh

Once you say your vows, exchange rings, and seal your love with a kiss, you’ll have that fabulous moment when you walk back up the aisle, hand in hand, as THE couple of the day.

The wedding ceremony exit is led by the newlyweds, followed by the wedding party, parents, then all of the guests. And if you want to make it a memorable moment for everyone involved, you’ll want to have an amazing song playing in the background.

Not sure what song to play when you exit your wedding ceremony? 

Here are some of the all-time best wedding recessional songs:

Prefer to conclude your ceremony with a timeless and elegant instrumental song? 

A piece of classical music from Handel, Bach, or Mozart is always a great choice.

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Wedding Reception Departure Songs

Bride and groom sitting in convertible driving away from weddingPhoto: Shannon Skloss

No matter where or how you plan to celebrate your brand new marriage, at some point in the evening, your wedding reception will come to an end. And while that may sound like a bad thing now, you’ll realize on the actual day that it’s a good thing.


Because that’s the moment you get to make a grand exit and head out to spend your first night together as a married couple!

Want to exit to a fun song that has a modern feel?

Here are some of our favorite wedding exit songs that perfectly set the tone for your amazing future together! 

Prefer to conclude the festivities with a vintage tune that all of your guests will know?

The upbeat nature of these songs will give your guests one last chance to dance before the party officially comes to an end: 

Dreaming of a Hollywood ending?

There’s one song that perfectly sums up the experience of dating, falling in love, wedding planning, and celebrating your brand new marriage: 

This Dirty Dancing classic is always a crowd-pleaser.

And hey, if you have some spare time before the wedding, head to the lake and practice doing a lift! Nothing says “we’re the best couple ever” like running into your lover’s arms and having enough trust in them to hold you in the air and not drop you on your head.

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Choosing your wedding music is kind of a big deal — your playlist can totally set the tone for the day!

Picking the right song for the right moment can make a big difference in how the day plays out and how your guests are entertained. So whether you’re obsessed with The Beatles or want to take a more modern approach with a Beyoncé or Timberlake tune, the good news is this:

There are millions of songs out there, and you can be sure that there’s one whose melody and lyrics perfectly capture the type of couple you are!

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