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Should You Hire a Wedding Content Creator?

Brides-to-be on social media have really figured out how to generate incredible, creative content. 

From informative videos on wedding planning to entertaining stories about dress shopping, cake tasting, and bachelorette parties, more and more brides are documenting and sharing their pre-wedding experiences with the world in fun, interesting ways.

Most brides are excited to share moments from their wedding day, too. But they aren’t sure how to do that without spending the big day with their phone in hand.

The solution is to hire a wedding content creator to do it for you!

So, what do they do, how much do they cost, and where do you even find one?

We’ll answer those questions and more in this post. Here’s everything you need to know about wedding content creators and why so many couples are choosing to hire them!

What Is a Wedding Content Creator?

A wedding content creator will be your shadow on the big day. It’s like having your own paparazzi, like having a camera crew follow you around for a reality show about your love story!

Content creators capture behind-the-scenes moments that your wedding photographer and videographer may not. They’ll document candid moments, sweet and tender moments, and those unavoidable wedding day snafus that you’ll laugh about later.

Wedding content creators record footage you can post on social media platforms immediately after your wedding. They'll create all sorts of event content, including fun TikTok videos, romantic Insta stories, and great photos!

Most will send you content reels within a day or two. Because they’re usually unedited or just lightly edited, it’s (almost) instant gratification for the couple that wants to post as soon as possible.  

The Benefits of Hiring a Wedding Content Creator

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Brides hire wedding content creators for all sorts of reasons:

For Unplugged Ceremonies

Content creators are ideal if you’re having an unplugged ceremony or reception. They’re also great if you’re having a plugged-in wedding but don’t want your guests and wedding party preoccupied with their phones all night. 

They make it easier for you and your loved ones to be fully present in the moment yet still capture all sorts of social media-worthy moments.

To Share Live Wedding Updates

Some content creators will even post wedding day content for you, with your wedding hashtags, throughout the day — if you want them to do so.

Hiring a wedding content creator allows you to share wedding day moments with many people in a short amount of time. It’s a smart choice if you have a big presence on social media or want to share your wedding day with people you couldn’t invite or who couldn’t attend.  

Still debating whether to allow phones during your wedding? Learn the pros and cons in our post: How to Handle Social Media at Your Wedding.

How Much Does a Wedding Content Creator Cost?

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Prices vary quite a bit depending on who you hire, their experience, and the wedding location. 

It can cost even more if you’re having a destination wedding that requires them to travel. You’ll have to cover their travel expenses and hotel accommodations.

A content creator can cost anywhere from about $1,000 to upwards of several thousand dollars. 

How much time they spend with you also factors into their rate. Couples typically hire them to cover every moment of the big day, including pre-wedding bridal suite and groom suite moments. Depending on the timing of your ceremony and reception, they may work for 10–12 hours or even more.

They’ll also charge you for any time you spend together before the wedding day. That includes initial meetings, rehearsal dinners, or any other pre-wedding events you want them to cover.

Where to Hire a Wedding Content Creator

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Content creators live on social networks, so that’s a great place to find them!

You can also ask for recommendations from recently married family, friends, or other wedding vendors. Some couples choose to task their wedding planner with finding and vetting the right person for the job.

Before hiring a content creator for your special day, look at their social media to get a sense of their personal style and vibe. It’s also important to hire someone you like and feel comfortable around because they’ll be by your side your entire wedding day!

Once you decide who to hire, clearly define your expectations in a contract. Include details such as the specific hours they will work and how long it’ll take to receive your reels and camera rolls once the wedding ends.

Does Every Couple Need a Wedding Content Creator?

Some assume wedding content creators are just for couples who love to post on social media, but that’s not necessarily true.

You don’t have to be an influencer or have a massive online presence to hire a pro for wedding content creation. We’ve seen couples that don’t use social media at all hire content creators because they capture all the in-between moments of the day that your photographer and videographer won’t.

Some couples don’t want someone following them around all day with a camera. Others are happy to wait for their official photos and videos. Many don’t mind if their guests or wedding party post images or video content in real time on the big day. 

Hiring a content creator isn’t the right move for everyone, so don’t feel pressured to hire one just because it’s the new trend.  

Wedding Photographers and Videographers vs. Content Creators: Do I Need All Three?

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Wedding photographers only take photos, and wedding videographers only take videos. It can also take several weeks or even months to receive your final wedding photo album and fully edited wedding video.

Content creators can capture every moment of the big day in both formats. They also put it all together in reels and camera rolls that they can share with you almost immediately. 

Just don’t expect them to have professional videography or photography equipment. It’s more likely they’ll use their iPhones.

A content creator won't replace a photographer or videographer. They won’t provide you with professionally shot or edited images or video. In fact, they'll likely only provide you with reels and photos taken on their phones, with light editing at the most. 

Consider them an additional wedding vendor and an extra member of your media team, rather than a replacement for a video or photography pro.


If you want behind-the-scenes content or want to relive the moment of your wedding as early as when you wake up the next day, hire a wedding content creator. 

It’s the best way to ensure that no moment will be missed and that every moment you want to remember will be captured in footage forever!

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