15 "Something Blue" Ideas for Brides-to-Be

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When wedding planning, there are a few noteworthy “somethings” every bride is supposed to produce: 

• Something old
• Something new
• Something borrowed
Something blue

    Whether you resonate with the meaning behind this tradition or not, it’s still fun to include it in your big day. Our focus here is on “something blue.”  

    And of all the something blue wedding ideas, here are our favorite ones:

    The Significance of the Somethings 

    This wedding tradition is believed to be English, dating back to Victorian times.

    Something old represents the bride’s background. It’s usually a family heirloom, keepsake, or other asset from her non-married life that the couple introduces into their union.

    Something new symbolizes the future, the new life the couple will have together.

    The borrowed something usually comes from a happily married couple. The belief is that some of that couple’s happiness will transfer through the borrowed item onto the newlyweds.

    Something blue represents fidelity and purity and is believed to ward off the “evil eye.”

    Lastly, a sixpence worn in the shoe represents good luck and fortune. 

    Still searching for your “something borrowed”? Check out this post to discover 15 ideas to consider! 

    Our Favorite 15 “Something Blue” Ideas

     Photo: Audrey Deyerle

    Blue has so many gorgeous shades, from deep, saturated tones like cobalt or sky blue to baby blue. And don’t forget bright, glistening aquamarine. 

    The different blue hues allow you to choose a shade that pairs beautifully with your wedding colors.

    Keep all the different varieties of blue in mind as you check out our ideas:

    1. Blue Shoes

    This one’s a no-brainer and a fun way to incorporate a pop of color. A pair of light blue shoes will compliment most wedding gowns beautifully. 

    Or, for those feeling bold, choose bright blue wedding shoes. There’s no doubt about it. When your guests catch sight of your feet, they’ll know exactly where you chose to include your something blue. 

    2. Blue Clutch

    Your wedding gown is gorgeous — too beautiful for an everyday handbag. 

    Why not keep track of your keys, phone, and lipstick and incorporate your something blue with a clutch

    Clutches are a classy combo where function meets beauty. Choose a solid blue or a clutch with blue flowers in the pattern.

    3. Blue Flowers

    Photo: Bella Bridesmaids New York City | Longbrook Photography

    Ahem, did someone say blue flowers? A blue wedding bouquet or blue centerpieces made from blooms like hydrangeas are an excellent way of adding something blue. 

    Or, have your bridal party each carry a blue bouquet. 

    4. Blue Cocktail 

    A fun and unexpected way to include something blue is to have your guests drink it. Blue Curaçao is the secret ingredient here — with a sweet citrus flavor and a striking blue hue, this Caribbean favorite is a hit.

    Go the extra mile by freezing small blue edible flowers into ice cubes. It’s not just any day — it’s your special day. And we think that deserves an extra special something in the “cheers.” 

    5. Blue Wedding Cake 

    There are so many imaginative ways of doing this. You can choose a solid monochromatic blue, where the flowers and icing are all the same color. Or, choose a cake in a wide range of blue hues. 

    No matter what, a blue cake is an excellent way to have your something blue and eat it, too.

    6. Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

     Photo: Bella Bridesmaids Shreveport | Lauren Rinaudo

    Obviously, right? Again. 

    With so many dreamy varieties, choosing blue for your bridesmaids’ dresses and letting your wedding party wear your favorite one is an excellent way to add some beauty to your something blue.

    In addition, the fabric you choose for the dresses adds extra oomph. Blue velvet has deep, rich tones, while satin and silk are light reflective.

    Shop our entire collection of bridesmaid dresses to find the shade of blue & style that matches your vision!

     7. Blue Garter 

    A blue garter is a classic your new spouse will love. Your guests may see it — or not — either way, it’s fine.

    8. Blue Getaway Car

    Picture this:

    After you’ve said “I do” and celebrated with all your loved ones, you and your new partner exit in a snazzy cobalt convertible with a sparkly finish. Or a baby blue ’68 Chevy, depending on your style. 

    No matter what, you’ll make a statement and ace your something blue. 

    9. Blue Manicure

    It’s unexpected yet not so outlandish that it steals the show. Choosing a blue mani-pedi is an unexpected yet fun way to “nail” your something blue and a great way to show off that new wedding ring.

    10. Blue Jewelry

    From big, bold statement pieces to delicate sparkly gems, the options for blue jewelry are endless. 

    From sapphire to aquamarine, blue is a popular color for gemstones. You’re bound to find a statement piece that fits perfectly with your wedding day aesthetic. 

    Check Etsy for ideas; they always have uniquely gorgeous and affordable jewelry options. 

    11. Blue Wedding Dress

    Ok, this one is daring

    For those who aren’t quite ready to commit to a full-on blue wedding dress, opt for something with blue detail. Perhaps baby blue sequins in the bodice or blue lace and ribbon detail. 

    Or an incandescent dress — it’s either white or blue, depending on the light. 

    12. Blue Wedding Veil 

    If you don a blue veil, your guests will immediately know how you chose to bring in something blue. 

    Wearing a blue flower crown is another option and something your bridesmaids can also wear.

    13. Blue Wedding Décor

    An easy-peasy way to incorporate your something blue is to choose it as a wedding color and use it as part of the décor. With such a wide range of blue hues, they work well with literally every color. 

    For those who absolutely love blue? Choose wedding colors in every shade of blue. 

    Want a modern, minimal effect? Choose a single shade, and go full-on monochromatic. 

    14. Blue Suit

     Photo: Bella Bridesmaids Greenville | Lang Thomas

    If you’re not a fan of the blue wedding dress idea, a blue suit may be more up your alley. The best man and groomsmen can all wear blue suits. 

    Voilà — there’s your something blue. Just make sure they have a blue kerchief with a monogram. You know, they’ll need something to dab those happy tears with.

    15. Blue Ribbon

    Subtle yet sweet, incorporate your “something blue” by adding a blue ribbon to your (or your bridesmaids) hair on your wedding day. Choose a blue ribbon or barrette — both options add a lovely feminine touch to any ensemble.

    With your wedding date fast approaching, you’ve got a lot of decisions to make. We hope these ideas inspired you and gave you ideas for how you’d like to incorporate your something blue.

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