98 Instagram Caption Ideas for Weddings

wedding party with bride and groomPhoto: Bella Bridesmaids Oakbrook | Christi Poulson

A picture says a thousand words, so your caption doesn’t have to. However, that doesn’t mean you should ignore it altogether.

From heartfelt and sweet to cheeky and playful, we’ve compiled an encyclopedia of the best wedding photo caption ideas for you to use.

There’s an Instagram caption here for everyone — from wedding guests to the happy couple themselves.

When posting yours to social media, don’t forget the wedding hashtag!

Sweet and Sentimental

bridal party outsidePhoto: Bella Bridesmaids Kansas City | Claire Ryser

These captions are ideal for the newlyweds and guests who mean what they say and want to convey a lot without using too many words.

1. Counting my blessings, I can’t get past you.
2. Perfection, Inc.
3. Thrilled to witness and celebrate this epic moment in their love story.
4. Yes, in fact, dreams do come true. You found me, and I found you!
5. Our/their love story is my favorite.
6. Marriage: Where “me” becomes “we.”
7. I exchanged my heart for a new last name.
8. You were worth waiting for.
9. This is only the beginning…
10. My/their fairytale moment.

    Romantic and Inspirational

    bridal party celebrating bride and groomPhoto: Bella Bridesmaids Las Vegas | Katherine Chapman

    For those who love love, these captions will help capture your sentiment on the big day.

    11. You’re my happily ever after
    12. This is what love looks like.
    13. Alexa, play “At Last” by Etta James.
    14. Love always finds a way.
    15. More than I could have ever dreamed.
    16. Loving you is the easiest thing I’ll ever do.
    17. These two make love look effortless.
    18. Now and forever, the two of us/them together.
    19. But the greatest of these is love.
    20. Sealed with a kiss.
    21. Together is the only place I want to be.
    22. Who needs diamonds when there’s this much love?
    23. Love like this is bigger and more precious than any diamond could ever be.

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      Punny (for the Dads…)   

      Psst… we know that even though you groan, you love a good dad joke. These funny wedding captions are for you — for everyone. 

      Captioning a pic with one of these will be doing your dad a favor since everyone knows dads aren’t always on their Instagram games.

      24. You know it’s an emotional day when even the cake is in tiers.
      25. Eat, drink, and be married!
      26. Marriage. It has a nice ring to it.
      27. As far as the wedding, the best part was the reception. It really took the cake.
      28. It’s official, they’re married! Footloose and fiancée free.
      29. This wedding went off without a hitch. Wait, that’s not right. These two. They got hitched!


        bride and her wedding partyPhoto: Bella Bridesmaids Los Angeles | Stefani Welsh 

        Ideal for those who lead with the heart, using one of these wedding day captions lets the world know how special this moment truly is for you. 

        30. There’s nothing better than seeing two people madly in love say I do.
        31. Forever is not long enough if it’s with you.
        32. Truly, honestly, completely happy.
        33. I can’t picture either of them with anyone else. Cheers to these two soulmates finding one another.
        34. Once in a lifetime, you meet someone who just makes everything brighter.
        35. May you always be as happy as you are today.
        36. To a perfect day and a beautiful life!

          Casual or Lighthearted 

          For closet romantics who steer clear of publicly sharing anything remotely sappy, these are for you. (And yes, we all know what a softy you really are.)

          37. Came for the party, stayed for the love.
          38. ‘Til death do us party.
          39. Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing… PERFECTION!
          40. Arrived for the couple, stayed for the cake.
          41. Heck yeah, I do!!!
          42. Cheers to the happy couple (sip), this incredible day (sip), love (sip), and an open bar (refill)!
          43. I came to their wedding, and all I got was an epic good time. Cheers!
          44. A belly full of food and a heart filled with love. Life doesn’t get any better than this.
          45. Marriage, mortgage, carriage, luggage… life is better with you!
          46. Forever starts now!
          47. Tying the knot so tight, it’s unbreakable.
          48. Cheers to love and laughter! Let’s raise a glass to happily ever after!
          49. Best. Day. Ever!
          50. We did a thing…
          51. Locked in for life!
          52. True love is when both people believe they’re the lucky ones.
          53. They did.
          54. “Cheers!” – Everyone at this wedding
          55. This wedding is proof: You can have cake and eat it, too.
          56. Finally!
          57. The best is yet to come.
          58. Forever: Day 1.

            Playful and Cheeky

            We all know that to love someone is to ply them with some spirited ribbing, right? Friends and family, yes! Even the bride and groom — have at ‘em! 

            59. They got married. I got drunk.
            60. They said I do to each other, I said I do to cake.
            61. I was told there’d be cake.
            62. The bride’s so gorgeous she can’t even ugly cry.
            63. From Tinder to Forever.
            64. Royal wedding? Nope, but there is an open bar…
            65. A win-win: They got married, and I got cake.
            66. A couple of weirdos.
            67. A match made in Heaven (Tinder).
            68. Is there anything better than seeing two soul mates say I do? Yes. An open bar.
            69. Does this wedding make our love look big?
            70. Does this dress make me look married?
            71. Congrats on finding the right person to annoy for eternity!
            72. I gave him my heart, and all I got was a new last name.
            73. It was love at first swipe.
            74. Marriage: You either do or you don’t.
            75. From (bride or groom's celebrity crush) to (name of bride or groom). Dreams really do come true.
            76. We gathered here today at this wedding to celebrate people we all know and love dearly… the bartenders!
            77. Nothing says romance quite like getting the government involved.
            78. Marriage: a walk in the park… Jurassic Park.


              bride and groom with wedding party outsidePhoto: Bella Bridesmaids New York City | McKenzie McNeil Nugent

              You guys grew up together. You have history! 

              This is a moment you dreamed about, and now it’s here. Pick one of these captions, or use them to inspire your own. Or, if you just love reflecting on the topic of love, we’ve got you.

              79. Back when she/he was single, I promised this special day would come.
              80. I’ve known her/him/them forever, and this is the happiest they’ve ever been.
              81. Even as kids, we could have never even dreamed of anything this incredible!
              82. We’ve been through so much together, and we’re just getting started! Cheers to a lifetime of adventure and fun.
              83. Love. It makes the world go round.
              84. Anyone can catch someone’s eye, but it takes someone truly special to catch your heart.

                For the Family 

                As a family member, this is a big deal for you. Here are some caption ideas that only YOU get to use.

                85. So proud to welcome Mr./Ms. to the family!
                86. I always wanted a daughter/son/brother/sister.
                87. We’re here celebrating the newlyweds, yet I couldn’t be more overcome with joy. We’re so blessed.
                88. They grow up so fast, don’t they?
                89. Introducing my new favorite child: My son-in-law/daughter-in-law!
                90. We just want you to be happy, and it makes us so happy to know that you are. This day couldn’t have been more perfect.

                  For the Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, and Friends 

                  happy bridesmaidsPhoto: Bella Bridesmaids Atlanta | Caroline Rice Bobbitt & Eric and Jamie Gay

                  These playful situation-specific caption ideas are perfect for wedding party members or cherished best friends. Don’t be shy about sharing how you really feel. Just be sure to soften the blow with a wink emoji 😉.

                  91. Does this wedding make me look single?
                  92. It’s official! I’m a 3rd wheel.
                  93. #bestfriendapproved
                  94. Who would have thought that the kid who embarrassed himself in 2nd grade would marry such a babe?
                  95. We’re the “I do” crew!
                  96. One person’s wedding is another person’s party.
                  97. The proudest supporting role I’ve ever played.
                  98. Congratulations to the happy couple! In other news, I’m still single…

                    As you consider your Instagram post, think of the mood you want to evoke when pairing your caption with the images. Like music, a caption influences how others perceive the pic. From cute captions to sentimental ones, think about the vibe. 

                    If you still need help crafting the perfect caption, play around with a caption generator. But you can’t go wrong if your sentiments about this beautiful union come straight from the heart.

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