What to Put in a Bridesmaid Proposal Box?

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Wedding planning for the big day can be so much fun! For some brides, the best part is choosing THE dress. For others, it’s taste-testing all those yummy cakes and catered dishes. 

But for many, the absolute best part is inviting your besties and loved ones to be in your wedding party!

The bridesmaid proposal is exciting for both brides and bridesmaids. And you can make the moment even more special with a bridesmaid proposal box.

From what to include in each box to specific gift recommendations, here are some bridesmaid proposal box ideas to make her say “Yes!”

What To Put in a Bridesmaid Proposal Box

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Bridesmaid proposal boxes are the perfect way to invite your bridesmaids-to-be to stand by your side on your special day. These thoughtful gifts can be as simple, understated, elaborate, or luxe as you wish.

It’s totally up to you!

As the bride, you decide what to put in your bridesmaid proposal boxes.

But one thing you’ll definitely want to include is:

• A personalized message that asks them to be in your wedding party, or 
• A custom gift box that “pops the question” on the lid

    The message can be sweet and simple, like “Will you be my bridesmaid?” or cute and clever, such as “I can’t say I do without you!”

    Individual Items To Include in Your Proposal Box

    Some brides put together small boxes with two or three unique gifts. Others assemble massive proposal gifts that include all sorts of goodies. 

    The choice is yours!

    Here are some of the most popular items that brides choose to include in their bridesmaid proposal boxes:

    • Champagne flute or wine tumbler
    • Mini bottle of wine or champagne
    • Compact mirror
    • Nail polish
    • Hair ties or scrunchies
    • Lip balm
    • Candle
    • Bath bomb
    • Robe
    • Slippers or socks
    • Makeup bag
    • Trinket dish
    • Sleep mask
    • Face mask
    • Sweet treats, such as personalized cookies or chocolate bars

      If you decide to include jewelry, consider including items they can wear on the wedding day. If you’d rather gift them with jewelry gifts closer to the big day, you might want to include casual, everyday jewelry in their proposal box. For example, a cute little necklace or a beaded friendship bracelet. 

      Should I Buy or DIY? 

      Some brides choose to buy bridesmaid proposal gift box sets pre-filled with several of the gift items we listed above. Others prefer to DIY their own gift sets and include the specific items of their choosing.

      If you DIY your proposal boxes, consider including a personalized gift, such as:

      • A pair of monogrammed slippers
      • A monogrammed trinket dish, or
      • A makeup bag customized with her name

        Should you decide to include a bottle of wine or bubbly, consider adding a custom label to the front. Personalized and monogrammed gifts always feel extra special, even when they’re small! 

        Whether you buy pre-made proposal boxes or DIY your own, consider including a special maid-of-honor gift. Your MOH will have some unique bridesmaid duties, so it’s a nice gesture to give her a little something extra as a thank you in advance.    

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        7 of Our Favorite Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Ideas

        If you’re looking for proposal gifts that will impress and get a “yes,” here are some ideas that might be perfect for you!

        Ashford Pearl Stud Earrings 


        With 14-karat gold plating and faux pearls, the Ashford Pearl Stud Earrings are timeless! Dressed up or dressed down, these earrings work for any occasion.

        Pearl Bow Earrings 


        Featuring delicate faux pearls, the Pearl Bow Earrings are wedding-day perfection! These romantic post earrings mix and match effortlessly with other jewelry. 

        Freshwater Pearl Necklace 


        The Freshwater Pearl Necklace is delicate, dainty, and timeless. A thin gold-plated chain makes it perfect for wearing alone or layering with other necklaces.

        Butterfly Gold Necklace 


        With an 18-karat gold-plated chain and a small butterfly pendant, the Butterfly Gold Necklace features hand-set crystals for an extra touch of shimmer and shine!

        Ivory Pearl Embellished Velvet Gigi Headband 


        Hand-detailed with faux pearls, the Ivory Pearl Embellished Velvet Gigi Headband adds a touch of elegance to any look. This accessory is a definite statement-maker!

        Jenny Yoo Livy Robe 


        The Jenny Yoo Livy Robe features soft charmeuse with a pretty floral print. She can wear it while getting her hair and makeup done on the wedding day and long after the wedding ends.

        Jenny Yoo Theo Robe 


        In silky, smooth satin with an allover floral print, the Jenny Yoo Theo Robe is perfect if you’re looking for proposal gifts that she’ll use over and over again. 

        Bridesmaid Proposal Box Ideas: Helpful Tips


        Photo: John Clemmer

        When it comes to bridesmaid proposal gifts, we love giving them and getting them! Here are a few additional tips to make your gifts even more amazing. 

        Technically, your proposal box doesn’t have to be a box. 

        A cute reusable tote bag works great, too!

        Choose items that fit your wedding theme and/or coordinate with your wedding colors. If you’re having a destination wedding on the beach, add beach-themed items like “bride squad” sunglasses or “bride tribe” pool slides or flip flops.

        Another way to make your proposal a truly special moment is to turn it into a group event!

        Gather your loved ones and best friends together for brunch or a spa date, and pop the question to everyone at the same time. If your bridesmaids-to-be don’t already know each other, this is a great way for them to get acquainted.

        No matter how, when, or where you propose to your bridesmaids, consider asking your maid of honor first, separate from the group. Many brides make the maid-of-honor proposal an extra special moment just for the bride and MOH to share.

        Years from now, when you think about your wedding, you won’t just remember the big day. You’ll also remember the special moments that came before it, like your bridal shower, bachelorette party, and rehearsal dinner

        Add an amazing bridesmaid proposal to your pre-wedding event list, and it can become one of your best memories, too!

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