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Bridesmaid Jewelry: A Gift and Accessory in One


Bridal party wearing white dresses and jewelryPhoto: Bella Birmingham

The further along you are in the wedding planning process, the more you start to realize one thing:

The big day will be here before you know it!

And while your major plans are probably already set in stone, there are always little details to finalize. At some point, you'll need to find the perfect gifts for your bridal party and decide what jewelry you want your bridesmaids to wear.

The good news is that you can knock out two items on your to-do list by giving your bridesmaids a piece of jewelry — it’s a gift and something to wear when you tie the knot.

Whether you want your girls to look exactly alike or want to give them some say in their styling, bridal jewelry is a gift and accessory in one!

Should You Let Your Bridesmaids Wear Their Own Jewelry to Your Wedding?

Bride and bridesmaidsPhoto: Bella Minneapolis / Autumn Lee Studios

A lot of brides and grooms debate if they should give their bridal party freedom to make style choices.

Some think it's best to dictate every aspect of their look. Others choose not to be so strict with their fashion rules.

It’s totally up to you, but there are some things to consider before making this crucial decision.

Everyone has their own taste and style, so if you want your girls to look uniform, you should choose jewelry for them to wear. However, if you know that all of your bridesmaids have excellent taste, you might want to let them make a few accessory decisions on their own.

But, depending on how they like to dress and what type of jewelry they prefer, that could go wrong for a few reasons.

Your junior bridesmaid could show up wearing a casual layered necklace. Your MOH might try to steal the show in a glitzy Swarovski crystal statement necklace. Your best friend from college might decide to rock a gold choker while everyone else opts for a simple bar necklace.

If you don’t lay down some rules early on, you could end up with a big old mess of white gold, rose gold, and sterling silver in all different looks and styles.

And this is what makes jewelry gifts perfect. It’ll send the message of “Thanks for being a part of my wedding” rather than “I don’t trust your taste in jewelry.”

It’s a win-win!

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Bridesmaid Jewelry Is the Perfect Gift!

Bride in white dress and three bridesmaids in black dressesPhoto: Bella Grand Rapids / Mae Photo Co.

Your bridesmaids are probably already shelling out some big bucks for the dress, shoes, shower gift, and bachelorette party. Giving them jewelry as a bridesmaid gift can help their budget and ensure that your girls look exactly how you want them to look on the big day.

Depending on your budget and dresses, you can opt for a bridesmaid necklace, bridesmaid earrings, or a bridesmaid bracelet. Hey, if you're going for decadence and glamour, you can even do all three!

Necklaces are perfect if your girls are wearing V-necklines or strapless dresses. A simple gold necklace, a solitaire pendant necklace, or a necklace set will be the perfect complement to their wedding day look!

For bridesmaids wearing high necklines or halter dresses, there’s no need for a necklace. Think about giving them a pretty rhinestone bracelet or a pair of cubic zirconia earrings instead.

Are your bridesmaids going to be wearing their hair up for your ceremony? Make your jewelry gift hair jewelry and give each bridesmaid a jeweled hair clip to wear on your wedding day!

Choose Jewelry Based on the Bride’s Style

Bridesmaid jewelry doesn’t need to match the bride’s jewelry, but they should complement each other. 

For example, if the bride is wearing a pearl and diamond necklace, the bridesmaids will look stunning in a simple strand of pearls. If the bride is wearing dangling diamond earrings, have the bridesmaids wear sparkling diamond studs.

Is the theme of your wedding fairytale romance? A rhodium infinity necklace or a dainty heart necklace is perfect!

Having a rustic wedding in your backyard? Give your girls a set of layered bangle bracelets. 

The options are endless … 

No matter what jewelry you choose, make sure it complements the bride’s jewelry without being too matchy-matchy. The bride should ALWAYS stand out! 

Choose Jewelry Based on the Formality of Your Wedding

It’s also important to keep the formality and theme of your wedding in mind when choosing bridesmaid jewelry gifts.   

Planning a boho or rustic wedding? Keep your jewelry simple and understated.

If you’re getting married on the beach or in a barn, there’s no need to deck your bridesmaids out in tons of bling! A simple pair of teardrop earrings or a bridesmaid jewelry set with a dainty bracelet and necklace may be all you need.

Having a lavish and glamorous black-tie affair? If you’re getting married in a super fancy venue, opt for diamonds. And if real diamonds just aren’t in your budget, that’s okay too — CZs are the perfect alternative! 

For the bride having a traditional, formal wedding, stick with classic jewelry. Diamond stud earrings or freshwater pearl necklaces are always a great choice.

Bridesmaids Don’t Have to Wear the Same Jewelry

Bridesmaids in black dresses walking with bride in white dressPhoto: Bella Charlotte / inContrast Images

If you decide to gift your bridesmaids with jewelry for the wedding day, don’t feel obligated to give everyone the same gift. 

It’s perfectly fine to mix it up and give different pieces of jewelry to each person. If your girls are wearing mixed-and-matched bridesmaid dresses, giving them different jewelry is the best way to go. Not only will it make your gifts seem more personal, but it will allow you the freedom to pair a particular piece of jewelry with each dress.

If you do choose different gifts, just be sure to keep them all in the same price range so that no one’s feelings get hurt.

Don’t forget about gifts for the rest of your bridal party!


From diamond necklaces to gemstone bracelets, jewelry is the perfect bridesmaid gift.

Sure, your groomsmen might be more excited by a custom flask or a personalized travel kit. But your girls are sure to love getting a gorgeous piece of jewelry that they can wear over and over again!

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