What to Put in Your Bridesmaid Emergency Kit

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From the mid-morning glam session to the post-reception after-party, making it through an entire wedding day as a bridesmaid can sometimes feel like running a marathon. To enjoy every moment before you cross the finish line, you can’t let obstacles get in your way.

Little mishaps, like a torn dress strap or a blister from a new pair of shoes, can feel like big issues in the moment. 

But there’s something brides can do beforehand to make sure their bridesmaids feel happy, look their best, and thoroughly enjoy the day:

Pack them a bridesmaid emergency kit!

In this guide for brides, we’ll explain what a bridesmaid emergency kit is, what it should include, and how to make it an awesome bridesmaid gift.

What Is a Bridesmaid Emergency Kit?

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A bridesmaid emergency kit differs from the bridal emergency kit you’ll bring for yourself on the big day. 

Most brides pack a massive wedding survival kit. 

They fill it with everything they might need to address any and every potential wedding day emergency. It’s peace of mind that if anything goes wrong, you’ll have what it takes to fix it.

A bridesmaid emergency kit is one that the bride puts together for each of her girls. They usually contain some of the same emergency items, but they’re much smaller and sometimes include a few fun extras.

Your bridesmaids are there to make your day run smoothly, and they’ll be better prepared to do so when they have what they need to remedy issues of their own.  

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What To Include in a Bridesmaids Emergency Kit

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Not sure what items belong in a bridesmaid survival kit?

Here are some wedding day essentials that, even if they don’t use that day, won’t go to waste:

Wardrobe Essentials

From broken zippers to torn straps to spots and stains, these must-haves can fix any fashion emergency:

• Fashion tape
• Stain remover stick
• Safety pins
• Static guard
• Sewing kit
• Lint roller

Fashion tape is key, as it can help keep ta-tas in place and double as a quick fix for a loose hem.

First Aid & Hygiene Must-Haves 

Unexpected periods, headaches, and accidental cuts can happen at any time. Prepare for mini-medical emergencies by packing:  

• Bandaids
• Aspirin/ibuprofen
• Tissues
• Tampons/pads/panty liners
• Hand sanitizer
• Hand moisturizer

Packing allergy medications, antiseptic sprays, and antibiotic ointments can be useful, too. But you don’t have to include them in every bridesmaid’s kit. 

Consider adding those extras to your maid of honor’s kit and tell her she has some “extras” the other girls may need.

Beauty Essentials 

Every bride wants her wedding party to look and feel their best, and these must-haves can help:

• Hair ties
• Nail file
• Q-tips
• Bobby pins
• Makeup remover pads
• Setting spray

    As a little something extra, you might want to include a mini bottle of perfume as well.


    If you want to make your bridesmaid emergency kits even more amazing, there are all sorts of toiletries and other items you can include, such as:

    • Breath mints
    • Mini deodorant
    • Dental floss
    • Hair spray
    • Sunscreen
    • Bug spray

    The last thing you need on your wedding day is hungry or thirsty bridesmaids. Consider packing a few healthy snacks and electrolyte packets. (And maybe sneak in a few mini liquor bottles to enjoy before or after the celebration.)

    Some brides also include a mini hangover kit filled with:

    • Pain relievers
    • Hydrating lip balm
    • Vitamin C tablets
    • Tums or chewable Pepto Bismol tablets
    • Eye drops
    • Under eye masks

    Consider adding one or two personalized items to make each kit more unique. For example, include a monogrammed compact mirror she can use forever or a customized sleep mask to help her unwind.

    Tips for Putting Together a Bridesmaid Survival Kit

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    Now that you know what to put in each survival kit, let’s get to the fun part: how to put them together so your bridesmaids absolutely love them!

    Pack Them in a Cute Cosmetic Bag 

    Choose a pretty makeup bag or a chic little tote bag, and your survival kit can instantly become an extra bridesmaid gift to keep and use forever.

    Pack Small Amounts and Small Sizes 

    You don’t need to give every bridesmaid a full box of bandages or a full-size bottle of static spray. When shopping for items, choose small packages and travel-sized products — just enough to get them through the day.

    Customize When Possible 

    It’s always nice to receive a personalized gift. And by personalized, we don’t just mean monogrammed or made-to-order.

    For example, if you include mini liquor bottles, be sure to buy each bridesmaid her favorite type of alcohol. If you include snacks, make it their favorite snack food, whether that’s a healthy granola bar, a sweet candy bar, or a bag of her favorite flavored popcorn.

    It’s the little details that make all the difference!

    Assemble Emergency Kits in Advance

    No matter what items you include or what you pack them in, don’t wait until the last minute to do it. You can put emergency kits together weeks before the wedding arrives and check them off your to-do list well in advance of the big day.  

    Unless you want your wedding day emergency kits to be a surprise, consider assembling them together as a fun pre-wedding moment.

    Just gather your bridesmaids for a girl’s night in. Supply all the items, pour some wine, and have fun while everyone puts their own survival pack together at the same time.  

    If they’ve read The Ultimate Bridesmaid Packing List, they’re likely planning to bring a personal emergency kit. Assembling them as a group activity a few weeks in advance can save them the trouble of shopping for the items and packing them on their own.


    Items like safety pins and fashion tape might not be big gifts, but when your girls need them in a pinch, they’ll seem like the greatest gifts.

    Giving your bridesmaids cute little bags full of emergency essentials is a simple yet thoughtful way to let them know you’re excited for them to be a part of your wedding. It also tells them that even though it’s your big moment, you don’t want anything to get in the way that could spoil their day! 

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