The Ultimate Guide to Bridesmaid Dress Styles

Ultimate Guide to Bridesmaid Dress Styles [Bella Bridesmaids]Photo: Bella Bridesmaids Richmond/Lexie Hand

What’s something you’re faced with over and over when planning your wedding?

If you’re balking at answering this, “No! Not another decision!” you’re right! The answer is “decisions.”

Of all the decisions you have, one of the important ones is what to wear.

Besides narrowing your wedding dress down to the one, you must also select a dress for your bridal party.

We’re dedicating this post to just that.  

We’re exposing all the different styles, details, and cuts of bridesmaid dresses. Which (thankfully) have come a long way since the frumpy, baggy days of stiff, scratchy-looking fabric.

The goal? We’re giving you an overview of what’s available so you can score the perfect dress; land the perfect fit for your big day.

Ready for an overview of the most stunning and trendy bridesmaid dress styles and cuts? Keep reading!


1. A-Line Bridesmaid Dresses


 A-Line Bridesmaid Dresses, young woman in image is wearing a dusty light blue a-line dressJenny Yoo Bridesmaid Dress Rochelle


Hailed as the dress that looks incredible with every body type, the A-Line (a term coined by Christian Dior in 1955 because it somewhat resembles a capital ‘A’) has a hem that extends wider than the shoulders of the dress. 

It creates a flattering narrow waist which gradually widens down the length of the dress. This dress style is beautiful. It’s dreamy and romantic, yet also put-together and smart.


2. Halter Dresses


Halter dresses draw attention upward, showcasing the shoulders and bust and exposing the back. The look is instantly sophisticated when it incorporates a high neckline. A V-neck is perfect for summer, outdoor, and beachy weddings.


3. Floor-Length


Also referred to as a gown, dresses that lightly graze the ground below add that little something extra that makes the event feel elevated and formal. These dresses can still feature intricate styles, such as an open back or graceful cowl back.

For a visual, picture the Oscars. Most of the hems of those spectacular dresses touch or even drape across the surface of the plush red carpet.


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4. Strapless Bridesmaid Dresses


 Strapless bridesmaid dressJenny Yoo Bridesmaid Dress Stevie


Strapless dresses work beautifully with floor-length gowns and shorter midi or mini-dress lengths. Flirty and fun, strapless dresses show off the neck and shoulders and can feature a corset-type top or an elastic or form-fitting top.


5. High Neck


Dresses with high necklines evoke images of poise and class. Just think of Audrey Hepburn. Her most iconic pictures feature her looking effortlessly elegant in various garments, each with a high neckline. 

So if your wedding day is black tie or has a polished, refined vibe, any length dress with a high neckline will fit right in.


6. V-Neck Bridesmaid Dress Style


As the name implies, a V-neck dress has a plunging neckline, reminiscent of the letter “V.” Marilyn Monroe was fond of the V-neckline; the dresses she chose were coquettish and fun. 

This neckline works well with various different dress styles, from formal gowns to flowy boho-inspired flair.


7. Maxi Dresses for Your Bridesmaids


 Maxi bridesmaid dressesAmsale Bridesmaid Dress Sydney


A maxi dress ends at the ankle or below. Typically, they’re more form-fitting at the top, and the dress cascades down, gradually becoming more flowy. 

Perfect for a winter wedding, the maxi dress ensures the bridesmaid gown lets your bridal party look — and feel — hot.


8. Midi Dress 


A midi dress is any dress where the skirt hangs two inches below the knees and just above the ankles. Midi dresses add an element of playfulness. They’re spring-like, fun, and — of course — stylish, too. Add a little softness through pastels and fabric such as tulle, or opt for a ruched or pleated style.


9. Slip Dress


 Slip dresses for bridesmaidsAmsale Bridesmaid Dress GB202S Mabel


Carrie Bradshaw, the character in Sex and the City played by Sarah Jessica Parker, rocked the slip dress. Comfortable, edgy, and chic, this 90s staple that’s back on trend is intended to look like a slip, as its name suggests. 

It’s form-fitting and doesn’t have pleats, ruffles, or other fussy details. This dress works perfectly with a simple, elegant, minimalist look.


10. Flutter Sleeve 


A flutter sleeve is a flared short sleeve; picture a butterfly landing on the edge of your shoulder. Flutter sleeves are cute and feminine, adding an ethereal facet to the dress.


11. Long Sleeve


Long sleeves work perfectly for cooler weather. However, they add an unexpected and fun twist when added to a cocktail-length dress.

The style of sleeve can be a bell sleeve, which balloons slightly and gathers at the wrist, and other types of long sleeves.


12. Cap Sleeve


 Cap sleeve bridesmaid dressTwist Dresses MJ-TWIST2


Cap sleeves are super short sleeves that basically hang just over the edge of the shoulder.

They suit all sorts of dress styles, offering a fun little extra feature to the overall feel and design of the piece.


13. Spaghetti Strap


The spaghetti strap — given its name because the thin strap is the size of a strand of spaghetti — adds an alluring detail to the dress. From slip dresses to summer dresses, spaghetti straps showcase the arms and shoulders. 

Versatile and perfect for a summery outdoor to-do, the spaghetti strap also looks fab with a full-length gown.


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14. Party Dress



party dress for bridesmaid

 Adrianna Papell Bridesmaid Dress Style 191916100


Wiktionary provides an all-encompassing definition for party dress:

“A woman's dress that is too elegant, revealing, dressy or impractical for normal wear.”

As the definition (and name) suggest, it’s a dress that’s fit for a party. And the best part is, it’s your party. You get to choose your fave. 

Want to take it up a notch? Consider sequins, a fun cutout, or a bright, punchy color palette.


15. Jumpsuit


bridesmaid jumpsuitPia Gladys Bridesmaid Dress Riley


What if we told you your bridesmaids didn’t have to wear dresses at all? 

Picture your ladies in jumpsuits. They’re both dressy, cool, and totally unexpected. Jumpsuits come in all cuts and styles and look incredible when paired with heels.


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