Everything You Wanted to Know About Microweddings

Everything You Want to Know About Microweddings

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We love an extravagant wedding, but not all couples want a massive celebration.

There’s a reason why some couples run off and elope — because they just want to get married. They don’t want all that planning or hoopla that goes into a traditional wedding ceremony and reception.

But eloping and throwing a massive party aren’t your only two options.

If you want to have an intimate affair with a few close family members and friends, you might want to have a microwedding.

Want to know how to pull it off? 

Here’s everything you need to know about microweddings.

What is a Microwedding?

What is a microwedding?Photo: Halfpoint

Remember when Vivienne Westwood sent Carrie Bradshaw that incredible dress for her nuptials with Mr. Big?

You know the story. 

We all do

He bolted, she left in tears, and months later, they ended up getting married at City Hall with Carrie in a (gasp!) label-less dress. Then they celebrated over lunch with a few of their closest friends.

That, my friends, is the definition of a microwedding!

And for Carrie and Big, it was the right decision.

As the name suggests, a microwedding is exactly like any other, just with a lot fewer people.

It can take place anywhere. It can include anything you want. The only thing that makes a microwedding different than a massive bash is that you can’t invite everyone you’ve ever known.

Want to get married on a mountain? In a park? In a museum?

The smaller you make it, the more venues you’ll have to choose from. 

You can even rent a luxury oceanfront home on Airbnb, invite 15 of your favorite people, and have your wedding outside by the pool!

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Create Your Guest List

Create a microwedding guest listPhoto: TheWeddingClick

Forget inviting 200 of your distant relatives, co-workers, and acquaintances. Ask yourself who really matters.

We’re talking small here, so try to whittle your guest list down to 25 people max.

If you have a huge family with dozens of nieces and nephews, a microwedding might not be in the cards for you. 

But, if you can limit your invites to parents, siblings, and your closest friends, it’s a good route to go.

A microwedding is a great way to make your wedding day dreams come true without going into debt to do it.

Start Planning

Having a microwedding doesn’t let you off the hook from planning. And that’s a good thing because planning a wedding can be a lot of fun! Yes, there are a lot of steps involved, but getting to choose every moment of your big day is a beautiful life experience you just can’t get anywhere else!

Unless your goal is to throw every single tradition to the wayside, you’ll still need to do all the usual wedding planning.

You’ll need to send invites, pick a venue, plan a menu, hire entertainment, and find a photographer. If you don’t want to plan anything, hire a wedding planner to handle the details for you.

It is possible to plan a microwedding without the help of a traditional planner. But come the day of the ceremony, having a wedding planner around can eliminate some of the stress.

At the very least, hire a wedding coordinator or enlist a trusted friend to handle the week-of and day-of tasks.

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You Can Still Plan Other Wedding Events

Even if you decide on a microwedding, you can still indulge in all of the other events surrounding the big day.

In fact, there’s even MORE of a reason to do so:

With a small guest list, you have an excuse to make every pre-wedding event and afterparty that much more fabulous. Think five-star catering, an intimate outdoor setting, or a grand venue that you could never afford if you were hosting 200 people!

You should still create a wedding registry, too. Your mom, mother-in-law, and best friends may want to throw you a shower, so make sure you register for at least a few gifts!

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If you’re having a destination wedding, plan a pre-nuptial welcome party. Organize a post-wedding brunch. Carve out some time for a visit to the spa, a round of golf, or whatever helps you to relax in between those important events.

A microwedding does not mean you can’t enjoy all of the pleasures that come with a massive wedding. You can — you’re just doing it on a smaller scale!

Why We Love a Microwedding

Why we love a microweddingPhoto: Real Bella Weddings

There are LOTS of reasons to love a microwedding.

For one, it proves that your goal is to marry your beloved — not to show off with the grandest and most expensive wedding of all of your friends.

And if that isn’t enough, there are a lot of other reasons to embrace this trend.

For example,  you can save tons of money! From the food to the favors, you’ll cut your expenses at every twist and turn.

The smaller the wedding, the easier it is to plan, too. There won’t be any drama over seating arrangements, and you won’t have to write dozens of invitations or thank-you cards. The fewer wedding guests you invite, the simpler your planning process will be.

A microwedding can save you money or give you the freedom to have the super-luxe wedding that you’ve always dreamed of. The shorter the guest list, the more you can spend on each invitee. 

Think of it this way:

Would you rather have a buffet for 200 people at $30 a head, or indulge your closest family and friends with a fabulous five-star meal at $200 a plate?

We’ll take the latter, thank you!


Microweddings offer far more flexibility than traditional ones.

When you have hundreds of guests, you’re limited to large venues. But if your guest list is under 25, you can have your wedding just about anywhere. Whether it’s at your favorite restaurant, a local park, or an oceanfront boutique hotel, the options are endless.

You can save money, enjoy a more intimate wedding atmosphere, and make planning the day SO much easier.

Here’s the truth:

All you really need to get married is the love of your life and an officiant to sign your marriage license. And you can do that anywhere.

Elope if you want to. Have a massive celebration if that’s the right fit 

Or, invite a handful of people and say your “I do’s” in the way that so many modern couples are choosing to do – with a microwedding.

Carrie would be proud, and Big might actually be happy to sign your card! 

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