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Pre-meet cheat sheet

Do I need an appointment?

Yes and no. What?! Nobody puts baby in the corner! While a scheduled appointment guarantees you and your wedding party will receive the full Bella experience , we also know that sometimes you’re walking around town and you can’t possibly not stop into that adorable shop across the way. By all means, come visit and get a feel for the joint. If our hands (and dressing rooms) are full, don’t worry! We’ll give you a crash course and info to schedule your personalized appointment. 

How Long Is Our Hang Time?

Our appointments to find the perfect bridesmaid look are 60 minutes long. It's loads of time, we promise, and keeps second or triple guessing at bay. Once we are ready to roll, your wedding party will schedule 30 minute fittings to finalize their individual styles and sizes!

What If My Bridesmaids Live All Over?

Yes, please! We have 50+ showrooms across the country, ready to accommodate your local bridesmaids for all of their style picking, measurements taking, size choosing, and ordering needs. Your local Bella acts as your home base so we can match you with a stylist who knows everything there is to know about your wedding. Your out of town bridesmaids can then visit their local Bella for a “complimentary fitting” during the week and submit their orders through your virtual showroom!

When Should I Start Shopping?

Wedding planning can seem like a lot, so focus on your attire first! What you wear will help guide the style and formality of your bridesmaid dresses. Bridesmaid dresses generally take 3 to 4 months. You’ll want to leave a few weeks before it’s aisle time for alterations, so if we were you, we would try to visit Bella at least 6 months before the big day.

Who Should I Bring?

Start shopping with 1 to 3 trusted decision makers. Fewer opinions makes sure you will see all the dresses you can handle and leave feeling accomplished, not overwhelmed. You can always bring everyone else for a second appointment after you have narrowed down your favorites.

Sample Sizes?

Creating a once in a lifetime and inclusive experience for every wedding party is the most important part of what we do. The beauty of Bella is that we offer dresses in every color, style, and size you can imagine. In order to provide that many options, we have dress samples to try on in store that we order in your one of a kind combination. Our samples range from sizes 00 to 24 with most of them in sizes 6 to 14. Let us know before your appointment if you have any specific requests and we will do whatever we can to make it happen.

3706 Hillsboro Pike Suite d Nashville, TN 37215

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