15 Wedding Invitation Ideas for Your Guests

Wedding invitations
Your wedding invitations are the first taste anyone is going to get of your wedding day. They set the tone and give your guests an idea of what they’re in for.

Why not give them a glimpse they’ll always remember?

Any of these unique wedding invitation ideas are sure to wow your guests.

It’s time to be the focal point of everyone’s refrigerator!

1. Monogrammed Envelopes

Consider having your initials (both the bride’s and the groom’s) monogrammed onto the envelope. It’ll give your guests a sneak peek at your wedding theme before they even open the invitation.

The smallest things can have the biggest impact.

Place the monogram where your return address would normally go for something a little different. Or put it on the front flap of the envelope like a modern version of a wax seal.

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2. Envelope Liners

A little visual interest makes the experience of diving into your invitation suite even more fun. 

There are so many ways to make your envelope pop.

  • Match your liner with the rest of your invitation so your guests feel the vibe of your wedding from the start.
  • Pack a strong punch with a bold pattern. 
  • Add a sweet, meaningful phrase in a letterpress font along the fold. 

Even a simple, solid-colored liner takes an envelope from boring to memorable.

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3. Calligraphy

Calligraphy goes with wedding invitations like peanut butter goes with jelly.

It just works.

Add a bit of elegance to your wedding invites by using calligraphy to make your names stand out from the rest of the text. It also looks stunning when it’s used to address the envelopes.

4. Rough Edges

Bring some interesting texture to your wedding invitations by roughing up the edges a little bit.

Deckled edges are reminiscent of the pages of an old book. They’re the perfect addition to any vintage-inspired invitation suite.

If that’s not quite your style, look for some die-cut invitations with a unique shape. They take away the boring rectangular shape but still look clean and elegant.

5. Borders

A bold border makes your wedding invitation pop.

Use a pattern, a color, or pictures to form a border around the entire invitation. Mix and match colors around the same palette so every insert has its own unique look.

Everything from floral designs to geometric shapes can work here.

Incorporate borders anywhere: around the edges, around your names, or just on the top and bottom.

6. Watercolor Details

Blocks of color may be eye-catching, but they can also be harsh.

Watercolor is a great way to bring a touch of soft, fluid color to your wedding invitation. You can use it on the inserts, the envelope liner, or the envelope itself.

You can even show off your inner artist and make some DIY watercolor wedding invitations.

To spruce up simple invitations, brush some watercolors over your wedding stationery. Add details on top, like flowers, seashells, or even a map if you’re throwing a destination wedding.

7. Illustrations

Wedding invitation suitePhoto: Bella Charleston/Aaron & Jillian Photography

Custom illustrations bring a bit of whimsy to the table.

Illustrations of you and your fiance add a personal touch, making for one-of-a-kind invites. You can even include an illustrated timeline of your relationship in your invitation suite. 

A sweet drawing of your pet is sure to get anyone to check yes on the RSVP.

Small illustrations can bring some life to your wedding itinerary. These little details will show your guests just how much fun they’re going to have.

8. Colored Swatches

If you want your wedding to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible, you might have some ideas about the colors you want your guests to wear.

Including color swatches in your invitation suite will let your guests in on the wedding’s color scheme. Ideally, they’ll prevent anyone from mistakenly wearing the wrong shade of salmon to the ceremony.

Make sure your nuptials are Instagram-worthy by ensuring your vision comes to life. No one will be sticking out like a sore thumb in your wedding photos.

Put your color palette on a circle, square, or even heart-shaped insert!

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9. Geometric Design

Sleek geometric shapes are all the rage.

Triangles, trapezoids, and hexagons make a stunning addition to any invitation suite. Feature them on your envelope liners, in your borders, or on the backside of your inserts.

They can help your wedding invitations stand out from those normal rectangles.

Think outside the box and get your inserts cut into different geometric shapes. Just make sure that your invitation design fits into a standard envelope or you’ll have to pay for extra postage!

10. Metallic Accents

Dress up your invitations with touches of gold, silver, or bronze.

Use a metallic accent over a bold font to make your names stand out from the rest of the information. Put some sparkle in a border to help your invitation really shine.

Addressing dark envelopes with metallic ink makes a statement the moment your guests open their mailboxes.

Or you can go really bold and apply some gold foil to your stationery.

No one will forget that level of sparkle!

11. Laser Cutting

Laser-cut wedding invitation suitePhoto: Real Bella Weddings

Turn simple paper into an eye-catching design with laser cutting.

You can add details like lace or filigree to the pockets or jackets of your invitation suite. It’s also possible to laser cut other things like flowers and trees for a beautiful touch.

That’s not the limit of laser cutting, though.

Go all out by laser cutting your entire invitation so that only the information is left of the paper. Just be careful because they’re bound to be fragile.

12. Folded Invitations

Instead of having a lot of separate inserts, make your wedding invitation one long piece of paper that folds into sections.

Just think of the dramatic reveal.

Each section of the invitation can hold a different piece of information, with the main wedding invitation at the center of it all.

Put the RSVP card at the end on a perforated fold so your guests can easily remove it and send it back with their answer.

How could they say no after such a fun invitation?

13. Belly Bands

A belly band is a statement piece.

A piece of paper, fabric, ribbon, or lace wrapped around your invitation makes it feel more cohesive and helps convey the vibe.

For example:

Burlap layered with lace is perfect for a sweet, rustic wedding invitation.

Monogram your initials at the center of the belly band or top it with a custom-made wax seal. They are the perfect place to tuck extra embellishments like feathers.

14. Song Card

As an extra bit of fun for your guests, include a card for song requests in your invitation suite.

Everyone can fill in their favorite dance song and send the card back to you along with their RSVP.

Imagine how easy it will be to build a wedding playlist that makes everyone want to boogie when you already know what they want to hear.

15. Skip the Paper

Not all wedding invitations are made the same. And not all wedding invitations are made from paper goods.

Having an outdoor wedding in the wilderness? Have the details carved into a piece of wood or printed onto some wood veneer.

Looking for something a bit more luxe? Get your wedding invitations engraved into acrylic.  

Maybe fabric is better suited to your theme? Handkerchief wedding invitations are perfect for a trendy vintage wedding while leather plays the same role for a boho bash.

With so many chic wedding invitation ideas, you’re sure to put your guests in the perfect mood for your big day.

And ever afterward, they will have a beautiful keepsake to remember the fun.

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