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Create Subtle Elegance With an Ivory and Gold Wedding Theme

Bride wearing white standing with five bridesmaids wearing gold dressesPhoto: Bella NYC / Kesha Lambert

Ivory is a timeless wedding color, and it pairs effortlessly with just about every other hue. But when mixed with shades of yellow gold or rose gold, it creates a stunning, chic, and modern color scheme! 

Few color combinations are as beautiful as ivory and gold. The ivory tones the gold down a bit, while the gold elevates the ivory to a glamorous level with some shimmer and shine..

If you’re considering an ivory and gold wedding theme and color palette, here are some wedding ideas to make your big day gorgeous in more ways than one!

Pair Ivory and Gold for the Perfect Wedding Theme

Wedding reception venue outdoors decorated in gold and ivoryPhoto: Janine Licare

Considering designing your big day around a specific wedding theme? 

Not only is a theme always fun, but it instantly gives you a sense of direction in the wedding planning process!

Ivory and gold work well with quite a few wedding themes because they are such neutral colors, and for some themes they’re simply perfect! 

For example, imagine a Great Gatsby wedding with extravagant, golden art deco details. 

… or a fairytale wedding complete with an ivory ball gown fit for a princess.

… or a winter wedding wonderland theme with pristine snow and gold ornaments.

… or an enchanted cottagecore wedding with gold stars and mini lights hanging from the trees! 

Whether you’re staying close to home or looking forward to a luxe destination wedding in a faraway place, all sorts of wedding venues can complement your ivory and gold theme. Talk to your wedding planner about possible venues that embody your theme, or let the venue inspire you to take your theme in a specific direction!

Start Your Big Day off Right With Ivory and Gold Wedding Invitations

Your wedding invitations are the first glimpse guests will get of your special day. It’s your chance to give them a sneak peek at what your wedding will be like before they even RSVP.

Ivory paper is classic. Add metallic lettering or accents and it’s super easy to create modern, elegant wedding invites. 

Ivory and gold invitations can be casual or vintage, have an industrial or rustic flair, or be over-the-top gilded and glamorous. 

Whether you choose simple invitations with gilded edges like the pages of an old book or formal invites with shiny metallic foil print, just the sight of your invites will make your guests excited to RSVP yes! 

Add Gold Accents to Your Ivory Wedding Dress

Bride in ivory dress posing with bridesmaids in gold dressesPhoto: Bella Bridesmaids Boston / Kevin DeMassio

The ivory wedding dress is timeless. Add gold accessories and you’ll be stunning!

Top off your wedding day look with a gold necklace, a pearl bracelet with a gold clasp, or diamond earrings with gold accents. Depending on your wedding dress silhouette, consider adding a gold belt to accentuate your waist. Or, go for all-out sophistication with a pair of gold heels! 

If you can’t get enough glitz, look for a wedding dress embellished with gold beading or add some golden touches into your wedding makeup.

Outfit Your Wedding Party in Ivory and Gold Hues

Bride in ivory dress posing with eight bridesmaids in gold dressesPhoto: Bella Bridesmaids Milwaukee / Whitley Sander

Dress your bridesmaids and flower girl(s) in shades of ivory and gold too! There are dozens of off-white bridesmaid dresses, ultra-glam gold dresses in shiny satin fabrics, and gold sequin and beaded looks to choose from.

Dress all of your girls in the same look or mix and match bridesmaid dresses in different designs that complement and coordinate with one another. 

If you choose to mix and match bridesmaid dresses, an easy way to create a cohesive look is to gift them all the same jewelry, like earrings or a necklace to wear on the big day.

What Should the Groomsmen Wear in an Ivory Wedding?

For the groomsmen and the ring bearer(s), ivory shirts are a classic choice whether they’re wearing tuxedos, suits, or going casual without jackets. Depending on your wedding style, the guys can amp up their look with gold vests, gold ties, or classic gold cufflinks.

Tie Everything Together With Gorgeous Flowers

From roses to lilies to daisies to hydrangeas, there are all sorts of gorgeous flowers that naturally grow in shades of ivory and off-white. Opt for all-ivory bouquets with greenery elements or add metallic accents by tying a pretty gold ribbon around the stem of your bouquet.

When it’s time to choose floral table centerpieces, ivory flowers in gold vases are a perfect choice! 

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Dress Your Ceremony Up in Ivory and Gold Wedding Decor

Ivory and gold wedding seating signagePhoto: Katie Edwards

Make your walk down the aisle absolutely unforgettable with ivory and gold wedding ceremony decor.

Seat your guests on golden chiavari chairs with ivory cushions, or on white wood chairs accented with gold ribbons or bows. 

Decorate the end of each aisle with ivory flower arrangements in gold vases. 

Set up ivory wedding signs with gold lettering to welcome your guests into your celebration. 

Drape your wedding arch with sheer gold fabric or opt for an unconventional geometric arch in a sleek gold finish. 

The options are endless!

Set Your Reception Dinner Tables with Ivory and Gold Dinnerware and Linens

Ivory and gold table settings at weddingPhoto: Stephanie Brazzle

Creating an ivory and gold wedding tablescape is easy, not to mention gorgeous! Here are some ways to continue your color palette throughout every element of your wedding day, including your dinner reception:

• Add gold table linens, such as tablecloths, table runners, and napkins
• Place gold chargers beneath ivory plates
• Opt for gold-rimmed champagne flutes and wine glasses
• Coordinate with gold silverware
• Accessorize with gold napkin rings, gold table numbers, or gold candle holders

A little bit of gold goes a long way, so you can create stunning tablescapes with subtle gold accents or go extra-glitzy with multiple metallic elements. 

Anchor Your Tables Using Ivory and Gold Centerpieces

At the heart of every perfect wedding table is a beautiful centerpiece. Whether you’re going for a vintage, rustic, fairytale, or modern vibe, there are many ivory and gold options to choose from:

• Gold vases holding ivory flower arrangements
• Gold candelabras or candle holders paired with ivory candles
• Gold chandeliers hanging above the center of each table
• Gold vintage lanterns with ivory candles, flowers, or other decorations inside
• Gold terrariums containing ivory flowers

Can’t find the perfect centerpiece in gold?

Get creative and DIY your own! 

Have Your Ivory and Gold Wedding Cake and Eat it Too

Ivory wedding cake decorated with gold trimPhoto: Sweet Heather Anne

An all-ivory wedding cake is timeless, but adding golden details can make it ultra-modern and super chic! 

From gold drips to metallic geometric patterns to edible gold dust, there are all sorts of ways to elevate your wedding cake with golden accents. You can also place your cake on a gold cake stand or top it with a metallic topper! 

In Conclusion

An ivory and gold color palette makes for a stunning wedding celebration, no matter what your style is. Whether you’re going for rustic charm, fairytale enchantment, or timeless elegance, all of these looks are easy to achieve with an ivory and gold color scheme!

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