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The 9 Best Wedding Makeup Ideas

Bride and bridesmaids wearing different styles of makeupPhoto: Bella Houston/Pharris Photos

Alright, it’s time to talk about bridal makeup looks.

Along with your accessories and your hairstyle, your makeup is one of those little details you just can’t overlook.

Whether you want to look like an upscale lady at a Great Gatsby rager, a fashion icon straight out of the 60s, a glamorous Hollywood celebrity, or an ethereal goddess, your makeup matters.

So, we’re going to hit you with nine of the best wedding makeup ideas you can use to pull together that perfect look you’ve been aiming for!

1. Au Naturale

Bride and bridesmaids wearing very little makeupPhoto: Bella Baltimore/Terri Baskin

Subtle, barely-there makeup is a top favorite for any wedding.

When going with natural wedding makeup, the focus is on making your skin look absolutely flawless. Find the perfect foundation to give your face a dewy finish that will have you looking radiant all the way down the aisle.

You can dress up this simple look with a few extra touches if you want them.

• Put a touch of highlighter on the high points of your face.
• Use eyeshadow in soft, neutral shades — sparingly if at all.
• Wear a lipstick that matches your natural lip color or a little bit of lip gloss for shine.

    When we say barely-there, we mean it!

    2. In the Nude

    If you’re not a fan of lipstick, you might be tempted to leave your lips bare for the world to see.

    Honey, that’s between you and your lips.

    But consider this:

    You’re an hour deep into the time of your life, dancing at your reception, and your lips still look fabulous.

    A nude lip pairs perfectly with any look from barely-there to smoldering temptress. Pick out a creamy shade that’s just the slightest bit rosier than your natural complexion.

    You’ll maintain that clean, plump, just-been-bitten vibe all night long.

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    3. The Bold Lip

    Bride and bridesmaids wearing gold dresses and bold red lipstickPhoto: Bella Cleveland/Swatch Studios

    On the other hand, maybe lipstick is your life.

    You don’t just want to dress your lips up, you want to look like the star of the Met Gala. You can’t imagine wearing anything down the aisle if you don’t have that one bangin’ shade.

    Do it.

    Seriously, if bold lipstick is your style in your everyday life, there’s no reason not to wear it for your wedding. 

    If you don’t normally wear lipstick, but want to make a statement on your big day, then you absolutely should.

    Dark lip colors are classy and pair wonderfully with darker eye makeup. A bright red lip feels perfectly vintage and stands out against a white wedding dress. And it’s easy to make your lips the star of the show if you keep your eye makeup to a minimum.

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    4. Shimmer and Shine

    A tasteful touch of metallic feels right at home in any wedding with glitz, glam, or a celestial theme

    While it’s on the unconventional side, a bit of shine is far from out of place in a wedding. It looks equally as stunning walking down the aisle and standing beneath the lights at the reception.

    You can bump up the shimmer of any look by simply highlighting the corners of your eyes and your Cupid’s bow.

    A subtle wash of gold from your eyelashes down to your cheekbones replaces traditional eyeshadow with something more eye catching.

    It’s never a bad time to shine like the star you are.

    5. Monochrome

    Everything one color? 

    It may sound like a snooze fest, but trust us, a matte monochrome shade that carries from your ‘lids to your lips is anything but boring. It’s understated and elegant, allowing other details to grab attention without leaving your face totally blank.

    For light skin tones, try a nice peach for your eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick. If you’ve got a darker complexion, burnt orange is your best friend.

    The key is to keep your makeup low-key without it being nonexistent.

    Add a thin black liner to complete the look and give your eyes that little extra pop!

    6. Smoky Eyes

    Bride and bridesmaids wearing smokey eye shadowPhoto: Bella Scottsdale/Ryan Nicole

    Now we bring the focus to those eyes.

    A light, airy look is one way to go, but it’s not for every bride. Maybe you’re a little on the darker side and you just need more.

    It’s time for the tried-and-true smokey eye.

    Smoking out your liner brings those windows to the soul front and center. It’s bold and sultry and gives you that air of intensity. 

    Eva Longoria would be proud.

    7. Beautiful Bronze

    We talked about the shine. Now we’re going to talk about the glow.

    These are two totally different moods.

    Start this look with the perfect foundation. You want a dewy but flawless finish. The glow starts with your skin looking like it was kissed by condensation first thing in the morning.

    Then you move on to the color palette.

    Try on a creamy brown eyeshadow and a deeper nude lipstick. Define your cheeks and temples with a brush of bronzer, and offset it with the slightest bit of highlighter that only shows when it catches the light.

    And just like that you have an official glow-up.

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    8. Deep and Broody

    Natural eyeshadow colors aren’t just reserved for light, earthy tones.

    For the bride who wants to use deeper colors on her wedding day, shades like mauve and rust are here for you.

    Opt for matte versions of your favorite moody colors to bring a definition to your eyes that lighter colors just can’t achieve.

    Not to mention the way they pop beneath a veil.

    9. Just Wing It

    Don’t abandon your trademark wings just because it’s your wedding day. 

    They’ve been there for you through thick, thin, and uneven. They are a part of you and they are here to help you soar.

    In all seriousness, winged eyeliner is a killer look. It accentuates your eyes and adds a little bit of drama to your makeup.

    Not to mention, it’s a must-wear for any vintage-inspired wedding.

    There are so many ways you can incorporate wings into your makeup. Keep them soft, sweet, and curved. Draw them sharp and dangerous for that stellar cat-eye. 

    A small wing on the inner corner of your eye is a tiny touch, but boy does it make a big difference if you’re looking to add a bit of extra flair.

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    In Summary

    A lot of factors will influence your wedding makeup look.

    It’s a combination of bridal magazine pictures, suggestions from your makeup artist, and your wedding theme. But at the end of the day, what really counts is how you feel with your full face on.

    You are a queen, and you should look and feel like one.

    With any luck, these incredible wedding makeup ideas will point you in the right direction and inspire the perfect I Do look for you.

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