Wedding Makeup Ideas for 2024 [Get Camera Ready]

Wedding makeup ideasPhoto: Bella Sacramento / Ash Baumgartner

Just like bridal gowns and hairstyles, beauty trends change from season to season. And since you’re probably planning to take hundreds of wedding photos on your special day, you have to make sure your makeup is on point! 

This year, with so many couples getting married online and celebrating with family and friends virtually, it’s more important than ever to be camera ready. 

Not sure what kind of beauty look you want to rock on the big day?

Whether you’re planning to hire a makeup artist or DIY your own look, here are some wedding makeup ideas for 2024 that will have you looking absolutely gorge on camera!

Go Glam

Bride with eight bridesmaidsPhoto: Bella SF / Lex & the Lotus

If you’re getting married this year, be that bold bride who wows in person and on camera by doing a full-on glitz and glamour look!

Crystal accents and shiny metallic eyeshadows are the perfect way to up your eye game. If your venue requires that you wear a face mask, playing up the eye area is the perfect way to bring some serious drama.

When it comes to pulling off a glam makeup look, false lashes, lots of mascara, and liquid eyeliner are the essentials … but we’re seeing lots of brides take it even one step further.

Some brides are going for the smokey look (even during the day) as a way to intensify their eyes on camera. Others are choosing shimmer metallic eyeshadows to add some extra shine and glitz. Some brides are even embellishing their lids at the lash line with pearl accents or Swarovski crystals.

If you decide to make your eyes the focal point of your bridal makeup look, it’s best to pair it with a neutral, matte lip. You don’t want to overdo it too much.

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Get Colorful

Bride with three bridesmaidsPhoto: Bella Greenville / Jessica Roberts

Your wedding day may be the first chance you’ve had to step out all year without a face mask, so it’s the perfect time to do a bold, colorful lip!

We’re loving vibrant lip colors and lip liners in shades of bright pink and bright red. If you do a strong lip, let that be the focal point of your look and keep your eye makeup on the more natural side.

Prefer to play up those gorgeous eyes of yours? Shiny and vibrant colors are also trending in eyeshadows, so don’t be afraid to cover your lids in a color like bright pink or dark purple. The more intense, the better! 

Au Natural

Bride with five bridesmaidsPhoto: Bella St. Louis / Erin Stubblefield

The natural look never goes out of style, and a lot of brides are keeping their wedding day look simple and focusing on the glowing, dewy, skin they’ve been working hard to perfect all year long. 

To pull off a natural makeup look, you’ll need to adopt a solid skincare routine in the months and weeks leading up to your wedding. After all, perfect skin is key here.

And don’t go too heavy on either the eyes or the lips — let that beautiful skin speak for itself!

A lightweight foundation, the right color concealer, and a touch of bronzer are all you need to achieve a natural, glowing face. Stick to a neutral eyeshadow palette and be sure to use a foundation that blends naturally with your skin tone to get perfectly camera-ready.

Pretty in Pink

Bride with five bridesmaidsPhoto: Bella Dallas / Cristy Angulo

Whether you have a dark or light complexion, one color that looks good on just about everyone is pink.

For full on bridal beauty, consider going with a pink-on-pink look for your big day. We’re talking pink eye makeup, a pink lip, and a rosy pink cheek. You can tone it down for a more natural look or glam it up a bit with dramatic lashes and a bold eyeliner. Either way, a pretty pink palette is one of our favorite wedding makeup looks!

Regardless of what color dresses your bridesmaids are wearing, a pink lip with pink eyeshadow always has a soft, romantic look. Plus, it’s a makeup palette that every member of your bridal party can wear.

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Having a Virtual Wedding? Keep These Makeup Tips in Mind!

With so many couples holding virtual online weddings, it’s super important that your wedding day makeup works on camera. And that means you’ll need to punch it up a bit, even if you’re planning on doing a natural look.

For the perfect camera-ready face, add some extra color to your cheeks and lips so that you don’t look washed out. Contour and use a highlighter to enhance your bone structure and call attention to your best features. Be sure you have the right shade of concealer to eliminate any redness and create a seamless, stunning look.

If you’re having a professional artist do your makeup for you, do a makeup trial a week or two before. That way, you’ll know exactly what your wedding day makeup will look like. When you complete your makeup trial, test it out on your friends with some FaceTime chats or Zooms to see how it will actually look on camera.

Doing your own wedding makeup? It’s best to keep it simple and stay true to who you are. 

If you don’t know the difference between a contour brush and a Kabuki brush, it’s time to start watching some online makeup tutorials. The best part about being your own makeup artist is that you can practice and test out different looks over and over again until you find the perfect one.

No matter what type of look you choose, don’t forget the waterproof mascara. There’s no reason to have black streaks running down your face as you dance your first dance or say your I do’s!

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There’s really only one rule to choosing your wedding day makeup:

Make sure it goes with your hairstyle and wedding dress!

If you’re wearing a boho lace dress, keep it simple with a natural palette or a pretty pink look.

Wearing a satin mermaid gown? Go for the glam with shimmery eyeshadow, heavy lashes, or a bold, bright lip. 

Your wedding makeup should be an extension of your entire look. So whichever beauty trend you choose to follow on your wedding day, just be sure it makes sense with your overall vibe!

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