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9 Perfect Aisle and Pew Decorations for Outdoor Weddings

Outdoor wedding seating arrangement with wooden chairs and white flowers scattered in the aislePhoto: Joseph West

Wedding pew flowers and wedding pew bows are still stylish ways to dress up your ceremony venue, especially if your house of worship has rules about how you can decorate the church pews.

If you’re getting married outdoors, there are lots of other options to consider!

No matter your budget or wedding style, here are nine aisle and pew decorations that are perfect for an outdoor wedding.

1. White Flowers

Rows of white chairs set up in a grass field for a wedding, with white flowers in the aisle and a castle in the backgroundPhoto: Zuzu Birkhof Photography

When it comes to wedding aisle decorations, white flowers are timeless classics. There are many white flowers to choose from, so it’s easy to find one that complements your wedding vibe.

For a classic, elegant look, opt for white roses or hydrangeas. If you’re going for a more casual vibe, white daisies or white lilies are perfect.

Want to create a space that feels a bit rustic or boho?

Baby’s breath arrangements are an excellent choice!

When you’re in the midst of wedding planning, let your florist know if you want wedding aisle arrangements. They can create gorgeous arrangements that complement or contrast your wedding bouquet.

If you’re planning to DIY your own ceremony decorations, consider sprinkling the aisle with white flower petals or lining the outer edges of the aisle next to your wedding chairs.

Both looks only take a few minutes to create, and you can even use silk flowers if you’re on a strict budget.

2. Colorful Flowers

Add personal style to your ceremony space by lining your aisle with colorful floral arrangements!

Wildflowers are perfect for a rustic celebration. Rose arrangements will give your ceremony an elegant, classic look. If you’re throwing a country-style wedding, get playful and go bold with colorful sunflower arrangements.

Matching your wedding flower arrangements with your wedding party dresses, bridesmaid bouquets, and wedding centerpieces gives you the option to repurpose them for another use.

For example, you can place them on the bar at your wedding reception or on your gift table!

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3. Lanterns

Planning to DIY wedding decorations on your own?

You’ll save yourself a lot of time keeping it simple, and there’s nothing simpler than lining your wedding aisle with lanterns.

For a uniform look, place small lanterns of the same size and color down the aisle, or mix and match lanterns of different heights, sizes, and finishes for a more textured, layered look.

You can buy lanterns in almost every home decor store, so the options are endless!

Like other wedding decorations, you can incorporate lanterns into your reception space or place them on various wedding tables once the ceremony is over.

4. Bows

Church decorated for wedding with white bows on the end of each pew and a large white bow tied across the aislePhoto: Pharris Photos

Bows are one of the most timeless church wedding pew decorations. For a traditional wedding, consider adding bows to each chair lining the ceremony aisle.

Satin bows and tulle bows are the most traditional options, but if you’re creating a more casual setting, consider using burlap bows. You can even order yards of lace fabric and DIY your bows to match your bridesmaid dresses.

The best part about decorating with bows?

They’re super easy to put up and only take a few minutes to take down!

5. Candles

Candles are the perfect way to add ambiance and romance to your wedding day. Whether you’re going for a casual or elegant vibe, staggering clustered candles in different heights and sizes can make any ceremony aisle more inviting.

From a casual beach wedding to a rustic wedding in the woods, candles work with every wedding style. You can use them in tandem with strewn flower petals, or combine them with vintage rugs for a unique look.

If you’re planning on wearing a long, flowy dress or have dogs or young children walking down the aisle, we recommend using flameless, battery-operated candles instead of real ones.

6. Pedestals

Outdoor wedding ceremony location with marble pedestals and a large pyramid made from copper bars at the altarPhoto: Katie Edwards

Add depth and dimension with pedestals spaced every few feet or placed on each side of the back of the aisle.

For a more modern, industrial look, choose geometric shapes, such as squares or hexagons in metallic finishes. If you’re going for the natural look, tree trunks or logs can help to set a rustic, laidback tone.

Top your pedestals with flower vases, lanterns, glass cylinders with floating candles, or vintage birdcages to complete the look.

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7. Potted Plants

Potted plants or potted flowers make for great wedding ceremony decorations!

To create a simple, minimalist space, place two at the back of the aisle or two at the front of the aisle where you plan to say your vows. To fill the space a bit more, add a pot to the end of every aisle or every other aisle.

Place them low on the ground or position them high on pedestals — either way works!

8. Fresh Greenery

We love incorporating fresh greenery into weddings, especially outdoor weddings with other natural elements.

Tropical palm leaves. Fresh-smelling eucalyptus plants. Delicate sprigs tied to chair backs …

There are endless ways to decorate your aisle with greenery, no matter how simple or extravagant you want to be.

9. Pampas Grass

Wedding ceremony setup with clear chairs and orange flowers arranged down the aisle and in an arch-shape at the altar. There are mountains and an ocean in the background.Photo: White on Black Studio

If you want your big day to be a memorable one, consider decorating your ceremony space with the all-natural beauty of pampas grass.

We love the natural, neutral color of pampas grass for a casual, boho, or rustic event, and you can add even more depth and texture by arranging it in combinations with flowers or feathers.

There are so many amazing ways to decorate your wedding aisle and pew ends.

Whether you choose to scatter rose petals or line your aisle with an array of lanterns or flickering candles, decorating your wedding aisle gives you yet another chance to express your personal style on your big day.

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