Adorable Dog Ring Bearer and Dog Flower Girl Ideas 

 Dog Ring Bearer and Flower Girl Ideas

Photo: Real Bella Weddings

Remember waaaay back in ’03 when Paris Hilton was still saying “that’s hot” and carrying her tiny chihuahua Tinkerbell around in her purse? (That dog was so cute!)

Truth is, we weren’t always on board with Ms. Hilton’s style, attitude, or catchphrases. But you know what we absolutely adored about her? The way she loved that dog.  

We can totally relate!

Our dogs aren’t just pets, they’re our fur babies. 

And we wouldn’t dream of going anywhere that they weren’t welcome to come with us.  

If you’re anything like us and all the dog lovers we know, you can’t even imagine your wedding day without them.

Your bridal party is sure to be stacked with your best friends and close relatives. So why not have your precious pup there too?

If you want your four-legged friend (or friends) involved in your wedding, here are some adorable dog ring bearer and dog flower girl ideas!

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Can Your Pooch Handle the Job?

Can my dog handle being in my wedding

Photo: Real Bella Weddings

First things first:

We hate to say it, but not all dogs are up for the job of being ring bearer or flower girl. Just because your dog is super cute doesn’t mean that it’s a good idea.

You’ll need to ask yourself some questions before you run out and order a doggie tuxedo or a bow tie.

No matter how much you love your pup, be realistic about their behavior. 

  • Are they good with crowds? 
  • Are they well-trained? 
  • Can they make it through the entire wedding ceremony without jumping on the officiant?

Talk it over with your fiancé. The two of you should get together on this one and decide if it’s the right idea.

As long as your pup is well-behaved and knows how to follow basic commands, you should be fine!

Practice makes perfect! Read our wedding rehearsal guide for tips!

Get Your Pup Some Formal Attire

Okay, so you’ve decided that your doggie can handle this oh-so-important task. 

OMG, your bridal party photos are going to be amazing!

Now it’s time to get that pup an outfit!

If your doggie doesn’t mind wearing clothes, go all out. Doggie tuxedos and dog flower girl dresses are inexpensive and easy to find.

You can match them to your groomsmen’s ties or your bridesmaid dresses for a perfectly coordinated look!

Can’t get your pooch to wear a full outfit? 

That’s okay. A harness that looks like a tux or a poofy tutu are also great options.

If your pooch is only accustomed to wearing a dog collar or something around their neck, an “I do” bandana, a simple bow tie, or a chalkboard necklace is all you need.

But let’s not forget that the ring bearer has a very important job to do: he literally bears the responsibility of carrying the wedding rings! 

If you trust your furry friend to handle this critical task, a ring pillow is a perfect way for him to carry them down the aisle.

Regardless of what your puppy wears, don’t forget to pick up a special collar and leash.

Dog wedding wear and accessories

Photo: Real Bella Weddings

rhinestone leash and collar might look great if your wedding dress has a glitzy look with crystals and stones.

If you’re going for a more boho or rustic vibe, do a little DIY by adding fresh flowers or greenery to a basic lead.

Like everyone else in your wedding party, your dog should fit in with the theme of the day!

If you don’t think your pup can handle having a job at your ceremony, that’s okay too. You can honor your pup and make them a part of your special day by adding their photo to place cards or naming a signature cocktail after them.

You can also include them in your engagement photos!

Before the Big Day

Everyone wants their wedding to go off without a hitch. But adding an animal to the mix sets you up for the unexpected. You just never know what they’re going to do or how they’re going to behave.

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Do a few practice runs with your dog before the ceremony. If you can’t walk down the aisle without getting distracted by guests, have someone walk them down on a leash. This is a great way to incorporate a beloved uncle or a friend who’s not already in the bridal party.

Wedding dog grooming

Photo: Ariella Valenzuela Photography

Have your dog groomed the day before so that he or she looks their absolute best! 

The morning of the wedding, have someone play with your pup to tire them out before they make their debut. A tired dog is a lot less likely to exhibit crazy behavior (like chewing at the hem of your dress or putting his muddy paws on your fiance’s clean tux).

And don’t forget to have a pet sitter or dog walker present during the ceremony. You’ll need someone you can trust to keep an eye on them, feed them, clean up after bathroom breaks, and remove them from the ceremony if need be.  

After the Ceremony

That dog walker or sitter will be even more important when the ceremony is over. Unless your reception venue is dog-friendly, someone will need to take your pup home.

If your wedding venue does allow pets, you’ll have to decide if you really want them there.

It’s one thing to incorporate your puppy into a few minutes of your ceremony. But, it’s quite another to have them begging for your attention when you’re trying to enjoy dinner and spend time with your guests.

Just make sure you snap a few wedding photos with your dog before they leave.

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There’s no doubt that you and your beloved will take amazing photos on your own … but add your puppy in to boost the cuteness factor!

Our dogs aren’t like our children, they are our children. And we can’t imagine them NOT being a part of one of the biggest moments in our lives. If you’re thinking about having your pup as your ring bearer or flower girl, we say go for it!

Your wedding should be personal and unique to you. And there’s nothing more personal than involving everyone you know and love to share in the festivities.

And hey, if your fur baby happens to be a cat or a teacup pig, that’s cool too! We can’t think of a single animal that wouldn’t look absolutely adorable in a tutu or a tie.

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