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Re-Save-the-Date Ideas for Rescheduling Your Wedding

Re-save-the-date ideas for rescheduling wedding

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Planning a wedding is so much fun, but having to postpone or reschedule your nuptials isn’t always a picnic in the park. Whether it be a family emergency, a global pandemic, or a hurricane, sometimes things happen that are beyond our control.

And sometimes, we need to reschedule a wedding date.

Those super cute save-the-dates that you sent to announce your big day might have been the best wedding announcements of all time. But if you’re changing the date, you need to mail out another batch.

The good news is this:

They can be even better than the first!

So sit down with your fiancé and get your wheels turning. It’s time to design unique save-the-dates all over again.

Need some inside tips on how to do so? Here are seven save-the-date ideas for couples that need to reschedule their wedding day.

Stick With Your Theme

Pink and white invitation suite on a table, surrounded by white, pink, and red flowers.Photo: Shauntelle Sposto

If your original save-the-dates were designed to match your wedding invitation, by all means, stick with the same wedding stationery. Keep that vibe going and send new versions of your save-the-dates in the same font, style, and colors.

Let’s be honest:

You probably have tons of engagement photos that you considered using for your original wedding announcements. This is the perfect time to use the ones that didn’t make the original cut.

Pick out a few pics and start designing your postponement cards. Add some thick card stock to your laser printer, and you can DIY some printable cards right from home. Or, you can order customer save-the-dates with unique typography, rose gold calligraphy, or gold foil accents.

The options are endless, and your second round of save-the-date magnets or save-the-date postcards can be even better than the first!

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Keep It Simple

We get it, you’ve already gone through the trouble (and the expense) of sending your first round of save-the-date cards. But when a postponement or rescheduling occurs, you’ll need to make room in your budget for one more go-around.

Whether you just sent your first batch of save-the-dates or have already sent your formal wedding invitations, you simply MUST let your wedding guests know that the date of the big day is changing. 

Otherwise, you might have aunts and uncles from out of town showing up only to find an empty venue with no bride, no groom, no food, and no booze!

If you’re on a super tight wedding budget, keep that in mind when sending a second round of save-the-dates. A simple postponement postcard with a 35-cent stamp is really all you need.

Don’t forget to let your guests know if the venue or wedding location is also changing. If your beach wedding is now going to be an indoor event, be sure to notify them.  Include a link to your wedding website and let your guests know that you’ve updated your site with all of the important details.

Show Your Sense of Humor

There’s no joy in having to postpone or reschedule a wedding. But with no other choice, you may as well make light of the situation.

Send new save-the-dates that are tongue in cheek. Include a silly message that shows your sense of humor. Make it clear that you’re rolling with the punches and that your guests should too.

Send cards that say something like “let’s try this again” or “change of plans” or “roll with it.”

If it’s the pandemic that has derailed your original plans, make light of it with a message of “we can’t say ‘I Do’ from six feet apart” or “mark your calendar, again.”

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Include a Pet Pic

Sad dog flower girl, with headband made of flowers, laying in grassPhoto: @livingthatgoldenlife

We love when couples get their dogs, cats, and other pets involved in their wedding day. And you can instantly warm the hearts of every guest on your reception list with a save-the-date card that includes a picture of your beloved pet.

Dogs are cute even when they’re making a sad face. If you can capture your pup’s disappointed expression in a photo, use it to your advantage!

Have your new save-the-dates printed with an image of your furry friend. If you can dress them in a tuxedo and bow tie or a flower crown that you bought for them to wear on your wedding day, even better!

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Send a Save-the-Date From Your Pet

Feeling weird about having to tell your guests that the wedding date has changed? Take the burden off your shoulders and send creative save-the-dates written from your pet’s point of view!

Write your new save-the-dates as if your dog or cat is speaking for you. Something as simple as “my humans have decided to postpone their wedding” is all it will take to warm the hearts of every guest.

Send Them Something Sweet

Thirty fortune cookies decorated in different combinations of white frosting, pink frosting, and various sprinkles and candiesPhoto: Bella Bridesmaids

Wedding planning may be a lot of work for the bride and groom, but even guests have to do some planning. They have to find the perfect dress, suit, or tux. If you’re having a destination wedding, they have to make travel arrangements and book hotel rooms.

As a guest, there are lots of things you have to do before you show up on someone’s big day.

To make the change of plans easier on your guests, make your new save-the-dates into a sweet surprise!

A box of cookies or chocolates with your new date announcement as the label. A gourmet cupcake with your new wedding date printed on the box. An icing-dipped fortune cookie with a new date announcement tucked inside.

You’ll make your postponement cards a little bit sweeter when you include a sweet treat. Plus, it’s a great way to support your local bakery or chocolatier!

Prefer to send a keepsake instead? We’ve seen creative save-the-dates in the form of bookmarks, laser-cut paper dolls, luggage tags, and scratch-offs.

Create Change-the-Dates With Your Wedding Photo

In the oh-so-odd COVID era, we know lots of couples who have gone ahead and gotten married on their planned wedding day.

Some have turned their massive celebration into a microwedding. Some have limited their guest list to allow for social distancing. Many have said their I Do’s to make it official but canceled the reception.

If you and your beloved have tied the knot without everyone watching, use your official wedding photo for your new save-the-dates. It’s the perfect way to announce that you went ahead with your plans but still intend to have an amazing reception later on.

You can even go a bit retro by turning your wedding photo into Polaroid pictures.

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Sometimes, weddings need to be postponed. And when it’s for reasons beyond your control, we say roll with it. Your perfect day may have to wait a few months, but you’ll still get your fairytale ending.

Having to postpone a wedding can be disappointing. But years from now, it will just become another part of your love story. And what a love story it will be.

They say good things come to those who wait, so if you have to wait a few extra months to get married, so be it. You’ll just love your new spouse that much more when the big day finally does roll around!

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