Gorgeous Rose Gold Wedding Ideas

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ve probably seen rose gold everywhere. With its delicate pink hue, this new take on gold has taken the world by storm, and everybody wants their cut.

And the best part? 

Rose gold is just as at home in a rugged wedding as it is in a glamorous affair.

No matter what you envision for your wedding day, you can count on this sweet version of old-fashioned gold to have your back. Any of these gorgeous rose gold wedding ideas can make your celebration pretty in pink.

Don’t Say “I Do” Without A Rose Gold Wedding Ring

Rose gold wedding ring with a diamondPhoto: JBJ Pictures

What better way to remember your commitment to your chic wedding color palette than the ring on your finger?

Rose gold wedding bands are a testament to your love for each other and your new favorite color. Plus, it will look fantastic on your finger next to a rose gold engagement ring (hint hint).

Is your fiancé not totally sold on the idea of matching rose gold wedding rings?

No worries!

Assure them that a yellow gold or white gold wedding band on their finger will look just as nice next to your rose-hued pieces. So even if your diamond ring and wedding band are pink, theirs doesn’t have to be.

That way everyone is happy!

Spread the Word in Style With Rose Gold Wedding Invitations

Pink and grey wedding invitation suite with rose gold text laying on a tablePhoto: Carlos Hernandez Photo

After deciding you want rose gold as one of your wedding colors, start the festivities off right by incorporating it into your wedding invitations.

Just imagine the wow factor when your guests pull them out of their mailboxes.

The level of rose gold you want to add to your invitations is up to you. 

Do you want a full blast of glitz and glam to dazzle the senses? Or would you prefer something more subtle that gives your guests just a taste of what they’ll find at your wedding?

A full dose would look like sparkly rose gold cardstock that makes up the outside of your wedding stationery.

On the other hand, you can simply use rose gold foil on the letters of your names to make them pop. Or, you could top it off with a bow and wrap the outside of your invitation suite with a rose gold ribbon.

Yellow-gold lettering on blush paper also fits the rose gold theme without actually using rose on the invitation.

Spruce Up Your Special Day With Rose Gold Wedding Decor

rose gold wedding arch as an altar in a desert weddingPhoto: Katie Edwards Photo

Think about all the little details you want in the background of your wedding photos — everything from the programs you give out at the ceremony to the silverware place cards you put in your table decor.

Now, imagine all those wedding details decked out in beautiful rose gold.

Pretty much every wedding decoration your heart desires can be made in rose gold. You have the flexibility to pick and choose where you want the color and how often you want it to make an appearance.

For example, mylar balloons add a playful touch to any aspect of your special day.

Get the individual letters to spell out any word you want. 

Have the word “Bride” in the bridal suite while you’re getting ready. Let the word “Love” float at the entrance of your ceremony to remind people why they’re there. And for the reception, “Mr. and Mrs.” or “Just Married” will never be out of place.

Ideas for Your Wedding Ceremony

There are so many ways to incorporate this color into your wedding ceremony, it’s impossible to name them all. 

But here are a few ideas to get you started:

• Put your flowers of choice in rose gold flower pots or vases.
• Use a rose gold arch at the end of the aisle or create your own wedding arch from rose gold balloons or flowers.
• Make the lettering on your wedding signs shine with rose gold stickers or paint.

    Ideas for Your Wedding Reception

    The same thing goes for your reception after the ceremony.

    Stand taper candles in rose gold candle holders. Use a shimmery backdrop for your photo booth with rose gold accented props to hold in the pictures.

    If there’s something you want but can’t find in rose (or your budget won’t accommodate 14k rose gold), don’t fret — you can DIY it with a can of spray paint!

    Oh, and if you’re having a pandemic wedding and are wearing masks during the reception to keep everyone safe, you can class up your masks a bit with a rose gold monogram.

    Pick Rose Gold Wedding Flowers to Complement Your Theme

    Close up shot of a rose bouquet with rose gold flowers in itPhoto: Kadie Hummel Photography

    While you can’t get real rose gold flowers, you can mimic the look so that your flowers follow your theme.

    Dusty pink or blush-colored roses are the perfect complement to rose gold. Match them with yellow flowers, such as carnations, mums, or daisies, to bring the gold aspect into the mix.

    Tie them up with rose gold ribbons to complete the vibe and create wedding bouquets to die for.

    Use the same mix of flowers in a flower arch, along the aisle, and in your wedding centerpieces so your guests catch those subtle hints of rose gold everywhere they look.

    Introduce Rose Gold to Your Wedding Attire

    Bride wearing white dress posing next to five bridesmaids wearing rose gold dressesPhoto: Bella Memphis/Jasmine Lee

    A completely rose gold wedding dress isn’t for everyone, but they do exist.

    If you’re not ready to commit to a full cascade of gold sparkle as you walk down the aisle, an elegant blush dress complements the theme beautifully.

    You can also add details to your white wedding dress, like a rose gold belt, shoes, wedding jewelry, and hairpieces. These little touches add just the right amount of glitz for some brides.

    Stunning rose gold bridesmaid dresses make your best friends sparkle and shine like they’re coated in pure metal.

    Talk about making a statement.

    Or, you can slip those same little rose gold details onto your bridesmaids to take any dresses you pick out up a notch. Get them all matching necklaces or bracelets as a gift to wear on your big day.

    Last, but certainly not least, the men.

    Bring the groom and groomsmen in on the fun with small pieces of their own. Rose gold cufflinks, tie clips, pocket squares, or even bow ties make sure no one gets out of showing off a bit of glam.

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    Dine in Style With These Rose Gold Touches

    Wedding table decorated with plants and rose gold wedding accentsPhoto: Felipe Espinal

    It’s dinner time!

    As you transition from your ceremony to the cocktail hour and finally to the party at your wedding reception, you want to keep the rose gold flowing.

    There are plenty of ways for you to sprinkle some sparkle throughout your wedding night dinner.

    Escort Cards

    Lead your guests to their tables with beautiful escort cards that they’ll want to take home with them to remember your gorgeous reception.

    There are a lot of great ideas for escort cards out there, and pretty much all of them can be made up to match a rose gold wedding theme.

    Use rose gold foil on each person’s name to make them stand out. Paint something related to your theme, such as a key or a charm, with rose gold paint and attach it to each card.

    You can even gift your guests a blush pink rose to hold onto as they make their way to their tables for a delicious meal.

    Place Settings

    Wedding table decorations require a lot of attention-to-detail to get just right. So, start thinking about what pieces of your table settings you want to use the Midas touch on to achieve your desired level of gold.

    An entirely rose gold table cloth has a healthy dose of wow factor, while a rose gold table runner accents your tables with a subtle shine.

    Similarly, you can lay out plates that are fully rose gold or opt for white plates edged in rose gold. It completely depends on how much you want on your tables.

    And while we’re on the subject, rose gold silverware is actually a thing.

    Add even more metallic detailing by rimming your champagne glasses or flutes in rose gold and using rose gold napkin rings. 

    If you’re worried about going overboard (which we don’t think is possible), try pairing blush textiles with white-gold or yellow-gold details. You still have the shine of metal and the muted pink tones without it being monochromatic.


    Centerpiece ideas are vast and countless. You may already know exactly what you want in the middle of your tables, or you might not have a clue.

    Here are a few ways you can bring your new favorite color into some different kinds of wedding centerpieces:

    For an elegant wedding, paint a vase completely or partially rose gold to hold your flowers. Use a rose gold candle holder or candelabra on each table. Or, bring in even more light by hanging rose gold chandeliers from the ceiling.

    It’s not just glitz and glam that pairs well with rose gold, though. It’s just as much at home at a rustic wedding.

    Vintage lanterns, mason jars, and glass bottles make amazing centerpieces for any table. And they can all be turned up in a snap with some rose gold paint!

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    Bring Your Fantasy Rose Gold Wedding Cake to Life

    Four-tired wedding cake with three white tiers and a metallic rose copper tier in the middle and rose gold flower decorationsPhoto: Felipe Espinal

    Don’t leave your cake out of the mix. This wedding trend translates to everything, so don’t be shy about giving your cake the rose gold treatment.

    Cover an entire tier of your cake in edible rose gold glitter or luster dust to set it apart from the rest. Wrap a gold ribbon around the bottom of each tier, or spring for an intricately painted rose gold frosting design.

    Fuse two trends into one with a drip cake featuring rose gold drips or a geode cake packed full of rose quartz candy!

    If you’re already dead set on the design of your wedding cake, you can always finish it off with a lovely rose gold cake topper so it doesn’t feel left out.

    Send Your Guests Home With Rose Gold Wedding Favors to End the Night Right

    Pink snow cones with metallic copper strawsPhoto: Idoyall Blog

    Your golden affair doesn’t have to end when the party does!

    Wedding favors are just as much part of your theme as everything else. There’s no reason you can’t drop a little bit of rose gold in them to say thanks for coming.

    For a summer wedding, small bottles of rosé complete with rose gold foil on the top are classy and memorable. For a fall wedding, mugs are a cozy, rustic reminder of your nuptials.

    Bags or boxes are essential for that candy bar you plan to set up. Why not get the ones accented with gold?

    No one could possibly say no to taking home something so beautiful!

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    In Conclusion

    It’s pretty obvious by this point that rose gold is worthy of its popularity.

    We’re obsessed. 

    You’re obsessed. 

    The whole world has been taken by storm — a storm made up of pink clouds raining shiny gold all over wedding venues around the world.

    And we can’t get enough.

    As your big day comes to an end and you ride off into the distance in your chariot of choice, your friends are still going to be talking about and Instagramming your gorgeous rose gold wedding. 

    With all these ideas brewing, your wedding is bound to be an event no one will ever forget!

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