7 Wedding Welcome Sign Ideas

Wedding Welcome Sign

Photo: Elyse Whall

OMG, can you even believe it? Your wedding day will be here before you know it! And now that all the major planning is out of the way, it’s time to start thinking about those last-minute details.

We know you want your guests to have an incredible, one-of-a-kind experience, and that experience starts the second they arrive. 

But there is an easy way to set the tone for the entire day:

An on-theme wedding welcome sign!

Ready for some tips on how to choose your sign and what to write on it? 

Here are seven wedding sign ideas for every type of wedding.

What Should a Wedding Welcome Sign Include?

Wedding signs come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, so it’s not hard to find one that matches your wedding decor.

And they can say anything you want them to say!

Some couples keep it simple and sweet with a message like Welcome to Our Wedding, Best Day Ever, or Happily Ever After. Some couples include their names, their wedding date, or a funny message.

Want your friends to post to social media throughout the day? All you Instagram addicts out there might want to include your own hashtag!

Your signage should match the tone and vibe of your wedding. But other than that, what you put on it is entirely up to you.

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How to Display Your Wedding Welcome Sign

The words on your sign are obviously important. But where and how you display it might be even more so.

The point of your sign is to welcome your guests as they arrive at your wedding venue, so the key is to put it somewhere visible.

As for how to display it, there are lots of options!

You can put it on an easel stand, lean it against a post, or stake it in the ground. We’ve even been to outdoor weddings where they’ve been suspended from trees.

Again, it’s totally up to you!

Wedding Welcome Sign Ideas

Okay, now let’s get down to business. What type of sign should you use?

Here are seven creative wedding sign ideas for any type of celebration:

Chalkboard Welcome Sign

Chalkboard wedding welcome sign

Photo: Real Bella Weddings

Chalkboard signs are perfect for a casual, boho, vintage, or rustic wedding. There are lots of online retailers and artisans who will customize a sign for you, it’s also easy to make a DIY wedding sign on your own.

If you choose a rectangular chalkboard, an easel stand is the best way to display it.

Prefer something bigger and bolder? Go with an A-frame chalkboard (like a menu board that you would see outside a coffee shop or a café). 

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Acrylic Wedding Sign

Going for an industrial-chic vibe? The acrylic wedding welcome sign is perfect!

Acrylic signs look super cool and come in all sorts of geometric shapes. To make it your own, you can have a sign customized with your wedding colors, fonts, and a personalized message.

Wedding signs don’t have to be flat — they can also be 3D. If you want something with a bit more dimension, get an acrylic box, write your message on the front, and fill it with flowers and greenery.

Wooden Welcome Sign

Beachy, rustic, and boho weddings practically require a wooden wedding sign. You can leave it simple, decorate it with flowers and other accents, or fancy it up with some calligraphy.

Wooden signs are also really easy to DIY. Just get a flat piece of wood, sand it, stain it, and paint your welcome message in any color you want!

Framed Mirror Sign

Mirrored wedding welcome sign

Photo: His & Hers Weddings

A framed mirror makes a great welcome wedding sign (and gives your guests an extra chance to fix their hair, check their lipstick, or straighten their tie).

Frames come in all shapes and sizes. They can be decorative and ornate or clean and simple. 

Buy one, have one custom made, or get creative with some DIY. To create your own, just spray paint the frame in a cool metallic hue and write your message across the front with a white paint pen.

Hanging Banner Welcome Sign

Lots of brides want their wedding day to feel like a fairytale. And there’s nothing more fairytale-like than a welcome sign that hangs like a banner in a storybook castle.

Banner signs can be made from fabric or paper. They can be suspended from a tree, hung in an entranceway, or staked to a pole in the ground. If you want to make it extra princessy, stream some colorful ribbons from the top!

Directional Wedding Sign

Are different moments of your wedding taking place in different areas of your venue? 

A directional sign is a perfect way to greet guests and point them to where they need to be.

Look for one with multiple arrows so you can point out the location of the wedding ceremony, the cocktail hour, the reception, and the restrooms. These are ideal for outdoor wedding receptions where guests may be confused as to where to go.

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Neon Wedding Sign

Want to be extra-bold on your big day? 

Order a custom neon sign!

If you keep it simple with your initials or a message like Welcome or Love, you can even display it in your home next to your wedding photos. It will be a constant reminder of how special your wedding day was!


Whether it’s store-bought or handmade, there are no rules about what a welcome sign should look like. The fact is, it doesn’t even need to say, “Welcome”.

You can display your names, a simple greeting, or customize it with poetry or song lyrics that the two of you love.

If you’re on a tight budget, the wedding welcome sign is not a must-have. But it is a nice little touch that shows your guests you’re thinking about their experience as much as yours.

So go discuss your options and ideas with your wedding planner. Get on Etsy and start browsing the various customizable options. Head to the hardware store or craft store and buy some supplies to make your own.

Wedding signage is nothing to stress about or go into debt over. Keep it simple, make it fun, and make sure it reflects you. That’s what it’s all about! 

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