Wedding Signage Checklist: 9 Signs Every Wedding Needs


Wedding signPhoto: Alicia Mink

Gathering inspo on reception and ceremony decor for the big day?

Surely, you’ll want flowers (and more flowers). And gorgeous centerpieces. And stunning place settings. And chandeliers, or twinkling lights, or ambient candlescapes.

But there’s one other element that’s just as important:

Wedding signs!

Not sure which ones you need or what they should say?

Check out our wedding signage checklist of nine signs every wedding needs — no matter where or when you plan to wed!

Ceremony Wedding Sign

Wedding ceremony signagePhoto: Kailey Stencil

Greet your guests as they arrive at your ceremony with a wedding welcome sign that sets the tone and vibe for the entire day!

A wedding ceremony sign can be a simple greeting, a funny sentiment, or an advance thank you to everyone joining in on the festivities. It can also spell out the order of events to show the specific time and location of your ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception.

A welcome sign is the first glimpse your guests will get into what your big day will be all about. So choose one that captures the essence of your wedding!

Are your ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception spaces spread a distance apart throughout your wedding venue? If so, consider setting up directional signs to guide guests where to go!

Read 7 Wedding Welcome Sign Ideas for even more wedding inspiration on how to greet your guests!

Social Media Signage

With so many people hooked on social media, adding social media signage to your wedding sign checklist is a good idea. Doing so is a fun and easy way to inform guests of your social media posting policy.

Some couples don’t want any social posts going out until they’ve had a chance to share their own. Others prefer guests to snap pics and post away in real time!

With social signage, you can let your guests know if you’re having an “unplugged ceremony” or don’t want anyone to post until the reception ends. Or, if you want to share every moment of the day as it happens, create a wedding hashtag sign that encourages them to post as often as they wish!

Seating Signage

Photo: Bella Bridesmaids Freehold / Jennifer Larsen

Let your wedding guests know where to sit for dinner with table seating signs. These help to avoid confusion and create a seamless experience from cocktail hour to reception.

Create a tabletop sign if you plan to have a table with individual seating cards for each attendee. Or you can create one big sign with all the table numbers and a full list of who is sitting where.

Large signs can do double duty as seating charts and stylish cocktail hour decor!

Signature Drink Sign

Photo: Bella Bridesmaids Atlanta / Emma Anne

Planning to have a signature cocktail at your cocktail hour or reception?

Whether you’ve concocted it yourself or hired a mixologist to make your perfect drink, create a sign that describes it!

You might need multiple bar signs depending on your bar’s size and setup. Create enough to place one on each bar if you have more than one drink station or plan to have one long bar with multiple bartenders.

Wedding Reception Welcome Sign

Photo: Emily Smith

It’s always a fun idea to welcome guests into your reception with a large sign saying the party is about to start!

You can task your wedding planner with creating the perfect sign. Or, you may choose to DIY one yourself.

No matter who handles this task, here are some looks to consider to go with different aesthetics:

• A clear lucite board for a modern or minimalist wedding
• A geometric sign framed in brass or rose gold for an industrial event
• A chalkboard sign or a distressed wood sign for a boho or rustic celebration
• A classic acrylic sign written in calligraphy for a traditional, upscale event

    There are tons of ways to create a cool reception welcome sign that coordinates with your theme and shows your personal sense of style. No matter what your wedding theme may be!

    No wedding is complete without unforgettable decor. Learn which decor items you need in our 21-Item Wedding Decor Checklist!

    Guestbook Sign

    A guestbook is more than just a sign-in sheet. It’s a chance for your guests to send you wishes for a lifetime of happiness and success as a married couple!

    A guestbook table sign is a way to call attention to the fact that you want your guests to sign in and share their sentiments.

    This tabletop sign doesn’t have to be big. It just needs to fit on the table with your guestbook and pens.

    Cards and Gifts Sign

    Your guests will surely bring you generous gifts, and they’ll need to know where to put them.

    Set up a simple sign on your designated gift table that says “card and gifts.” That way, your guests know where to place cards, envelopes, or the beautifully wrapped items they ordered off your registry!

    Dessert Table Signage

    No dinner is complete without a sweet dessert bite at the end of the meal. So when the desserts come out, let your guests know where they can satisfy their sweet tooth with dessert table signage.

    Considering setting up a table full of different types of candy?

    Create a fun “candy bar” banner that draws people in!

    Planning to have a traditional sweet table with multiple mini, bite-sized desserts?

    Create an array of mini signs that describe all of the various decadent options!

    Favor Signage

    Photo: Jenny Quicksall

    Champagne flutes or shot glasses engraved with your wedding date, handcrafted lollipops or baked goods, trinket bowls, succulents, or candles …

    No matter what type of favors you choose, a sign is the best way to remind your guests to leave the party with one!

    Create a tabletop sign if you’re having a favor table, or turn your favors into a playful wall display that serves as both signage and one-of-a-kind decor!

    When planning your perfect wedding day, add these important signs to your wedding decor checklist. You can customize all types of different signs online, ask a friend or bridesmaid to create them for you, or have fun DIYing your own!

    Whether you make them or buy them, wedding signage is yet another opportunity to showcase your personal style and bring your wedding day vision to life!

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