Yellow in Every Season: 7 Reasons to Use it in Your Wedding

Bride in white dress and bridesmaids in yellow dresses

Photo: Bella Orlando / Jessica Jones

Throughout the year, shades of yellow keep our attention and continue to wow us all. Whether it’s the first flowers of spring or the changing leaves in fall, the color yellow never lets us down.

That’s what makes it the perfect color for your special day, no matter what season you’re saying your vows.

Winter, spring, summer, or fall — shades of yellow fill them all. If you’re looking for something to seal the deal, look no further! 

Here are seven great reasons to use yellow in your wedding this season:

1. Yellow Is Fresh in the Spring

Yellow popsicle wedding favorsPhoto: Rebecca Yale

Springtime is when the world starts to thaw and flowers start to bloom. New life appears everywhere, making it the perfect time to start your new life with the person you love.

Capture those bright sunny days, fresh blooms, and tall glasses of lemonade on your big day with beautiful light shades of yellow!

Pastel yellow shades will feel right at home during your spring wedding. Go for lemon, canary, and banana to add a subtle pop of color to your palette of choice. Few colors are as refreshing as yellow after the winter.

One of the best parts about spring is that it’s versatile when it comes to bridesmaid dresses.

Whether it be a ruched mini, pleated midi, or A-line maxi dress, you can put your bridesmaids in pretty much anything for a spring wedding. Midi or floor-length is just fine. Sleeveless or backless fit right in, and so do long sleeves.

The light, airy nature of the spring makes it a wonderful time for tulle, organza, or chiffon bridesmaid dresses.

It’s just as versatile a time for wedding flowers, as well. Pale yellow flowers would look gorgeous paired with white blooms. 

Fill your bouquets and flower arrangements with daffodils, carnations, daisies, sunflowers, or roses.

Yellow Color Pairings for Spring Weddings

In the spring, natural colors are totally in. It’s easy to pair your favorite shade of yellow with other colors you would find outside for a seasonal palette your wedding guests will adore.

Here are a few fantastic combinations to get you started:

Yellow and green: A fresh and natural theme just like the spring itself
Yellow and mint: A softer version of yellow and green for you pastel lovers
Yellow and orange: A bright palette reminiscent of citrus for your lemon-inspired affair
Yellow and white: A largely neutral wedding with a bright, fun pop of color

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    2. Nothing Says Summer Sunshine Like Yellow

    Bride in white dress with bridesmaids in yellow dressesPhoto: Bella SF / Lauren Jane Studio

    The summer is the definition of bright and vibrant, making yellow the perfect color for a summer wedding. Just close your eyes and imagine a summer day flooded with sunlight and warmth.

    It doesn’t get brighter and more fun than yellow.

    There are plenty of shades fit for your wedding day that invoke the spirit of summer. Try out true yellow, lemon, and pineapple during your wedding planning process. The brighter, the better!

    And the fun doesn’t stop there. Summer is the ideal time for short, fun, flirty bridesmaid dresses.

    Strapless, open-back, V-neck dresses are in their element under the summer sun. But spaghetti straps, flutter sleeves, and halter top dresses don’t feel out of place either. Up the sparkle with sequins that will make your bridesmaids shine in the sunlight.

    And that doesn’t mean you can’t pick out long bridesmaid dresses for a wedding on the beach. Just pick something lightweight to keep everyone cool during your big day!

    Decorating with yellow in the summer is easy with the choice of vibrant flowers out there. Daisies, roses, lilies, ranunculus, and hydrangeas all come in shades of yellow that rival the sun.

    Yellow Color Pairings for Summer Weddings

    Now you need to figure out what direction you’re going with your color scheme. There are so many colors to choose from this time of year.

    Bright and colorful is in season, and these color pairings are sure to make you fall in love with yellow:

    Yellow and blue: A match made in heaven that brings to mind the sun and ocean of a day at the beach
    Yellow and pink: Two bright colors that don’t take away from each other (it’s pink lemonade!)
    Yellow and coral: A combination like yellow and pink, but a little more subdued
    Yellow and lavender: A beautiful mix of soft colors that will make your wedding guests feel like they’re walking through a field of fresh lavender

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      3. Yellow Adds Depth to a Fall Wedding

      Bride in white dress and bridesmaids in yellow dressesPhoto: Bella Charleston / Pasha Belman Photography

      Fall is full of colors, from the changing leaves that fall to the ground to the darker colors associated with Halloween.

      There’s one thing you can’t get away from in the fall, though: 

      The color yellow is everywhere!

      It’s the perfect time of year for deeper yellows that just don’t meld as well with the spring and summer. For all you lovers of marigold, mustard yellow, amber, and gold — a fall wedding will delight your senses.

      Putting your bridesmaids in long, yellow dresses is a great way to incorporate your shade of choice into the dreamy fall weather.

      Because it’s still not icy cold, you can choose to go with sleeves or stick to sleeveless, off-the-shoulder, one shoulder, or open necklines. You have your choice of fabrics to deck out your wedding party for the festivities. Classic tulle matches the crisp fall air while crepe introduces texture to go with the foliage on the ground.

      And let’s not forget about the decor!

      Along with your normal fall fare of pumpkins and beautiful leaves, you have the option of plenty of yellow flowers for your special day. Sunflowers, roses, and ranunculus would look gorgeous. Yellow yarrow and craspedia aren’t your typical wedding flowers, but they fit right into any fall theme.

      Yellow Color Pairings for Fall Weddings

      So many colors dominate the fall that it’s difficult to pare it down to only a few palettes. But if you’re looking for the perfect pairing, here are our recommendations:

      Yellow, orange, and red: The colors of the falling leaves or a beautiful fall sunset
      Yellow, orange, and brown: Toned-down yellows, oranges, and browns fit right into the season
      Yellow and grey: A sophisticated choice with a nice pop of color to set off the neutrals
      Yellow and purple: Be surprisingly bright on your big day, or opt for mustard and plum shades for a deep, moody vibe

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        4. Liven Up Your Winter Wedding With Yellow

        If you’re getting married in the winter, you might be tempted to stick with the traditional colors of the winter holidays. Or maybe you think you have to keep everything as white as snow.


        Surprise your wedding guests with something bright in the coldest season by bringing yellow to the table. They’ll never see it coming!

        When it comes to winter, gold is an absolute staple. It doesn’t get much more elegant than metallics, but bright, crisp shades of yellow will pair perfectly with your winter wedding. As will the elegance of something pale but present like canary yellow paired with white or blue.

        Your wedding party will look gorgeous in long bridesmaid dresses to keep them warm.

        Long sleeve bridesmaids dresses are ideal for this season, but you don’t have to cover your girls up that much. Short sleeves, cap sleeves, crisscross straps, or no sleeves at all will look equally as lovely on a long gown.

        If you’re worried yellow bridesmaid dresses will be a shock to the senses in the dead of winter, try adding small touches of gold with sequins, beading, or appliques on their dresses instead. You could also accessorize with yellow. 

        You don’t have to miss out on your favorite seasonal flowers just because you want yellow blooms, either. Typical winter wedding flowers like carnations, ranunculus, roses, tulips, and even poinsettias all come in shades of yellow.

        Mix and match them with white flowers and bits of green, and you have yourself a beautiful winter bouquet to carry down the aisle.

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        Yellow Color Pairings for Winter Weddings

        There’s no reason yellow can’t work it’s magic in the middle of winter. You just need to find a pairing you love to settle your mind about it.

        Try these yellow combinations on for size:

        Yellow and blue: Pale, crisp colors match bright winter days without even trying.
        Yellow and green: A deep green like the evergreen trees with a medium shade of yellow brings to mind the star on top of the tree.
        Yellow and burgundy: Darker yellows paired with burgundy is the perfect warm color palette for this cold season.

          Gold Color Combinations for Winter Weddings

          Don’t shy away from bright yellows just because it’s wintertime. If you love yellow as much as we do, then go for it! 

          But there’s no doubting that gold suits the season so well it’s hard to ignore.

          Here are a few of our favorite winter-inspired color palettes featuring gold:

          Gold and green: Think evergreen garlands with golden candlesticks or golden ornaments on a Christmas tree.
          Gold and red: A Christmas vibe dressed up with some class.
          Gold and navy: It’s like looking at the sky on a clear winter night and admiring the stars.
          Gold and dusty rose: A muted color combo that really feels like a hallmark of the season.

            5. Yellow Looks Good on Everyone

            Three bridesmaids on beach rocks in yellow dressesPhoto: Jenny Yoo

            No matter hair color or complexion, yellow will suit every member of your wedding party. You won’t be hard-pressed to find a dress for each and every one of your bridesmaids when you’re looking at yellow.

            Mix and match your bridesmaid dresses to pair paler skin with deeper yellows and more olive skin with bright yellows. Dark skin tones look fabulous in absolutely any yellow!

            If you’d prefer to go with one shade, lemon yellow looks especially flattering on every skin tone. 

            You can always ask for swatches of your favorite yellow just to make sure, but don’t be surprised when all of your bridesmaids and your flower girl look gorgeous in it! 

            6. It’s Easy to Find Wedding Flowers in Yellow

            As you’ve probably gathered, you won’t have to look hard to find the perfect flowers for your wedding in the right colors. There are yellow flowers aplenty in every season.

            Classic wedding flowers like roses, hydrangeas, and carnations all come in shades of yellow, from pale to deep.

            Flowers with clean lines like tulips, lilies, and daffodils. Soft, plush flowers like mums, ranunculus, and pompoms. Unique flowers like yarrow, craspedia, and pincushion protea. 

            Sunflowers fit pretty much every season and wedding theme while making a strong statement with their size and shape.

            You just can’t go wrong with yellow!

            7. A Yellow Wedding Can Be Classic or Creative

            Couple getting marriedPhoto: Kristen Kilpatrick

            Last but certainly not least, yellow is an incredibly versatile color.

            It ranges from pastel to deep golden and lends itself well to just about any color palette. 

            Along with neutrals like grey and white, it’s right at home in a traditional setting. Paired with other bright colors, you have a fun affair on your hands. And if you’re in love with metallics, gold has your back!

            If you have a theme in mind, there’s a chance yellow will fit in somehow. It’s hard to find another color that can stretch just as far as your imagination. 

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            In Conclusion

            Do you see it now?

            Are you tickled … yellow?

            If you were on the fence about using yellow as one of your wedding colors, hopefully, this list has shown you all the pros of one of the best colors in the rainbow. 

            No matter the season, there’s always a reason to bring this bright, beautiful color into the fold. And if these seven reasons to use yellow don’t have you firmly in the yellow corner all year round, then nothing will!

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