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Glam Gloves for Winter Weddings (Or Any Other Season!)

Glam Gloves for Winter Weddings

Rose Dawson completed her Titanic look with a pair in 1911.

Marilyn Monroe stood out in elbow-length fuchsia pink when she sang “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” in 1953. 

And Amal Clooney practically broke the internet when she wore a pair to the Golden Globes in 2015.

Do you know what we’re talking about?


Pretty much every style icon we can think of has found an excuse to wear a pair at some point in time. (SJP worked them into her wardrobe on several occasions!) 

And there’s no better time to rock the trend than at your winter wedding. A pair of wedding gloves keep your hands warm and add a stylish layer to your outfit.

Plus, they keep that new diamond ring from sliding off your slimmer-than-usual finger.

Ready to dazzle in some statement-making gloves on this special occasion? 

Here are our favorite glam glove looks for winter weddings or any other season!

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Get Your Glitz On!

Imagine a pair of white lace gloves with rhinestone embellishments … 

Or picture a sheer, tulle pair beaded with pearls or adorned with shimmering crystals at the wrist …

Bridal gloves are glitzy and glam, just like you want your wedding day to be!

Let’s be honest: sheer, fingerless gloves aren’t exactly designed to keep you warm. But they WILL make you look super chic!

Don’t want to hide your fresh new manicure? With a pair of fingerless wedding gloves, you don’t have to!

We especially love a fingerless pair with a loop around one finger. That’s how you set the stage for the real showstopper of the day: your ring!

Open and airy. Soft and sheer. Fingerless or covered. A lightweight pair of gloves definitely exudes a romantic quality, no matter what type you choose.

And we can’t think of a better way to elevate your wedding style and take your romance factor up a notch or two.

You can pair with them everything from a strapless ball gown to a long sleeve silhouette. But we especially love them teamed with a short sleeve or three-quarter sleeve dress. There’s something about a bit of arm showing through that can be surprisingly sexy!

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Being a Lady Never Goes Out of Style 

Trying to keep it classy on your wedding day? 

Wrist-length gloves are all you need!


Wrist length wedding gloves

Photo: CICI Wedding Store

They’re ladylike, charming, and totally unexpected. And that’s what you’re going for, isn’t it?

Want to know another reason why we love them? 

They’re kind of like jewelry for the wrist! Wear these, and there will be no need to accessorize with diamond bracelets or bangles.

Whether your dress is casual and sleek or blinged out with crystals, a lightweight glove with some sparkle can bring instant shimmer and shine to your look.

Plus, there’s no better way to add some retro-inspired elegance to your bridal gown!

Let’s Get Dramatic

Ready to channel your inner Grace Kelly? 

It’s time to embrace the grandeur of the classic opera glove.

Elbow-length Duchess or matte satin gloves offer a dramatic look that’s appropriate for even the most formal of celebrations. If Audrey Hepburn were having a wedding in 2020, these are the gloves she’d probably be wearing!

Elbow length wedding gloves winter

Photo: Andrew James Abajian

Long gloves are OH-SO-STUNNING with a short sleeve dress. We love the proportions created by exposing just a hint of skin between where the sleeve ends and the glove starts.

Opera gloves can take any wedding dress from pretty to OMG! in a matter of seconds.

And if you happen to get invited to chill out with Rihanna, you are sure to fit right in wearing her favorite show-stopping accessory. Who says opera gloves can’t be sexy? 

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Do you need to keep your bridesmaids warm? We've got them covered

Fashion Meets Function

Getting married outside in the cold? 

Hoping for a fresh snowfall to create the perfect winter wonderland scene?

If you’re daring enough to brave the elements, you’ll need gloves that will actually keep you warm!

Chunky cable gloves might be more practical than posh, but that doesn’t mean we love them any less. If you already had a bit of a splurge on your dress, we say go all out and get yourself a pair of super fashionable and oh-so-functional cashmere mittens.

And hey, when the wedding is over and you return from your tropical honeymoon, you can wear them with your favorite sweaters and winter coats. You’ll definitely get your money’s worth!

A designer cashmere glove is pretty much all you need to make any winter wedding gown look GORGE.  Plus, it shows that you pay attention to the little details (and that’s a great way to show your new spouse that you know how to think things through!)

If your wedding look involves you wearing a white stole or a faux fur jacket, the best way to top it off is with embellished winter gloves.

You might be hoping it doesn’t snow on your big day. (If that’s the case, you should have planned your wedding for June). But you’re brave enough to get married in winter … so you better be prepared!

Shop designer winter gloves here.


We love it when a bride isn’t afraid to step out of the box, make a fashion statement, and be bold on her wedding day. A great pair of wedding gloves proves that you’re not afraid to take your style to the next level!

Now go ahead and walk in the footsteps of your favorite fashion icons. Do some Google searches for bridal gloves until you find the pair that’s perfect for you. 

Considering how overlooked this wedding accessory is, you might be surprised at how many amazing options are out there.

Even Carolyn Bessette Kennedy's minimalist slip dress was elevated by a pair of sheer elbow-length gloves.

So be bold. Be daring. Make a statement.

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