Trending Themes: Navy Blue and Silver Weddings

Bride wearing silver dress and bridesmaids wearing navy blue dresses

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Despite so many differences, there is one thing that almost all soon-to-be-married couples have in common: 

They all want their wedding to be a memorable, one-of-a-kind event! 

And we agree, that’s exactly what it should be. This is YOUR MOMENT to throw the wedding you’ve always dreamed of!

But choosing a wedding color palette can be tough because there are so many options out there. 

But there’s one color theme in specific that we’re really loving right now: the navy blue and silver wedding!

If you’re looking for the perfect color scheme, keep reading. 

Here’s how to throw a silver and navy blue wedding!

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Why Navy and Silver?

This color combination is a versatile classic.

You can use this color scheme for a beach wedding with a nautical vibe, a winter wedding in a mountainside hotel, and anything in between.

This is one color combo that can look ultra-rich or summer casual, depending on how you rock it.

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The Girls

Groom in a navy blue suit marrying a bride in a silver dress with bridesmaids wearing navy blue dressesPhoto: Bella Raleigh/Foxtail

Navy blue is a great alternative to black. We all know that black is slimming, but navy is just as flattering (and equally as forgiving!). Plus, it looks good on every skin tone, fair or dark.

But that’s not the only reason to love navy blue. It’s also perfect for wearing in any season. Black can feel a bit heavy in summer, but not navy blue!

There are a ton of gorgeous navy bridesmaid dresses out there, too. Most designers incorporate shades of navy or midnight blue into their bridesmaid dress collections.

Plus, it looks super glamorous paired with silver, diamond, and rhinestone accessories. 

Your girls can wear simple navy gowns with sparkling silver shoes. They can accessorize with crystal or rhinestone belts for some extra bling. Or, they can go ultra-glam in elegant navy dresses with silver sequins or beading. 

And guess what, brides? 

You can get in on the theme yourself. If you want a bit of contrast, add a satin navy sash to your ivory or white wedding dress. 

Prefer to be a bit more over the top? Opt for deep-blue sapphire earrings and accessories. 

Feeling a bit edgy? You can incorporate the theme by painting your nails a bomb navy blue color!

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The Guys

Bride in silver dress walking through courtyard with groom wearing navy blue suitPhoto: Jodi Anne Photography

If there’s any color that translates seamlessly between bridesmaids and groomsmen, it’s dark blue. Navy blue suits, in particular, are super stylish. They’re as flattering and sophisticated as black, yet just a bit more unexpected.  

Having a casual wedding? We love a navy blue suit paired with brown shoes. 

Going formal? Look for navy blue tux jackets with black lapels (they’ll pair perfectly with polished black dress shoes). 

No matter what your groomsmen wear, make sure the groom stands out by wearing a shirt or tie in a different color.

But let’s not overlook the other obvious option:

Dressing the groom and groomsmen in silver!

No, we’re not suggesting the guys wear shiny silver spacesuits. But we are suggesting that you can dress your guys in light-grey suits. After all, light grey is a version of silver. 

If you go with light-grey suits, add some navy blue ties, vests, or pocket squares to match the bridesmaids’ dresses!

The Décor

The beauty of navy and silver wedding decorations is that you can make them as glamorous or as understated as you like. 

If you’re going for glitz, cover your tables with sequin tablecloths and tie silver chiffon bows on the backs of your chairs. Add blue satin ribbons to your wedding invitations

Do you have a more casual vibe in mind? If your wedding reception venue has silver chairs, tie navy blue bows on the back. Layer blue and white table runners on each table. Set your dining tables with silver chargers and white plates. 

You can also use this color palette as a way to pull off a chic, nautical look! No problem! Just choose matte silver accents as opposed to shiny metallic finishes.

The Sweets

Okay, so there aren’t a whole lot of blue foods out there. But, you can incorporate the navy and silver theme into your menu with your desserts.

Have the tiers of your wedding cake frosted in white, navy, and metallic silver icing. Set out a dessert table full of sweet, small bites decorated with dark-blue frosting or sparkling silver accents.

Edible silver glitter and sugar crystals are all you need to turn basic desserts into something extraordinary!

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Stick With Your Color Story Down to the Last Details

Navy blue vintage car driving away from weddingPhoto: Jen Rodriguez

A silver and navy wedding theme will make your wedding stand out from the rest. But to pull it off successfully, you’ll need to pay attention to every detail. After all, there are a variety of different shades of navy blue.

So, choose one shade and keep all of your décor and accents in that same tone.

You can even carry the color scheme into your floral arrangements. There are lots of flowers that come in natural shades of blue, such as blue dandelions, morning glories, and blue carnations. But if you want a navy flower, we suggest going with white anemones

White anemones have a dark-blue center. They're our absolute fave for wedding bouquets and floral centerpieces for a navy and silver wedding.

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Nautical, modern, or classic, the navy blue and silver color palette is a chic option for any wedding in any season. Whether you’re having a decadent fall wedding in a downtown hotel or a summer wedding on a beach, this color scheme is super versatile.

Make it glitzy and decadent by adding silver rhinestones and sequins, or keep it simple with shades of light-grey and matte silver. 

Sure, we all love those pale blue and dusty pink color palettes, but we’ve been to countless weddings with those hues. 

A navy blue and silver wedding theme will make your big day stand out from the rest. And we’re pretty sure that’s your goal!

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