How to Find [or DIY!] Flower Girl Baskets

Three flower girlsPhoto: Bella Bridesmaids Mobile / Larah Melissa 

As a bride, you’re sure to hear lots of oohs and aahs from your wedding guests as you make your procession down the aisle.

Your flower girl is likely to get all the awws, though.

Traditionally, the flower girl walks down the wedding ceremony aisle and tosses flower petals from a basket just before the bride makes her grand entrance. It’s her shining moment, and the basket is her most important accessory for the day.

Not sure what type of basket your little girl should carry down the aisle?

Here’s how to find (or DIY) flower girl baskets for your favorite little girl(s) to carry on your big day (plus some fun, modern alternatives if you don’t want her to toss petals).

How to Choose the Perfect Flower Girl Basket

Bride, bridesmaids, and flower girl holding basketPhoto: Bella Birmingham / Sam Jasper

Choosing a basket for your flower girl to tote in your wedding ceremony is super easy to do. Just look for one that complements her dress and goes with the theme of your wedding.

You can buy inexpensive flower girl baskets from all sorts of retailers, including Amazon and party stores that sell other wedding essentials, such as wedding decorations and bridal shower party favors.

Prefer something unique that no one else has?

There are plenty of wedding accessory designers on Etsy who can customize a one-of-a-kind basket just for you.

If you’re in a DIY mood, you can pick up any basket in a home décor store and decorate it in your own way with fabric, sashes, ribbons, appliques, or flowers. It doesn’t even need to be a basket — a metal pail or a wire box can work just as well.

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Flower Girl Basket Ideas

Rustic, traditional, modern, or boho … here are some flower girl basket ideas for any wedding:

Rustic Flower Girl Basket

Bride and groom getting married at the altar with bridesmaids holding flowers and two flower girls holding baskets behind themPhoto: Bella Charlotte / Abie Livesay

The most traditional wedding flower girl basket is the wicker basket. Though wicker baskets have a somewhat rustic look, they’re the perfect choice for any type of wedding celebration.

If you’re having a rustic wedding, wicker is just one of many options. Other options include birch wood baskets, small wood buckets accented with greenery, moss-covered baskets, and burlap flower girl baskets.

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Lace Flower Girl Basket 

A lace flower girl basket is the perfect complement to a lace dress. If your wedding theme is traditional, casual, or country, a little bit of lace will add just the right amount of style and texture.

Opt for open crochet baskets for a more casual feel, or adorn a wire or wicker basket with lace bows or streaming lace ribbons for a more boho-chic look.

Satin Flower Girl Basket 

A satin basket with a pearl handle offers a timeless, elegant look. With floral rosettes, organza petals, or crystal appliques, a satin basket is always an excellent choice!

To DIY your own satin basket, just wrap and cover any wicker basket or bucket with satin fabric. To add some glitz, embellish it with sequins or rhinestone appliques. To keep it classic, add a tulle or satin bow or stream ribbons from the handle.

If you choose a fabric basket, it’s best to pick a color that matches her flower girl dress. For example, choose a white satin basket if she’s wearing a white dress. Opt for ivory satin to match an ivory-hued dress.

Wire Flower Girl Basket

Bride posing with bridesmaids and two flower girls holding baskets covered in greeneryPhoto: Bella Minneapolis / Russell Heeter

Depending on the shape you choose, a metal wire basket can look modern, industrial, or rustic.

To give a wire basket a more rustic vibe, cover or fill it with moss. Add some satin ribbon streamers, pearls, or crystals to give it some sparkle.

Want a basket that pops against her white flower girl dress? Cover it with fresh greenery or embellish it with faux flowers to add some contrast color.

Coordinate Your Flower Girl Basket and Ring Bearer Pillow 

If you’re having a ring bearer in addition to a flower girl, he’ll need a pillow to carry your wedding bands. Coordinate the littlest members of your wedding party with a pillow that complements the style and vibe of your flower girl basket.

Fun Alternatives to a Traditional Flower Girl Basket

We’re seeing more and more brides and grooms break from wedding tradition in favor of modern, unexpected ideas. That includes the role of the flower girl.

If you don’t want to task your flower girl with the traditional job of tossing silk rose petals, there are lots of fun alternatives that will make her walk down the aisle truly memorable.

Have her carry a single oversized balloon, either in a classic round shape or a fun heart shape. Opt for a white balloon to match your wedding dress or a colorful one that matches your bridesmaid dresses.

Not into balloons?

Have your little one carry a large paper pinwheel, or walk down the aisle twirling a parasol over her shoulder (so cute)!

Instead of a flower girl basket, have your little one carry a sign that reads “Here comes the bride” or “Here comes the love of your life.”

If your flower girl happens to be your daughter, a “Here comes Mommy” sign is sure to get the tears flowing!

Some other fun options are to have your flower girl blow bubbles or toss confetti as she walks down the aisle. For bubble blowing, equip her with an automatic bubble blower so she doesn’t run out of breath trying to blow them on her own. If you want her to toss confetti, she’ll need a basket or a vessel to carry it in.


One of our favorite parts of planning a wedding day is choosing the outfits and accessories for the wedding party. That includes choosing what the flower girl will wear and carry.

Here’s one final tip to keep in mind before you pick out a flower girl basket for your big day:

Select a size and shape that’s comfortable for her to carry. The younger and smaller your flower girl, the smaller her basket should be! 

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