10 Super Cool Ring Bearer Gifts

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As you work your way through your wedding checklist, you’ll eventually come to something very important:

Your ring bearer’s gift.

Your ring bearer is responsible for one of the most significant parts of your wedding day, so they deserve an awesome thank you gift!

We’ve put together this list of 10 awesome ring bearer gift ideas to help you in your search for the perfect present. Any of these choices will make your ring bearer feel just as special as you know he is.

1. A Stuffed Friend

Do you have a younger ring bearer that loves to cuddle? Get them a brand new friend to take home for a job well done. 

The obvious choice for your ring bear-er is a teddy bear. What child could possibly say no to such an iconic snuggle buddy?

You can even get a personalized bear that will always remind them of the special place it came from.

But stuffed animals certainly aren’t limited to bears.

Anything from plush puppy dogs to dinosaurs is on the table. If you know your ring bearer loves rabbits or dolphins, get them one! You want it to be personal to them so it’s all the more special.

Three ring bearers walking golden retriever down a wedding aislePhoto: Smoky Mountain Photographers

2. A Coloring Book

Keep your ring bearer entertained with a coloring book featuring their favorite characters or cute creatures. 

You may just end up with a couple of hand-colored pictures as a wedding gift!

For older kids, activity books are a similar and more challenging option. It will keep them busy in the downtime leading up to the ceremony with something more fun than standing around talking.

If you’re looking for something unique with a more personal touch, you can always order custom wedding activity books and personalized crayons.

These make great flower girl gifts, too, so you can get some for all of the little ones in your bridal party.

And since they have their names on them, you don’t have to worry about anyone fighting over whose is whose.

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3. A Piggy Bank

There’s always a level of excitement for any child when they get their first piggy bank. It’s a special gift to mark the occasion and gives them even more responsibility —  just like carrying the ring down the aisle.

Being able to collect spare change all on their own is something they’re bound to enjoy!

Get a personalized piggy bank with your ring bearer’s name on it for a treasured keepsake they’ll have for years to come.

Not a fan of pigs? No problem!

There are banks available in all sorts of styles, so you can get your special guy one that suits their tastes. It can be another animal, like a shark or an elephant, or something like a train engine that isn’t an animal at all.

4. A Fun Toy

Where kids are concerned, toys are never a bad idea.

The kind of toy you give your ring bearer really depends on their age and what sort of toys they like to play with. Ask their parents if there’s something they’ve been wanting that you could get for them.

There are plenty of things you can’t go wrong with, though.

Get him a car or a truck to push around. Grab a set of Legos for hours upon hours of stacking and building fun.

A more hands-on toy is always a popular choice too. Some Play-Doh or a small bottle of bubbles will turn the excitement up to eleven. 

Seriously, kids can’t get enough of blowing bubbles.

If you’re on the hunt for a unique toy that you can stick your ring bearer’s name on, a personalized wooden yo-yo is easy to carry around and keeps little hands nice and busy.

5. A Board Game

Alleviate some boredom with a good old-fashioned board game.

This is a present everyone can get behind. It’s something the ring bearer can take home and play with his family and all his friends. It won’t get old any time soon.

You can’t go wrong with the classics:

  • Candyland and Chutes & Ladders for younger kids.
  • Sorry, Connect Four, and Trouble for older kids.

You can even incorporate a game into your ring bearer proposal by using a custom puzzle to ask him to carry your rings down the aisle. Get a chunky wooden puzzle geared for small ring bearers and a full jigsaw puzzle for older ones.

Once they see the message all put together, they’ll definitely say yes!

6. A Sweet Treat

Without a doubt, the best way to keep a kid occupied is to give them a snack.

Keep your ring bearer happy and show them you care with a basket of their favorite candy. That way, they can grab a treat whenever they like.

Or get a personalized treat bag to fill with something colorful and delicious to satisfy their tummy all day long.

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7. Something Sporty

Any ring bearer is sure to love a memento that comes from whatever sports he loves to play or watch. They’ll know you pay attention, and there’s nothing cooler than that.

A personalized baseball bat is always a hit.

You can pay homage to just about any sport by getting your ring bearer their very own ball with their name on it. Whether they enjoy football or soccer, this gift is sure to score you some points.

Even a special hockey puck is a great way to say thank you for being my ring bearer.

It’s all about making it personal and just for him!

8. A Ring Security Shirt

This tried-and-true gift is a fun way to show what an important job you’re entrusting to your ring bearer. 

A Ring Security t-shirt makes a great outfit for the wedding reception. Not to mention, it looks absolutely adorable when you spring for the entire Secret Service-style getup. 

Just imagine your ring bearer wearing his shirt with a set of personalized sunglasses, an ID badge, and a briefcase to house your precious rings.

Cute, right?

And if you want your ring bearer and flower girl to match, this shirt is perfect when paired with a Petal Patrol t-shirt. Those petals need watching over too!

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9. Something to Wear

Aside from a ring bearer t-shirt, there are other ways to incorporate some style into your gift.

A special bowtie to go with his tux lets him stand apart from the rest of the wedding party while still coordinating. Something with a cute or fun design makes it more enjoyable for him to put on.

Ring bearer wearing black tux carrying white ring pillow down the aislePhoto: Bella Birmingham / YNOT iMages

Personalized pajamas are a sweet gift that he can cherish every night as he nods off to sleep.

It’s also something comfortable that he can wear on the big day while he’s waiting around to get ready for the ceremony. 

And your own personal superhero is sure to shine walking around in his very own superhero cape. It’s the perfect accessory for keeping your rings safe from all those evil villains that would try to ruin such a special day!

10. A Gift Box

When one gift just won’t do your love justice, a DIY gift box is what you want.

Get a lovely box and fill it with the little guy’s favorites, including things like a coloring or activity book, some candy, a bow tie, and a small toy.

Anything small enough to fit in the box that you know he’ll love is fair game. Even if they’re simple things, having a gift to open that you’ve made just for him speaks volumes about how happy you are to have him in your wedding.

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In Conclusion

Thanking your family and friends for helping you celebrate your marriage is a very personal experience. It’s your chance to let them know that you wouldn’t want to take this step without them by your side.

The most exceptional boys deserve the most amazing presents.

Take these ten incredibly cool ring bearer gifts as inspiration to find that perfect gift. Though you’ve probably thanked him for agreeing to be in your wedding, it always bears repeating.

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