You Can Be a Modern Bride With Bridesmaids

Ok, we get it. Historically the idea of having bridesmaids might feel dated, or even worse, send you into a full-blown panic. But, that was then! Bella is leading a complete revolution of not only the way bridesmaids shop, but also what they wear. With our eyes on the modern prize, we're here to give you the easy, seamless, personalized shopping experience you want. Let's debunk a few bridesmaid myths for all of our crazy, sexy, cool brides and grooms out there!

Myth 1: It's Old-Fashioned  Actually, having bridesmaids is just as popular as before! By having a designated bridal party, you know you have a core group to assist you during your bridal shower, bachelorette party, and wedding day festivities. Don't you feel less stressed already!? 

Myth 2: It's Expensive If you're fearful you might place a financial burden on your friends when you ask them to be in your wedding, allow them to make the personal decision to decline your thoughtful invitation. There are simple ways to decrease the cost for your bridesmaids AND yourself. For example, have a fun girls night in as your bachelorette party! Or, contribute towards your bridesmaid dresses! At Bella, you can easily include a contribution using our Virtual Showroom. One of our seasoned stylists can walk you through it ; )

Myth 3: You Don't Want to Exclude Anyone You might have a dear friend who you adore yet don't see as a bridesmaid. If you don't want to hurt her feelings, extend an invitation to her to be your bridesmaid. She can always kindly decline your invitation for her personal reasons, but at least you'll have peace of mind that you extended the metaphorical olive branch! Drama averted! The idea of having bridesmaids can feel overwhelming, but, in the long run, you'll be so happy you shared this milestone with your gal pals!

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