The 1 Must Have to Survive Bridal Market

The final day is here! We've been counting down to New York Bridal Market all week with tips and tricks for all things beauty and style. Now it's time to announce the ONE thing that is an absolute must for a weekend work trip...

The Portable Phone Charger!

Our serious addiction to technology has made our fingertips (and hearts) depend on our phones for Instagram, Snap Chat, Emails, Texting...oh and actually talking to other human beings. That being said, we need to be fully charged at all times and this is one time that coffee just won't cut it. Here are some of our favorite portable phone chargers so you can keep adding to your snap story, and gram as many pictures of avocado toast as you please!

instaCHARGE Portable Phone Charger $17.95

Back Me Up! Mobile Charger by $30

Mophie Juice Pack $99.95

Thanks for much for counting down the week with us! Be sure to check out our Instagram @bellabridesmaids for the latest updates from market and see what the designers are up to for 2016!

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