9 Ideas for a Light Blue Wedding Palette

 bride with her bridesmaids in light blue dresses [9 Stunning Light Blue Wedding Ideas for 2024]Photo: Bella Bridesmaids Dallas/John Cain

Do you know that old Victorian tradition, requesting every bride add something blue to her big day? 

Even us believers in breaking free from some old traditions couldn’t agree more. And light blue stands out when it comes to blue wedding color palettes. 

It’s versatile and neutral. Like an open window on a warm spring day, light blue brings a fresh, polished, and clean feel to any wedding decor

Light blue is commonly associated with reliability and trustworthiness. And it’s perfect for a wedding, as those qualities are the foundation of any lasting union.

Looking for some inspiration? 

Check out our favorite wedding ideas for a light blue wedding palette!

1. Blue Themed Venues: Indoors and Out

 bride and groom kissing in front of light blue outfitted wedding partyPhoto: Bella Bridesmaids Columbia/Haley Foster

Light blue is a breath of fresh air. It’s a clear, expansive sky, brimming with optimism — the perfect backdrop for something extraordinary.

You can have a light blue wedding outdoors or indoors!

Blue Outdoor Wedding Venues

Outdoor places that maximize all shades of blue include: 

• A wedding on a lake or near a pool
• Tying the knot in “Big Sky Country” (Montana or Wyoming)
• Getting married at the top of a hill or other tall vantage point with blue-sky views

If you’re celebrating outdoors, be sure to consider the season. If you’re hoping for clear blue skies, pick a time when that’s most likely to occur at your wedding location.

Blue Indoor Wedding Venues

Indoor weddings can also bring light blue in unexpected ways: 

• Use blue lighting
• Put tea lights in blue glass
• Decorate with light blue café lights
• Choose a predominately blue interior
• Have an aquarium wedding

    Maximizing light blue when choosing a venue means you’ll probably have a beautiful, open, and airy space. Lucky you!  

    Still searching for the perfect venue? Read 35 Questions to Ask When Touring a Wedding Venue for help narrowing it down!

    2. Light Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

    The bridesmaid dresses are one of the best ways to show off your wedding colors. You’ll have them front and center on your wedding day!

    These stunning light blue dresses do that and more:

    Wtoo by Watters Bridesmaid Dress Kippie


    This light dusty blue chiffon dress is effortlessly romantic. It’s versatile enough to work with almost any wedding theme, from a classic wedding to something less traditional.

    Cynthia & Sahar CS104




    This light blue bridesmaid dress made of satin brings sultry sophistication everywhere it goes. It’s perfect for getting married on the beach or anywhere a warm summer wedding calls for.

    Watters Bridesmaid Dress Lottie 2513


    A beautiful and charming piece, this light pastel blue dress is flirty and flowy with an open back. It’s perfect for a rustic wedding or a boho-inspired spring wedding.

    Amsale Bridesmaid Dress Cat


    Those were just a few ways to enhance your color scheme through the garments worn by your wedding party. 

    But why let your bridesmaids have all the fun? 

    You could wear a pale blue wedding dress or slip on a fabulous pair of blue wedding shoes. Or, at the very least, get a manicure and choose pale blue acrylic nails.

    Find more light blue wedding dresses in our full collection!

    3. Groomsmen in Blue

    Don’t forget the groomsmen! Light blue suits are a fresh take on traditional navy blue. Pair with a crisp white shirt, and you’ve got the look. 


    4. Blue Wedding Invitations

    Your wedding invitations set the tone and give a little peek into your wedding theme. Choosing a sky-blue invitation with clean white lettering lets your guests know you’re inviting them to something special.

    5. Light Blue Color Combinations

     young women in blue dressesPhoto: Bella Bridesmaids Nashville/Haley Birdsey

    Light blue is one of those neutrals, and it’s versatile enough to play exceptionally well with others.

    Here are some of our favorite color combinations:

    • Light blue and terra cotta
    • Light blue and chocolate brown
    • Light blue and mauve
    • Light blue and gold (or silver!)
    • Light blue and sage green
    • Light blue and teal 

      Depending on which accent color you choose, the whole mood changes. Light blue beautifully holds its own with deep saturated tones.

      Think of nature: a vibrant sunrise against a pale blue sky. Or the rich reddish color of canyonlands against a cool blue wintery sky. Use nature to inspire your color palette; you can’t go wrong.

      6. Blue Flowers & “Greenery”

      From hydrangeas to iris, naturally occurring blue flowers are delicate and intricate. You can also get flowers that have been dyed blue. Baby blue roses are sure to leave a lasting impression.

      Complement your blue bouquet with sprigs of baby’s breath. Your blue bunch will also look incredible when paired with the silvery green of eucalyptus and sage.

      If you want a cohesive monochromatic look, arrange your flowers in blue glass vases, bottles, or jars.

      An all-blue wedding bouquet with light blue roses and delphinium is striking. Or weave an accent color in your bridal bouquet — something that stands out and complements the blue.

      Floral arrangements bring so much life, joy, and romance to weddings simply by being there. They’re foolproof, too, and virtually impossible to mess up.

      7. Blue Wedding Centerpieces 

       light blue wedding centerpiecesPhoto: Bella Bridesmaids Atlanta/Eric & Jamie Gay

      Beyond blue linens and napkins, you can bring light blue into your centerpieces!

      Ombre Tablescape

      Why not create an ombre effect if you have a long wedding table? Start with a super light, airy blue flower, and choose gradual darker shades as it continues down the table. End it in royal blue. 

      Blue hydrangeas are an excellent choice since they come in many shades of blue.

      Paper Flowers

      Another fun blue centerpiece idea is to use light blue faux flowers. Something Borrowed Blooms provides an innovative service. Tuhey have a gorgeous collection of premium silk flowers that you can rent, giving you access to beautiful blooms at a  fraction of the price. The flowers always look fresh, and require zero maintenance.

      Tapered Candles

      Light blue tapered candles are a gorgeous centerpiece for any tablescape and a predominantly candle-lit reception. If that’s not romantic, what is?

      Concerned about an open flame? 

      Clear vases or jars filled with water with a touch of light blue food coloring and topped with floating candles look incredible. You can even add delicate details. For example, you could submerge silk roses or driftwood in the water.

      8. Blue Wedding Arches 

      A light blue wedding arch is another excellent way to welcome light blue. Pale blue chiffon panels look incredible both indoors and out. 

      If you’re having an outdoor wedding ceremony, the moment the breeze picks them up and plays them against a clear blue sky is pure magic.

      A light blue balloon arch is another fun way to bring in the blue. 

      Or play it simple. A driftwood arch wrapped with light blue fairy lights or adorned with pale blue ribbon and flowers looks delicate and special.

      9. Light Blue Wedding Cake

      Your wedding cake is a masterpiece, an ideal way to play with your theme and wedding colors.

      A blue four-tier cake looks incredible, especially when decorated with flowers in your accent color. Or, keep it monochromatic and liven it up with blue flowers instead.  

      Light blue is fresh and expansive. The sky's the limit when it comes to all the ways you can include it in your wedding.  

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