From Old to Classic to New Country: The 37 Best First Dance Country Songs

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Not only is choosing the music for your wedding day a big deal, but it’s also one of the most enjoyable parts of wedding planning.

After all, it’s a great excuse to kick back and listen to all of your favorite tunes, sing along with lyrics you love, and discover new songs that you haven’t even heard before.

And if you’re a country music fan, you’ve really got it made!

There are tons of country music songs with incredible lyrics that are the perfect choice for your first dance wedding song.

Whether you love a great duet or have a favorite solo artist that you want to dance to at your wedding, here are the 37 best country music songs to play for the first dance at your wedding reception.

Old Country First Dance Songs That We Still Love

Your wedding ceremony may be the most important part of the day because it’s the moment when you’ll say “I do.

But let’s be honest — the wedding reception doesn’t really start until you’ve made your grand entrance and had your first dance!

Dozens of tear-jerking country music love songs have been released in the past twenty years.

But if you want to go old school and show that you’ve got some real down-home country music roots, dance your first dance to one of these classics from the '60s, '70s, and '80s:

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    Our Favorite Classic First Dance Country Songs

    It is impossible to create a list of first dance country songs without including the oh-so-popular “Amazed” by Lonestar and “You’re Still the One” by the always gorgeous Shania Twain.

    And while these two tunes do take our top spots as our favorite classic country first dance songs, there are more than a dozen others that will get the party started and the tears flowing.

    Here are 17 of our favorite country love songs from the 1990s through the early 2000s, perfect for any duo’s first dance as a newlywed couple:

      New Country Wedding Songs for a Memorable First Dance

      Record player singed with wedding guest signaturesPhoto: Frida Enamorado

      The moment you take to the dance floor as a newly married couple is the moment that you get to show all of your guests just how in love you are.

      And there’s no better way to do so than with a heartfelt country song playing behind you as you dance and twirl and gaze into each other’s eyes.

      Here are 15 of the best country love songs released in the past ten years. And since you can only pick one for your official first dance, we recommend choosing some of the others on this list to be your processional song, recessional song, or grand exit song!

        More Country Songs That Are Perfect for Your Wedding Reception

        Bride and groom walking out of church with bridal party throwing rice at themPhoto: Bella Cleveland / Marissa Camino

        Once you choose the perfect first dance song, you might want to think about some other tunes to add to your wedding reception playlist.

        Some couples create their entire reception playlist. Other couples leave this up to their DJ or band.

        Whether you want to have full control over your wedding music or prefer to relinquish that duty to your DJ, it never hurts to create a list of some of your favorite songs that you want to dance to throughout the night.

        And there are some other incredible country tunes that we’re obsessed with right now that are perfect for playing at your wedding reception.

        Once dinner is over and the drinks are flowing, these soon-to-be-classics are sure to get all of your guests grooving and moving on the dance floor:

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          We’re all huge fans of “Love Story” by Taylor Swift and “My Little Girl” by Tim McGraw, but those are better choices for your grand exit and father-daughter dance.

          Your first dance song should be one that represents your relationship and describes the kind of love you have for one another. And as a country music fan, there are lots of moving, meaningful songs that do exactly that.

          Whether you choose a modern classic like “Amazed,” a timeless song like “Crazy,” or a new, upbeat tune such as “Old Love Song,” there is no shortage of great country songs to dance to at your wedding.

          The only rule when picking the perfect song is to pick one that you love.

          No matter how old or new the song may be, it should be one that you’ll want to dance to forever as the happy couple you are now and will always be!

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