Summer Time Series (8/3/2012 Edition)

We always crave some tasty bites and refreshing drinks for our long, leisurely days at the beach. And as our Bella Bridesmaid Charlotte owner, Cecily, said best “There is something so perfect about eating some delicious snacks after several hours in the sun, and being able to get it without leaving your beach chair....divine!” With that said, here are some appetizing beach day eats you should pack for your next trip…


1. Smart Water... Shelley & Madison/ Nashville TN & Westport CT "You have to stay hydrated on those hot beach days!"
2. Trader Joe's Peanut Butter filled Pretzels... Danielle/ Kansas City MO "These pretzels are the perfect salty snack."
3. Blue Diamond flavored almonds... Haley/ Houston TX "I love that they have so many different flavors... all of them are so good!"
4. Twizzlers... Brittan/ Boston MA "So easy to eat at the beach! One hand grabs one Twizzler, so you don't get sticky lotion hands all over all of them, and they're easy to keep wrapped up to avoid getting sand in them." 
5. Coconut Water... Megan/ Kansas City MO "A refreshing drink to have in hand that tastes great too!"
6. Hummus & Pita Chips... Mary Kendall/ Mobile AL "The very best combination...yum!"
7. Trail Mix... Rae Anne/ Denver CO "Sweet & Salty- my favorite."
8. Triscuits... Kristy/ Greenville SC "After the beach, I love to make a snack of Triscuits, topped with pimento cheese and toasted until cheese is melted - best served along side a cold Margarita."
9. San Pallegrino Blood Orange... Jeana Lee/ Birmingham AL "This is the taste of summer!"
10. Gummi Bears... Christy/ Raleigh NC "Gummi Bears... you have to eat them quick though otherwise the melt!"

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