Love Stories (10/31/2013 Edition)

How did you meet your Fiancé? 

Brett and I met after college when we both moved into the same apartment complex in Minneapolis. He lived in an apartment with two of his buddies (both were his groomsmen) and I lived across the hall with two girlfriends…so it was much like an episode of Friends!

Tell us about the proposal!

Since Brett was going to visit his family in Florida for the Holidays, he invited me to a special dinner at our favorite restaurant. This invite wasn’t unusual of Brett, so I didn’t think much more of it. Even when he asked if I’d like to walk a mile to the restaurant in the Minnesota winter, I still didn’t suspect anything despite the strange idea.  It wasn’t until a block into our walk that he asked me if I’d like to stop to read one of those historic information plaques near the river. Since it was dark out and I wouldn’t be able to read it, I knew something was up. And sure enough as I walked up to the sign, I turned to find him on one knee. I was so caught-up with all the excitement that I actually forgot to so yes!

How did you choose the location for your wedding? What type of venue were you looking for?

When we got engaged, I knew right away that I wanted our wedding to take place at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. It was the perfect location for us, as we both have a love for art and design and was a place I had grown-up going to with my family. It was also fun because we were actually one of the first couples to be married there.

How did you decide on your bridesmaids dresses? Tell us about your experience at Bella!

I knew that I wanted the dresses to be contemporary, but also elegant. It was also very important for me to be able to offer my bridesmaids the opportunity to pick their own dress style while, maintaining an element of consistency.  Within my requirements, I thought finding the right dresses would be very difficult but Briana the owner of Bella Bridesmaid in MN got my vision right away and quickly introduced me to the Ceremony by Joanna August line. Briana spent a lot of time showing me all the available styles, colors and helped me put together the exact look I was hoping to achieve. She was also extremely supportive and encouraging when I began to slightly question if my look was a bit out there. Having selected my dresses from Bella Bridesmaid was super helpful for my out of town bridesmaids because they were able to go to their local Bella Bridesmaid to try on the dresses [for a courtesy fitting] in their hometown rather than selecting from an online catalog. 

Who designed your bridal gown? Where did you get it?

I wore “Jane” by Vera Wang which I purchased at L'atelier Couture

What was your favorite part of the day?

I didn’t see Brett until the ceremony, so seeing him at the end of the aisle was my favorite moment by far!

What inspired you when you were planning your big day?

Brett and I wanted our wedding to be a reflection of who we are as couple. Everything from the location, the band and the food were things that we enjoy regularly so we wanted to make sure we kept true to that vision during the planning process.

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