Real Wedding Q&A: Lizzi & Tyler

In anticipation of our upcoming Q & A this Thursday with designer Bari Jay, we caught up with our lovely Bella bride, Lizzi, who chose the designer for her big day! Southern girls always know how to tug at our heart strings, so it's no surprise that Lizzi found her romantic bridesmaids dresses at Bella Birmingham!

Photo Credit: Todd Helzer Photography.

How did you meet your Fiance?

I was at school at the University of Alabama and Tyler was interning at a church in Tuscaloosa. I met him at a prayer night at our church that he was leading. I loved the way he lead and his passion for the Lord.

Tell us about the proposal!

A few months before Tyler proposed, he took a job in Little Rock, Arkansas. I had not seen him for a while and he was planning a trip back to Tuscaloosa. I became so excited and wanted to surprise his whole family (little did I know they had bigger plans for me)! He drove 6 hours through the night and at 8am I heard a knock on my door. Tyler had arrived early for his weekend home...with a whole day planned! We went to our favorite restaurant and planned to head to his parents house after for the big surprise.

They lived about an hour away and once we were close to their house, he told me to go to the front door while he snuck around the back to surprise them. When I knocked on the door my parents, who are from Florida, answered the door. I immediately screamed! They then directed me through a memory filled house on to the back porch. There, I was greeted with both of our families, leading a path to Tyler. Once I got to him he told me he loved me for the first time in our whole relationship. This meant the world to me, since it was a promise that Tyler held near to his heart. After he got down on one knee, of course I said YES!!!

50 of our closest friends ran out from his parents kitchen! This is a night I will truly never forget.

How did you choose the location for your wedding? What type of venue were you looking for?

My family is from Florida and Tyler’s family is from Alabama, so when we were picking a venue it was a harder decision than I thought! Once we decided to have the wedding in Alabama I knew exactly where I wanted to have it...Stone Bridge Farms. I could not speak more highly of this venue!

Photo Credit: Todd Helzer Photography.

They are all inclusive and treat you like you are one of their own. I went for a rustic chic vibe...mixing wood with golds and greenery. This venue allowed me to have our ceremony in a wooden chapel with sheer drapery from the ceiling. With just a short walk down to the reception hall, the banisters were draped in lights. The vibe was amazing.

Photo Credit: Todd Helzer Photography.

Photo Credit: Todd Helzer Photography.

How did you decide on your bridesmaids dresses? Tell us about your experience at Bella!

To say I was indecisive about my bridesmaid dresses was an understatement. But there was one thing that i knew, and that was I knew I wanted Bella Bridesmaids dresses. The gals in the Birmingham store accommodated all 12 of my bridesmaids who live through the southeast. They are sisters and I felt like I was in their family. They wanted to see me pick the perfect dresses no matter the countless phone calls and trips to the store.

Photo Credit: Todd Helzer Photography.

I finally decided on the Bari Jay line. I chose a neutral sand color that would compliment all of my girls. They were also able to choose from different styles to fit each person's body type and style. I would recommend Bella to anyone!

Photo Credit: Todd Helzer Photography.

Photo Credit: Todd Helzer Photography.

Who designed your bridal gown? Where did you get it?

The designer of my dress is Essense of Australia. I knew that I wanted something fitted with not a ton of bling. When I tried this dress on, I lite up! I kept twirling around in it and jumping up and down, haha. I bought it in my hometown at a wedding dress boutique called The Perfect Dress.

Photo Credit: Todd Helzer Photography.

What was your favorite part of the day?

My favorite part of the day was our reception. I loved being surrounded by people that have influenced our life. We truly danced the night away! It was the best party I have even been to, if I do say so myself haha. We are surrounded by such an amazing community of family and friends from all over the country and it was so special to be reunited with all of them on such a special day.

Photo Credit: Todd Helzer Photography.

What inspired you when you were planning your big day?

While I did browse Pinterest for some ideas, I went off of weddings that I had been to. I pick and chose things that I liked and then mashed it all together with my dreams. I love golds and greenery...very simplistic chic! I focused on gold and neutrals with lots of flowers and greenery in my decor. My cake even had edible gold on it!

Photo Credit: Todd Helzer Photography.

What advice do you have for other brides?

My advice for other brides is to not stress. At the end of the day it is just you and your best friend making the best covenant of your life! While this can be a stressful and hard time for some brides, I would suggest to take a deep breath, grab a latte, and have fun getting ready with you and your girls!  Each moment take slow because it truly goes by so quickly.

Photographer credit: Todd Helzer Photography

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