Our Bella Bridesmaids! (04/29/2013 Edition)

Our Bella Bridesmaids! (04/29/2013 Edition)

Our lovey ladies from Bella Baton Rouge, Atlanta, Charleston, Jackson, Tampa and Jacksonville!

Bella Bridesmaid: Baton Rouge
Bride:  Celeste Landry
Designer: LulaKate
Style: Paige
Fabric: Dupioni
Color: Jasmine
Photographer: Eye Wander
Junior Bridesmaids: LulaKate Lauren dress with an added ruffle in Jasmine Dupioni
Flower Girl Dresses: Coren Moore Lily dress in Light Blue Silk Shantung
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Bella Bridesmaid: Atlanta
Bride: Esther Alva
Designer: LulaKate
Style(s): Varied
Fabric: Silk Shantung
Color: Royal
Photographer: Lauren Jackson Photography
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Bella Bridesmaid: Charleston
Bride: Hanna Nation Seabrook
Designer: Amsale
Style(s): Varied
Fabric: Silk Crinkle Chiffon
Color: Champagne
Photographer: Emily Corey Photo

Bella Bridesmaid: Tampa
Bride: Noelle Meixell
Designer: Watters
Style: 295
Fabric: Chiffon
Color: Emerald
Photographer: Life Writing Photography
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Bella Bridesmaid: Jackson
Bride: Meagan
Designer: Amsale
Style(s): Varied
Fabric: Taffeta
Color: Bronze
Photographer: Adam & Alli
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Bella Bridesmaid: Jacksonville
Bride: Amanda Pelletier
Designer: Amsale
Style(s): Varied
Fabric:  Silk Crinkle Chiffon
Color: Pacific
Photographer: Brooke Images Photography

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