Our Bella Bridesmaids! (11/2/2012 Edition)

We love seeing our bridal parties in their fabulous Bella dresses! Here are some of our brides looking stunning in dresses from Bella Bridesmaid Jacksonville, Madison, Charleston, Chicago and Raleigh…

Bella Bridesmaid Jacksonville  |  Bride: Christie Messer  |  Designer:  LulaKate  |  Style(s): Various Fabric: Silk Shantung  |  Color: Sand  |  Photographer: Brooke Images

Bella Bridesmaid: Madison  |  Bride: Keri Bond  |  Designer: Amsale  |  Style(s): Various  |  Fabric: Silk Crinkle Chiffon  |  Color: Blush  |  Photographer: Cassi Claire

Bella Bridesmaid: Charleston  |  Bride: Brooke Jackson Sprayberry  |  Designer: LulaKate  |  Style: Jamie top with full skirt  |  Fabric: Dupioni  |  Color: Paradise  |  Photographer: Courtney Dox Photography

Bella Bridesmaid: Chicago  |  Bride: Mallory Paulus  |  Designer: Dessy Collection  |  Style: 2860  |  Fabric: Lux Chiffon  |  Color: Topaz  |  Photographer: Emilia Jane Photography

Bella Bridesmaid: Raleigh  |  Bride: Ashley Sopko  |  Designer: LulaKate  |  Style(s): Maggie and Zoe  |  Fabric: Silk Shantung  |  Color: Ivory/Cornsilk  |  Photographer: Jones Photography

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