Meet & Greet: Kristy Young, owner of Greenville

Kristy and family

Kristy Young celebrated the opening of her Bella Bridesmaid Greenville store in October of 2007. Living in South Carolina with her husband, Kristy sought after the opportunity to open up her own Bella boutique after being introduced to the franchise through a friend’s wedding. Since becoming part of the Bella family, Kristy has not only helped plan her sister’s wedding and providing some gorgeous Amsale gowns, but has also added to her own family with brand new twins! We caught up with Kristy and asked her a few questions, including how she likes to spend her down time away from the kids…


BB: What was your career before becoming a Bella Bridesmaid owner, and what attracted you to the franchise?


K: I was an associate auditor with Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLC. I worked for them for a couple of years, but having worked in retail during graduate school, I knew I wanted to get back into that type of business. I was introduced to the franchise through my cousin and best friend who were getting married and using Bella Bridesmaid Nashville and Charleston. I researched more into Bella and became more and more interested in the franchise. I contacted Bridget and the rest is history!


Kristy wearing Amsale for her sister's wedding
BB: What is the most memorable moment so far in owning your boutique? 


K: Helping my sister plan her wedding. She had a large wedding party with 13 bridesmaids. All of us having different body types, (I was going to be 7 months pregnant during the wedding) we needed to find a dress that suited everyone and for a beach setting. We decided on Amsale’s G462C in coral. Everyone looked amazing!


Carol Hannah, Pinckney Street
BB: What is your idea of a perfect night out on the town? Which one of our dresses would you wear, and how would you style it? 


K: Wow, a night out?! Having just had twins, with a 22 month old at home, a night out sounds amazing. I would love to start off at our local wine cafe and then continue on to a restaurant downtown for dinner with my husband and friends. Again, having just had babies, I would go for something easy and comfortable to wear - Carol Hannah’s Pinckney Street long dress fits that description. I would pair it with my favorite gold dangle earrings, my big red pocketbook and my gold flip flops. I also LOVE my Maggie dress by LulaKate and wear it often for special events.


BB: Fave celebrity wedding dresses?


K: Hands down, Ivanka Trump. Stunning!


BB: Tell us about a favorite recent bride that has an interesting story.


K: I had a bride come to me that was getting married in 3 weeks time.  She had ordered her dresses at another local boutique and when she went to pick up her dresses she was surprised to find out the store had shut down shop and the dresses had not been ordered. She came to me wondering if there was anything we could do to help outfit her 10 maids. I called LulaKate and after hearing her story they quickly responded and had 10 dresses made. She even got to choose her color and style. I was so glad we were able to make sure that the girls most important to her were able to stand by her side on her wedding day. 
BB: How would you describe your own personal style? 
K: Contemporary, yet timeless and versatile.  I like to find items that I can easily dress up or down and use for a long time. 


Kristy(R) with friend
BB: Favorite place traveled?
K: San Francisco is probably one of my favorite cities.  But, I’m so fortunate to live only 3 hours away from Charleston, a city I travel to often and reminds me a lot of San Francisco.


BB: Favorite movie that you can watch over and over? 


K: Sweet Home Alabama and Walk the Line are my two favorite movies.


BB: Everyday wear item? 


K: My gold Old Navy flip flops. Perfectly comfortable!


BB: Celebrity crush?
K: I would have to say the Manning brothers… being football super stars make them even more attractive!


BB: Favorite quote or expression?


K: “Happiness depends upon ourselves.” -Aristotle


Kristy pictured with Amsale, Lisa- Amsale rep along
with fellow Bella owners
Now for This & That...


American Idol or The Voice? 


American Idol, only because I’ve never seen The Voice. I don’t get to watch much TV.


Sun or Snow? 


Sun for sure, but I do love to ski- so during ski season snow, but don’t bring it to South Carolina!


Prince William or Prince Harry?


Do I really have to choose a prince? I’ll take either :)
Kristy at her sister-in-law's wedding
Vogue or Cosmo?


Depends on who is on the cover.


Mac or PC?
                                     Thank you Kristy!

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