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LulaKate Matte Silk Collection

We are so excited to introduce the latest addition to the LulaKate family, The Matte Silk Collection!

With 36 beautiful shades and 6 brand new styles, these flowy dresses add the perfect amount of style and sophistication to any bridal party.

We caught up with Ellen and Gina from LulaKate to get the 411 on the new collection!


Q. How would you describe the new Matte Silk Collection?

A. The Matte Silk collection is a bit of a step in a new direction for us. Instead of using our traditional structured fabrics, we have found this fabulous Matte Silk in wonderfully rich colors that lends itself so well to giving these dresses a feminine and sophisticated look. The silhouettes of the dresses are simple and neat, but the fabric helps to exude a classic elegance that I think most women would love in a bridesmaid dress!

Q. Your favorite new style?

A. My favorite is the Rebecca. I am a bit more frilly than Gina (I'm a sucker for sequins!!) so I like that the double ruffle on the bodice adds a little something extra while still keeping the overall look sleek. Plus, this style is named after my best friend from high school, so there's that too!


Q. What was the inspiration behind the new styles?

A. The new styles were inspired by everyone here at LulaKate - we all have different tastes and body types so it ended up being a well balanced collection!

Q. Your favorite new style?

A. I am in love with the Adela! I am no frills so I wear it w/out the tie :)

Introduction time!! Bella ladies, say hello to: Adela, Ella, Haley, Hannah and Rebecca!

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