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Joey Brooks of Elle & Jae Accessories

Joey Brooks

Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! Joey Brooks, owner and designer of Elle & Jae Wedding Accessories, knows exactly how to add that extra special something to your fabulous wedding party. Her sashes, headpieces, and combs come in an array of fabrics and colors bringing endless options and versatility to your bridal party. Not only are these accessories beautiful and unique but are also, all handmade in Los Angeles. As fans of this amazing line of accessories, we wanted to chat with Joey and see where she gets her inspiration for her lovely and one of a kind collection…

BB: What do you think has been the most important factor in the success of your business?

JB: I think it’s due to a creative instinct and filling a gap in the bridal market. I believe it’s also a great attention to detail… a high quality and craftsmanship. There are so many great designers out there, and I’m designing new, unique pieces that I love and think other modern women would love too.

BB: When designing your gorgeous accessories, what are your inspirations?

JB: I take inspiration from so many things – new and vintage apparel, photographs, discovering unique resources and lots of color… choosing and adding colors is the best part! And if you have ever been to the Rose Bowl flea market, you know just wandering the aisles is inspiring. I’m always shopping vintage designer markets in Los Angeles and looking at great design blogs.

BB: Was there a specific event or person in your life that led you to begin designing?

JB: When I was young my grandmother had a collection of thimbles on her wall and was an expert sewer. Even from an early age, she taught me to make clothes for my Barbie’s using t-shirts and socks… she even knit them sweaters! My grandmother always inspired me to be creative – she could paint, draw, sew, knit and needlepoint. 

Julia Child via Vanity Fair

BB: If you could give any famous woman a makeover, who would she be and how would you style her?

JB: Julia Child, she is truly one of my heroes but I am not a fan of those high collar button-up blouses. (Although, it probably made changing clothes after cooking very easy!) I would love to see her in a circle skirt and ¾ sleeve sweater… or maybe since she likes prints, I’d put her in a classic DVF wrap – she would rock that look!

BB: What high school trend are you embarrassed to admit you followed?

JB: Bike shorts with boxers over them and scrunch socks in shoe boots. Man, middle school was rough!

BB: If you weren't a designer, what career path would you have chosen?

JB: I would love to work with animals; training therapy dogs would be so rewarding.

Champagne Flower Belt

BB: What's your favorite accessory in your collection?

JB: I think my favorite piece from the bridesmaid collection is the champagne flower wide belt with rhinestone centers. It’s just so pretty for any dress. And I love the black ostrich and velvet sash from the bridal line.

Grecian headband

BB: Do you have any accessory rules to live by?

JB: I think if you can put a belt on something and give yourself a great waistline, then do it! And staying away from anything really hard and crunchy – I like soft fabrics.

BB: What's in your purse?

JB: Oh, I travel a lot so it can be messy in there. Currently, there are lots of receipts from trips, a moleskin notebook, ribbon swatches, safety pins, Aquafor, Mac face powder, a few pens, a balance bar, and my iphone.

Thanks, Joey!

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