Joanna August- Abby Long Exclusive

What was your design process behind the Abby Long style? Because this style was designed specifically with the Bella Bridesmaid client in mind, the first step in the design process was to gather feedback from all of the stores. What was their girl looking for? A wrap dress? a fitted dress?  a strapless dress? Something modest? Something sexy? Something with sleeves? And what were their favorite existing JA styles? We took all of that feedback and incorporated as many aspects as possible into the design, while making sure to keep the dress in line with the overall Joanna August sophisticated bohemian aesthetic. It was no simple task!

Who is Abby? The style was named for one of my close friends who has been a very calming and nurturing presence in my life. Abby is a beauty inside and out, patient, confident, creative- the perfect muse for the Bella Bridesmaid exclusive!

Any styling suggestions?  For a more modest look, wrap the dress really tight when tying it. If you want to bring the heat, tie the dress more loosely and allow the bodice panels to separate creating a low, décolletage revealing “V”. This dress is a chameleon- make it your own!

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