Holy Matrimoji!

Joined in Holy Matrimoji! The wedding industry finally has its own emoji app @holymatrimoji by #hayleypaige! "Because what you can't express in words, you can absolutely express with your dress... and an emoji."

How did you come up with the idea for the app?

You normally wouldn’t find a girly, bridal designer in the tech world, but I have found illustration and animation to be a huge component of personifying the Hayley Paige brand. Much of my childhood was spent creating my own wedding-themed comic books and ever since then I prefer to stay in touch with my imagination and be a bit playful in my environment. I’m a self-proclaimed emoji enthusiast and strongly believe in their ability to lightheartedly express emotions and elevate a stagnant dialogue. Emotions are always running highest during the wedding process, so I truly felt like this world required its own language to energetically represent the euphoric and overtaxed state of emotions. I created Holy Matrimoji to serve that purpose not just in representing the Hayley Paige brand, but in honor of the wedding industry as a whole.

Main inspiration behind the app?

There are a TON of emoji apps currently out there and most of them are developed or licensed through various tech companies specializing in sticker graphics. I strongly felt that if we were going to venture into this territory, we’d have to do something special and original for it to mean anything.

For this reason, I took the long way around and personally hand-drew each sticker and frame of animation. Although this was extremely time-consuming, the process allowed me to represent the Hayley Paige brand in its authenticity and further tap into the emotional state of our brides and their network of fashionable friends. The overall experience was inspiring and resulted in emojis that are rich in character, highly artistic and unique. I hope to cater to people that can appreciate artistic value.

What are your top three emojis?

Star wars-meets-fairy godmother, Unicorn licking the ice cream and Bridezilla

Tell us something about yourself that we would never know!

I'm pretty sure I can't drive! I got my license when I was 16, but had no need for a car in college or in NYC. Flash-forward a good few years, and I've come to the realization that I haven't been behind the wheel in over 10 years. #whoops

If I could only take things with me on a desert island they would be: husband, lifetime supply of nachos and a radio playing only classic rock.

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