Bring Your Own Black Dress

We're HUGE fans of the BYOBD movement. It offers your bridesmaids the opportunity to show their own sense of style without having to worry that the dress colors won't match.

Take this pic of us at our best friend's recent wedding, for example. Alright fine, that's Kate Moss and supermodel co. working various Yves Saint Laurent LBDs at this year's Met Gala [insert jaw drop].

Anthony Vaccarello, the creative director of YSL, with his supermodel posse at this year’s Met Gala.

Another example comes from one of our brides! Her lovely ladies rocked the BYOBD look. I mean, how could you not be OBSESSED with this trend!?

Courtesy of Brandon Lata Photo

However, if not executed properly, your wedding party could turn into one hot mess! But, HAVE NO FEAR because Bella stylists are here! Allow us to lend a few key points, so your bridesmaids look fabulous in their own black dresses.

Create Unity

Decide how much you want to push the raven hued envelope. Do you want your bridesmaids in short, midi, long, or a mix of lengths? Are you open to different textures and fabrics? Is it a more formal or casual affair? Give your bridesmaids some structure, not only because it creates a unified look, but also because bridesmaids secretly love it. Guidelines bring together the different styles and have your ladies looking effortlessly fab!

Olivia Leigh Photography

Play with Texture

Take the gorgeous supermodels who wore YSL. Their personal style - whether that is grunge, romantic, bohemian, etc. - shined through their dresses. But, they still blended well with one another because their dress lengths and overall themes were the same.

Want all the same fabric? Not a problem! You can create dimension by offering a variety of necklines OR go the classic route and keep everyone in the same style.

Stay in the Loop

Have your bridesmaids send you pics of the dresses they're considering. You want to make sure they're staying within your guidelines, but also because it's fun! Plus, it will give you peace of mind and added excitement knowing what dresses they'll be wearing for your big day.

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