25 Modern Ideas for Bridal Shower Brunch

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Raise the bubbly! Everybody — and we mean everybody — loves brunch. But we know the bride or brides you’re planning this for aren’t just anyone. An extra special bride-to-be deserves a top-notch bridal shower

You need some fun suggestions to pull off the best bridal soiree ever, and we’ve got tons! Our modern, lighthearted party ideas will amp up the excitement and inspire you as you count down the days.

In addition (because we find them so irresistible and it’d be cruel not to share them), we’ve included some of our favorite brunch-inspired menu items. Yum!


    Bridal Shower Brunch Locations

    Bride and bridesmaidsPhoto: Bella Bridesmaids Minneapolis / Jaimie Lauren

    There are points of beauty and interest everywhere. If you’re wondering where, just view your surroundings with fresh eyes.

    Remember, what appears drab and uninspiring is easily transformed into charming and inviting.

    Unsure about possible locations? 

    How about:

    1. Someone's backyard
    2. A local park
    3. A local restaurant
    4. A winery
    5. A rented board
    6. An Airbnb

      To elevate a space — make it beautiful and special — include light, color, texture, and things found in nature.

      You can even jazz up the joint with the following:

      • Twinkling lights
      • Floral arrangements and greenery
      • Soft flowing fabrics
      • Touches of color such as throw pillows, food, balloons, and outdoor rugs
      • Natural wood pieces

        Think fun, upbeat, and inviting.

        Food can play into the decor, too, so let the sweet treats shine. Use fresh fruit, blueberries, and pineapple spears as garnish and centerpieces. 

        Include bright colors and pastels to up the overall festivity. No matter where you host the brunch party, the décor cinches the vibe.  

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        Bridal Shower Brunch Themes 

        Photo: Bella Bridesmaids Las Vegas / Heather Taylor

        A theme is the best way to personalize the event. It doesn’t have to be anything ornate or outlandish, either.

        Bridal showers can also be coed — a wedding shower that includes everyone.

        Start with the bridal shower invitation to build anticipation and make it enticing. In fact, think of the brunch invitations as a teaser, and appeal to all the senses.

        Don’t forget to include details of the bridal shower theme!

        Whet appetites by featuring the best tantalizing treats. Provide an overview of what to expect (with some added intrigue, of course). Then, make it so appealing that all the invitees on the guest list RSVP immediately.

        Here are a few brunch theme ideas to get you started. 

        7. Dress-Up 

        Favorite movie characters…

        A period in time….

        A specific dress code… 

        There’s no shortage of dress-up ideas, and — guaranteed — one of them will be perfect for the bride-to-be. Of course, as maid of honor, you know her best.

        Need help narrowing one down? Ask the other bridesmaids. 

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        8. Turn the Bride’s Passion Into a Theme 

        Whatever they’re into, inject a little creativity and turn it into a theme. For example, think of the couple if it’s a wedding shower. What do they both love?

        9. Pick an Aesthetic

        Choosing an aesthetic provides helpful parameters and guidelines.

        Here are a few biggies:

        • Minimalist
        • Rustic
        • Country
        • Crafting party
        • Boho


          There’s no shortage of ways to capture champagne's bubbling, lighthearted quality and incorporate that buoyancy into the celebration. 

          10. Garden Party

          A perfect blend, this idea incorporates the smell of fresh-cut grass, glistening champagne flutes lined up and ready, and the sun’s warmth.

          Garden parties (or, if it’s indoors, a tea party) showcases the best finger foods. That includes tarts, parfaits, and little sandwiches with thinly sliced cucumber and the crusts cut off. They’re perfect with a delicate cup of afternoon tea.

          Want to incorporate a modern twist? Do so with the bridal shower décor! 

          Keep the color palette neutral. Use natural elements, such as wood, clay pots, and add green sprigs clipped from tree branches to the floral design.

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          Bridal Shower Brunch Foods

          Donuts and milkPhoto: Bella Bridesmaids Atlanta / Jeremy Harwell

          Your brunch menu is both a mouthwatering treat and a delectable centerpiece. 

          Here are some of the best options: 

          11. Charcuterie Board

          Bearing the same intricate and satisfying artistic flair as a mosaic, a charcuterie board is a colorful arrangement of fruit, cheese, meat, and olives. Add water crackers, sections of warm crostini, and a stack of small plates.

          12. Tea Sandwiches 

          These little delights are like regular sandwiches dressed up to meet the queen. They’re gorgeous and appeal to both eyes and stomachs. Part of their allure is how they’re displayed, and they’re irresistible when stacked on tiered trays.

          13. Mini Waffles

          Waffles are a brunch staple. And a mini version? Perfection.

          Serve with all the accompaniments, fresh berries, maple syrup, butter, and a dusting of powdered sugar. Why not offer chicken and waffles to appeal to those with a penchant for the savory? 

          14. Croissan’wiches

          The croissant met the sandwich, and the rest is history. To make croissan’wiches, swap bread for mini croissants when making tea sandwiches. 

          Or, serve with crispy bacon, fried egg, and cheese.

          15. Donuts and Crepes 

          Thin warm crepes served with fresh fruit filling, Nutella, and syrup… probably the best accompaniment to a mimosa, don’t you think?

          Donut walls take the decor to the next level. An assortment of cupcakes and sugar cookies provide an opportunity for a jaw-dropping, mouthwatering spread. Then, spice it up with colorful macarons, scones, fruit tarts, and parfaits!

          16. Skewers

          Little colorful skewers of delightful, delicious food combos are beautiful, fresh, and fun. Think: watermelon, feta cheese, and mint drizzled with a balsamic reduction.

          17. Bruschetta, Quiche

          Small crusts of fresh baguette heaped with fresh tomatoes, garlic, basil, and olive oil are irresistible. So are quiche tartlets. These small yet substantial savory foods are an excellent way to balance a sugar overload.

          Remember to account for different dietary restrictions, too. 

          Your DIY mimosa bar should also have something sparkly, light, and non-alcoholic to mix with fresh-squeezed orange juice. Bloody Marys should include the virgin kind.

          Bridal Shower Brunch Activities 

          Woman's hand with engagement ring in front of sign that says "I can't keep calm bcuz I'm getting married"Photo: a&bé bridal

          There’s something so joyful about bringing together a group of people who all share a special friend in common. Bridal shower games are a fabulous way to get people laughing and help them connect.  

          They’re fun as well, just as fun as the bachelorette party, and suitable for everyone.         

          18. “Who Am I?”

          To play this one, guests write down a memory they have with the bride-to-be. They put it in a bowl, unsigned. The bride then goes through each and tries to identify who wrote each one.

          19. Vow Mad Libs

          Everyone can use a little wedding day vow inspo, and this mad libs game asks for words that get plugged in, creating hilarious off-the-wall sentences. (Available on Etsy.)

          20. Wedding-Themed Pictionary

          A family classic, this version of Pictionary incorporates all things wedding.

          21. Cell Phone Scavenger Hunt

          Make a list of situations that commonly result in people snapping pics. For example, a day at the beach or a fun night out. Guests scan their phones for pics of them doing it with the bride-to-be.

          Whoever has the most wins.

          22. A Collective Love Poem 

          Each person writes the first line of a love poem, then passes it to the person to their left. That person adds to it, then folds over the first line, passing it to the left again. As each person adds, they only have the last line to reference. 

          The result is hilarious and fun.

          23. Lawn Games

          Croquet, horseshoes… the perfect accompaniment to a garden party theme. There’s something pleasantly relaxing about a casual lawn game on a warm, breezy day.

          24. Hire an Expert 

          Perhaps it’s a chef who shows the party how to make the best Italian dish. Or, it’s someone who’s an expert at pairing wine and cheese, keen to share some mouthwatering examples.

          Having someone come in and teach something is a great way to make the party memorable. That’s especially true when what they’re teaching is lighthearted and fun.

          25. Hire a Band or DJ

          The sun needn’t be gone for you to enjoy some music; bands hit the stage at Coachella before noon. Create a chill vibe where guests settle on the lawn, sip mimosas, listen to live music, and get up and dance.

          Of course, check local ordinances first.

          Some also provide party favors for guests. Amazon and Etsy are excellent resources if that’s something you’d like to include.


          No matter which bridal shower brunch ideas you use or how you choose to celebrate, it’s the sentiment that counts. 

          It’s what everyone will remember. Put your heart into planning, and you can’t go wrong.

          This is a celebration of something huge, and the joy and revelry accompanying such a momentous occasion is what matters … it never goes out of style.

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