Bridal Market Recap, PART I

After a few days settling back into their schedules (and resting their run down feet), we caught up with a few of the Bella Bridesmaid ladies to get some feedback from the frontlines of this years Bridal Market and what is in store for 2013!

A few Q&A’s below. We are counting the DAYS until some of these samples start hitting our sales floors!!!

Q. GUT reaction – what collection are you MOST excited about getting in store ASAP for your brides? Why?

Monique Lhullier, Tulle

Lacey, Owner DC

A. Lacey (DC)– Monique Lhuillier, we are so excited to get the new samples in store. With Tulle and Lace, Monique is introducing new fabrications that are different, but still feminine and flattering.

Danielle & Amanda, owners NYC and Madison

A. Danielle & Amanda (NYC, Madison)–Monique Lhuillier!! We are super excited about the new additions to their tulle collection in both short and long! Our brides will (and already do) love it.

Monique Lhuillier, Lace

Mandi, owner Atlanta, GA

A. Mandi (Atlanta)-Monique-WOW, it was gorgeous!!!!!

Kelli & Blair, owners, Dallas

A. Kelli & Blair (Dallas)– Dolly Pearl!! We are just picking up the line & it is so unique. I think Dallas brides are going to love the soft & romantic feel of Dolly Pearl’s dresses!

Dolly Pearl

Maribeth & Madison, owners Westport, CT

Amsale, print

A. Maribeth & Madison (Westport, CT)– New Amsale print – Amore. So pretty, unique, fun!

Meredith, Manager of Madison

A. Meredith (Madison, NJ manager)– The new Amsale prints in silk crinkle chiffon! The print is gorgeous and it goes with so many colors that Amsale already offers to perfectly distinguish the maid of honor from the rest of the bridesmaids!

LulaKate matte silk

A. Colleen (Chicago)– I am most excited for the new LulaKate matte silk collection. One of our old designers had matte silk and it was hugely popular, still flowy, but very re-wearable.

Q.) What dress are you ordering in YOUR size and preferred color? What will you wear with it with/for?

A. Kelli & Blair (Dallas)– We love the new “toppers” from Lynn Lugo! They will make her dresses perfect for a busy day in the Dallas boutique. She has several new plaid fabrics that will look great when finished off with a “topper”!!

Lacey, Bella Bridesmaid DC

Juley dress

A. Lacey (DC)-I’m ordering the Juley dress by Dolly Pearl in Garnet Red and hope to have it in time for Christmas parties.

Mandi, owner Atlanta, GA

A. Mandi (Atlanta)– The Aiden in print for my daughter’s school gala!!!!

Meredith, Manager of Madison

Monique Lhullier

A. Meredith (Madison, NJ manager)-Definitely Monique Lhuillier’s style 450016 in Black Tulle and Lace. It is SO chic and SO Monique! My boyfriend and I always pick a New Year’s Eve event to attend in NYC, so this dress with a lace fitted top and full tulle skirt would be perfect for a swanky dinner and then dancing later in the night!

Joanna August

A. Danielle & Amanda (NYC, Madison)– Waiting for the perfect occasion to order the Newbury Long Ceremony by Joanna August dress that we have had our eyes on since it arrived in our boutique, in one of her new fun colors!

Whitney, owner Baltimore, MD


A. Whitney (Baltimore)– Amsale’s new G760C in Mallard. Cocktails anyone?

Colleen, Chicago

A. Colleen (Chicago)– I ordered the Dolly Pearl ‘Serafina’ style in the Poppy Red color. It is the perfect combination of my favorite shift dress with a feminine flair. I can wear it in the shop with a cute blazer or out on the town!

Vi Hoang of Dolly Pearl, Colleen of Chicago, Maureen, Manager of Chicago, Kelli, co-owner of Dallas

Q.) First thing you do when you get home?

Lacey, Bella Bridesmaid DC

A. Lacey (DC)-Catch up on emails. Can’t keep our brides waiting too long.

Meredith, Manager of Madison

A. Meredith (Madison, NJ manager)– Search the websites of all of the great vendors I discovered at the Martha Stewart Party during the behind the scenes tour! We met Dana of Dana’s Bakery who offers the most delicious macarons (I have already ordered a custom flavor box to give to my sister) and Andie and Jason of Andie’s Specialty Sweets who create gorgeous decorative candy to spice up any plain, white wedding cake for less dough (yes… that pun was intended).

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