Be Our Guest: Wedding Etiquette 101

In case all of the Save the Dates on your fridge didn't remind season is in full swing. (And we couldn't be more excited!) There is nothing quite like spending your summer Saturdays getting dressed up, drinking champagne, and dancing to "Uptown Funk" by a 12 person band.

Here's a refresher course on what your Grandma always taught you on how to be the BEST GUEST at weddings:


So you've just met Mr. Right on a work bar crawl and he makes you listen to Taylor Swift songs (the happy ones) all day and night. Congrats to you both! However this week old relationship doesn't mean you all of a sudden get to bring him to your cousin's wedding. Respect your invitation and only bring a plus one if you were invited to. Please don't call up the bride and groom to ask if Mr. Right now can tag along! Maybe he will still be around for the next family wedding.

Bridesmaids and groomsmen paired off walking down the aisle after wedding ceremony.

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Believe it or not, the bride and groom are waiting on your response so hop to it! As soon as you receive the invitation and figure out your plans, RSVP ASAP! They have literally already done the work for you by providing an envelope and stamp. All you have to do is check yes, no, chicken, or beef.

Chic pink and gold floral bridal shower invitation, setting the tone for a lovely event.

No matter where you're at financially, it's polite to send a gift from the couple's registry. You aren't expected to go all out and buy them a KitchenAid Mixer or their Waterford. Stick to something simple and affordable like a set of stemless wine glasses, or a great cheese platter. They will be grateful for your generosity so no need to stress about spending your whole paycheck!

Bride with her bridesmaids in blush dresses and bouquets, radiating elegance and beauty. A picture-perfect moment captured forever.

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Remember this is a wedding, not a frat party- even if it's a mini college reunion and your sophomore year makeout buddy is still doing shots at the bar. Be sure to say hello and thank the bride and groom and both sets of parents, and mix and mingle with other guests. No one wants to be remembered at brunch the next morning for being the girl with the stain on her dress who tried to teach Grandma Trudy the stanky leg. Not cute.

A group of women in coral dresses smiling at a beach wedding.

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