How to be a Bridesmaid Shopping All Star!

You won! You were asked to be a bridesmaid. Your head is spinning with ideas for the bachelorette party, shower gift, and, of course,the bridesmaid dress (okay, hopefully that's what you're most excited about).

But, with great honor comes great responsibility. You don't want to be just an average participant. You want to be the first round pick, greatest of all time bridesmaid!

To become the LeBron James of bridesmaid dress shopping, you just have to follow two easy steps:

Know When to be Politely Honest

You're having a blast trying on fabulous bridesmaid dresses at your local Bella... but you notice the bride is gravitating towards styles that you don't feel comfortable wearing. When the bride asks your opinion, don't just tell her you absolutely love it. Be politely honest!

Ultimately, the bride wants you to feel just as beautiful as she does on her big day, so let her know which styles make you feel your best. Nothing, but net!

Know When to Keep Your Opinions to Yourself

Let's say the bride wants her wedding to be a bohemian blast - flower crowns and all! But, your style is much more Jackie O. - refined and classic. This is her and her fiance's BIG moment. Instead of promoting dress styles that aren't the look she's going for, help the bride's wedding come to life by nurturing her vision.

A little experimentation never hurt anyone. That's a slam dunk!

Photography: Jonnie + Garrett

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