Our Bella Bridesmaids (5/1/2014 Edition)

Bella Bridesmaid: Charleston  |  Bride: Nancy Dabit  |  Designer: Love Lane  |  Style: Tori-Long  |  Fabric: Crinkle Chiffon  |  Color: Persimmon  |  Photographer: Christopher Nelson Photography

Bella Bridesmaid: NYC  |  Bride: Yin Tong  |  Designer: Amsale  |  Style: G629C  |  Fabric: Silk Crinkle Chiffon  |  Color: Navy

Bella Bridesmaid: Jacksonville  |  Bride: Shannon Schott  |  Designer: Watters  |  Style: Hydrangea  |  Fabric: Lace  |  Color: Navy  |  Photographer: Jenn Hopkins Photography

Bella Bridesmaid: Chicago  |  Bride: Jill Smith  |  Designer: LulaKate  |  Style(s): Varied  |  Fabric: Faille  |  Color: Raspberry

Bella Bridesmaid: Kansas City  |  Bride: Emily Peterman Allison  |  Designer: Jim Hjelm  |  Style: 512  |  Fabric: Silky Taffeta  |  Color: Opal  |  Photographer: Paul Versluis

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